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VICTORY in the No-Go Zone:

Winning the Fight Against Two-Tier Policing

by Gary McHale

Release Date: Nov. 9, 2013

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Freedom Press Symposium

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Several well-known speakers - price includes lunch

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Nov. 9, 10 am to 4 pm

Old Mill Inn - in Toronto

McHale's book launch from 2-4 p.m.

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Minister of Infrastructure violates Superior Court Health Order

Superior Court Injunction Order

Health Department Press Release

Haldimand County Injunction Application

Haldimand County Injunction Affidavits

Christine McHale's Queen's Park Speech

The OPP continues to enforce racist policies in Caledonia whereby they will arrest law abiding non-Natives in order to stop Natives from continuing to commit crimes.

Join us every Sunday in September to march down a public road in order to force the OPP to respect the rights of all citizens regardless of their race, skin colour or political views.

Meet at the Lion's Hall in Caledonia at 2 p.m. - Link to Map:

We will NEVER surrender our Rights and Freedoms to the OPP.

Dozens of indepth Reports at
Legalized MYTHS of
illegal occupations

The Human Costs of
illegal Occupations

Cost of Native

McGuinty's Ipperwash

CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)

Your Help is Needed - We will continue to fight to expose Fantino and the McGuinty government in order to bring an end to Racist Policing Policies and to restore Law and Order. The numerous court battles are costly.

Please donate to continue the battle.


To Press Release with videos

CanaceHD Videos

March 2011 Ottawa Presentation ()

Vandermaas' written presentation

McHale' written presentation

Presentation Handout

HELPLESS by Christie Blatchford

“What Helpless is about is the failure of government to govern and to protect all its citizens equally.”

    Michael Coren & Christie Blatchford (4 part video)

    Oct 27, 2010: CBC Radio - Helpless by Blatchford

    Oct 27, 2010: Talk1010 - Helpless by Blatchford

    Superior Court Orders Fantino to face criminal charges for threatening Haldimand County

    Full Coverage - Review, media reports and more videos

    VICTORY - April 21, 2010

    “The Ontario attorney-general has stopped a bizarre prosecution against Caledonia activist Gary McHale.”

    Christie Blatchford, Globe & Mail, April 21/10

    Apr 21, 2010 - Globe and Mail: Charges stayed against relentless critic of Ontario Provincial Police in Caledonia occupation

    Apr 22, 2010 - McHale’s victory is Ontario’s victory

    Apr 21, 2010 - Hamilton Spectator: Judge stays McHale mischief charge

    Apr 21, 2010 - Crown ends political prosecution of McHale


    For more Information

    Jan 18, 2009 AM640: Chatwell/Brown Home / Fantino charge

    McGuinty destroys house to protect it from Native Occupation

    For more Information

    Dec 02, 2009 - Pseudoleftist support for "Mohawk Warriors" in Caledonia.

    Nov 23, 2009 - Caledonia: A glimpse of aboriginal self-government

    Superior Court orders Clyde Powless to to be charged for assaulting OPP Officer

    Mar 19 - Video Evidence and Court Documents

    "Caledonia" A Protest Song by James Irvine

    Legalized MYTHS of
    illegal occupations

    The Human Costs of
    illegal Occupations

    Cost of Native

    CANACE Activities include the following:

    Jul 29/08 - Guest speaker at Caledonia Rotary Club

    Jul 2008 - Recognized by Ryerson Review of Journalism (Summer 2008 edition) for providing valuable information to Caledonia residents when media failed to cover the issues.

    July 8/08 - Successfully used ‘private prosecution’ provisions of the Criminal Code to lay 9 charges – Extortion, Intimidation and Mischief – against two well known native protesters responsible for illegal occupations and construction site shut-downs in Hagersville, Cayuga and Brantford.

    June 20/07 - Exposed the Terrorist threat of Shawn Brant in Deseronto

    Apr 20/08 - Exposed Michael Bryant's changing view regarding Colour of Right.

    Apr 20/08 - Queen's Park rally: 2nd Anniversary of Anarchy

    May 7/08 - Cayuga: legal education workshop on Legalized Myths

    Nov 1/07 - • Invited speaker at University of Waterloo, re effects of landclaim lawlessness on residents.

    Oct 10/07 - Remember Us March for Freedom in Caledonia

    Jul 2/07 - Key source for Western Standard magazine feature story on the failures of the Ipperwash Inquiry: 'Protection Racket: An Ontario judge glosses over illegal aboriginal acts at Ipperwash

    Apr 7/07 - Exposed Fantino's threating email to Haldimand Council

    Jan 20/07- Raising Canadian Flag

    Dec 16/06 - Raising Canadian Flag

    Oct 15/06 - 1st March for Freedom in Caledonia

    Sep 2/06 - Key source for Western Standard magazine feature story on the failures of the OPP: 'Road to Anarchy'

    Important Press Release from CANACE

    July 20 - Retired OPP Officer helps Incorporate CANACE

    July 19 - Gaultieris provide evidence for Charges

    July 15 - 33 Charges filed including Terrorism

    July 10 - HDI: Organized Extortion - Criminal Charges will be filed

    July 13 - Brantford Builders Aiding in Extortion?

    July 13 - Haldimand Council: Stop meeting with Criminals

    July 13 - Caledonian Resident Jim Bruzzese Blames the Residents of Caledonia

    July 13 - OPP tell CANACE Land Title deeds do NOT prove ownership

    July 10 - HDI: Organized Extortion - Criminal Charges will be filed

    July 8 - CANACE ‘extortion’ charges certified by Ontario Court of Justice

    July 8 - CANACE fights for Canadians against incredible odds

    July 8 - CANACE scores a victory in Court

    July 8 - Cayuga builder authorizes CANACE to gather evidence for criminal charges

    July 6 - CANACE fights for Canadians against incredible odds

    Jul 4 - CANACE scores a victory in Court

    Apr 28 - Violence is Easy, Peace requires Effort

    Apr 27 - Mini-Report on Racial Policing by the OPP in Ontario

    Apr 28 - CANACE founders hit back at Fantino/Bryant defamation

    Apr 28 - CANACE report: Ontario deserves a full and fair inquiry into landclaim lawlessness

    Ontario Human Rights Complaint file against Commissioner Fantino and several officers for false arrest on Dec. 16, 2006

    Holding OPP Accountable

    Apr 17/07 - Against Fantino by Mark Vandermaas for defamation

    Apr 17/07 - Against Fantino by Merlyn Kinrade for intimidating Elected Officials

    Apr 17/07 - Against Fantino by Gary McHale for defamation

    Public Education

    May 2008 - Legalized MYTHS of illegal occupations Report

    Dec 2007 - The Human Cost of illegal occupations Report

    Nov 2007 - Cost of Native Occupations Report

    Queen's Park

    Apr 20/08 - 2nd Anniversary of Anarchy

    Dec 5/07 - Illegal smoke shops

    Apr 14/07 - FantinoGate

    Mar 14/07 - Ipperwash Papers

    Community Support

    Oct 9/08 - Toronto meeting with various property rights groups in Ontario

    Oct 1/08 - Testify for defense of Ruth-Ann Chapman

    Sep 29/08 - Presentation before Branford City Council on illegal occupations: 'Reconciliation: the CANACE Path'

    Aug 2008 - Provide evidence and aid in the defense of Jim Anderson falsely charged with assault

    Dec 1/07 - Supported Doug Fleming protest against illegal smoke shops

    May 2/07 - CANACE joined in on Caledonia Convey to Queen's Park

    Mar 10/07 - Rally to support Dave Hartless

    Community Support

    Oct 9/08 - Toronto meeting

    - More Stories, Press Releases and Information

    Sam Gualtieri files lawsuit against Ontario Government (OPP)

    Sept 17/08 - Globe: Builder sues Ontario over Caledonia attack

    Sept 17/08 - Spectator: Injured builder sues province for native attack

    - More information regarding the attack upon Sam

    Dave & Dana's $12 Million Lawsuit Against OPP & Ontario Government

    Sept 23/07 -Tortured Caledonia Couple sues Government - OPP

    Sep 23/07 -Misfeasance in Public Office

    Sep 23/07 - McGuinty's Government directly Interfering with OPP Operations

    Sep 23/07 - OPP attempts to get resident to lay False Charges against Us.

    Sept 23/07 - OPP refused to answer 911 calls

    - More Stories and Information

    Caledonia Class Action

    Jan 12/07 - Plaintiffs' Factum - A Must Read

    Nov 30/06 - Class Action Press Release

    Nov 24/06 - Notice of Motion for Certification

    Sep 26/06 - Class Action Press Release

    Aug 11/06 - Class Action Press Release

    Jun 12/06 - Class Action Press Release

    Jun 12/06 - Statement of Claim

    Bo Chausse's Lawsuit Against OPP for false Arrest and defamation

    Feb 8/07 , Jan 12/07:
     Apri 13/07 - Statement of Claim

    22 OPP officer's $7.1 Milion suit against Gary McHale

    Mar 13:/07 - Statment of Claim

    Small Claims Papers - Lawsuit against Property Tax

    July 2007 Issue
    Failure of Ipperwash Inquiry

    Sept 2006 Issue
    Failure of OPP

    July 2007 Issue
    More Caledonias won't Help

    The Residents of Ipperwash were NEVER permitted to tell their side of the story... we will not allow the Police & Politicians to do the same to Caledonia.

    Chief General: Two Rapes on DCE

    April 2008 Blockage in Caledonia

    Native Terror act to force the OPP to stop making arrest in Deseronto. Four day blockage of Hwy #6 and railway line. Thousands of dollars of damage to public property.

    - More information

    Dec 2007 Attack upon Gary McHale and OPP Officers

    During a peaceful protect against illegal smoke shop the Powless family repeatedly assaulted OPP officers and non-native Protecters.

    - More information

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