2003-2008 - Haldimand County OPP Contract

2001 - Municipal Act

Dec 31: Mohawk News: Hired guns like the KKK, skinheads and rioters and 'porky pig’s' navy

Dec 29: Haldimand Review: Drawing attention with peace

Dec 30: OPP disobeys Supreme Court of Canada

Apr 29 - Native protest is shameful

Dec 29 - London Free Press: Reserve to hold 15-bout 'indigenous fighting' card

Dec 29 - Haldimand Review: Flag raising coming on Jan. 20

Dec 29 - Haldimand Review: Hydro says transformer station wasn't in jeopardy

Dec 28 - First Perspective: BC environmentalists criticize Aboriginal land claim agreement

Dec 27 - Globe & Mail: $2.5-billion Edmonton land claim proceeding to trial

Dec 27 - Canada Free Press: Aboriginal rights are more important than public safety

Dec 29 - Night and day of hunting Global warming

Dec 29 - Court ruling defies logic

Dec 27 - Pressure for treaty results

Dec 27 - New relationship with First Nations a gold mine Goodbye Indian Act

Dec 13 - The march to native treaties

Dec 20 - First Perspective: Caledonia archeology team finished for season

Picture My Face Video

Canadian Flag Arrest Interviews

Judy McLeod:

Mark Vandermaas:

Dec 27 - Macleans: Mounting aboriginal frustrations could lead to more protests in 2007: chiefs

Dec 27 - Mohawk News: Santa threw Jim "Jonestown" Prentice down the Chimney

Dec 18 - Mohawk News: You are to deposit $1.4 trillion GDP for the year 2006 into an Indigenous Trust

Dec 16 - Mohawk News: Katenies in Cornwall Court

Dec - Ontario Government: Six Nations (Caledonia) Negotiations

Hard to give a Title to Hazel Hill's latest Rant:

The Continuance of the Genocidal Practices of the Crown

Resident ransacked their own home - it was a set up

Jesus came to the Natives as the Peacemaker then 'whiteman' killed him

Natives prophescized that they would be called "666"

Dec 27 - Mohawk News: Hazel's update

Remember Federal Government Lawyer claimed these people were Peaceful & Very Wise.

One News Story - Four Possible Titles

Dec 27 - Native Protesters continue to threaten Residents and the Canadian Government

Dec 27 - OPP are Correct: Natives will use violence

Dec 27 - Powless says, "I'm telling you there will be a body count"

Dec 27 - Haldimand Review: Ohsweken residents speak out

And the Peaceful Protest continue into 2007

Dec 27 - Spectator: A better year for Caledonia

Dec 26 - A Year of Reflection by a Resident

Dec 26 - Haldimand Review: Caledonia home ransacked

Dec 26 - Haldimand Review: Appeal court supports local judge discretion

Dec 26 - Expositor: More protests ahead?; Native leaders say Canada should brace for further displays of aboriginal defiance

Dec 26 - Windsor Star: Aboriginal land-claim list lengthy

Dec 26 - Spectator: Caledonia rallies around family

Dec 22 - Globe & Mail: Native leader asks PM not to shuffle minister

Dec 22 - Toronto Star: High court ruling allows natives to hunt at night

Dec 21 - Financial Post: Aboriginals could wind up torpedoing a $7.5 Billion project

Dec 20 - Chronicle: Flag-raising organizer arrested, rally ends peacefully

Dec 20 - Sarnia Observer: Government to blame for Caledonia mess, poll says

Dec 18 - Chronicle Herald: House trashed, Caledonia protesters say

Dec 17 - Chronicle Herald: Would-be protester arrested

Dec 6 - Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road Update

Dec 21 - Toronto Star: Time for a reality check on Caledonia - Worth Repeating

Dec 21 - Are Aboriginals Unfairly Treated by Our Legal System? StatsCan vs. SIU Study

Dec 21 - Fantino sticks another foot in his mouth

Dec 20 - Toby Barrett: Barrett backs Tory call to open justice system

Dec 20 - Toby Barrett: Barrett updates Legislature on Caledonia

Dec 20 - Canadian Press: Caledonia cheques expected by March

Dec 20 - CBC: Native group asks DiCaprio to help block Ontario diamond mine

Dec 19 - Police use of Force in Ontario: An Examination of Data from the Special Investigations Unit

Dec 19 - RCMP: Seizure of 120,000 Contraband Cigarettes

Dec 19 - St. Catherines Standard: A Caledonia reality check is in order

Dec 19 - Canadian flag ripped from my hands by OPP - VoC goes to jail!

Dec 19 - RCMP: 1,150,000 Contraband Cigarettes Seized

Dear Gary,

It is outstanding to read the media support for a return to the Rule of Law in Caledonia.  The Toronto Star and the St.Catherines Standard deserve our thanks for printing Reality for Caledonia.  No one should be above the Rule of Law or sheltered from it.

The government dropped the ball in Ipperwash to our very great detriment and they are proceeding to do the same in Caledonia.  Twenty-nine million other members of the Canadian Citizenry do not derserve to have the same treatment in violent native land disputes.  It is way passed time that the government stands up to the rights of us all and discontiues the violence and criminal activity as a means to obtain the demands of the native agenda.

Native, non-native, police, the courts and the government must agree that violence, destruction , intimidation , and criminal activity will NOT BE TOLERATED, within any groups' agenda for having grievances addressed.  Perhaps in the future if the above policy is accepted and practiced landclaims will be resolved much faster and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.

I also commend you , Christine, and Mark for your diligence to this very necessary endeavour. 

Sincerely Mary-Lou, Ipperwash
Bruce cottage - Barricade are up

Dec 13 - Bayshore Boardcasting: Hope Bay cottagers kicked out

Dec 14 - Bayshore Boardcasting: Some hope in Hope Bay

Dec 18 - Bayshore Boardcasting: Barricade posted at Hope Bay

Dec 18 - London Free Pess: Tenants get boot in native land dispute

Dec 19 - London Free Pess: Bruce cottage takeover 'safe'

Dec 20 - Expositor: Trevor Miller a.k.a.'Political prisoner' pleads guilty to assaulting pregnant girlfriend

Dec 20 - Expositor: Six Nations not being notified of development in Brant County, complains Confederacy chief

Canadian Flag illegal in Caledonia

Dec 20 - Why was I Arrested? Wrong Race & Wrong Flag

Dec 20 - Why was I kept in Jail overnight

Dec 20 - My time in Jail - The True Battle

Dec 20 - Mark Vandermaas Speech & Radio Interview

Dec 18 - Don't get your info from OPP Press Release

Dec 16 - OPP stop Gary McHale on Highway

Dec 19 - CFP: Crisis in Caledonia - An instrument of inequality

Who says there is Two Tier Justice

OPP Officer: Jul 24 - Spectator: OPP officer says there's now two-tier justice

President of OPPA: Jun 8 - Spectator: OPP brass sacrificing safety: Officers

Major Trainer:

MPP Toby Barrett:

Residents of Caledonia:

Residents of Ipperwash:

Dec 20 - Spectator: Caledonia residents to get cash

Dec 20 - Expositor: Concerns raised over Grand River notification

Dec 19 - Spectator: Who trashed our home?

Dec 19 - Toronto Sun: Fantino targetted - Former cop union boss calls for inquiry into 'misconduct'

Dec 19 - Toronto Sun: Cops just blowin' smoke: Docs

Dec 19 - Expositor: Natives demand release of 'political prisoner'; Six Nations protester held in jail since August

Dec 18 - CHTV: Trevor Miller

Dec 18 - CBC: Officer criticizes Fantino for calling lawsuit 'evil lies'

Dec 18 - Canadian Press: Cash coming soon for residents living with aboriginal occupation in Caledonia

You Must Listen to what the Government is telling the Native People

Some Judge Created problems, McHale & Company creating problems. We, the Government, signed an agreement to follow your Great Peacemaker - Can you imagine the Federal Government ever signing an agreement to do negotiation based on the teachings of Jesus?

Welcome to Ipperdonia

Court of Appeal: Comes out on both sides

From April 21 to July 4 - criminal Contempt Charges are enforceable - As of July 5 - injunction is lifted.

Court of Appeal Ruling

Dec 15 - Spectator: Ottawa reviewing Six Nations claim

Dec 14 - Expositor: Haldimand mayor urges activist not to march in Caledonia

Dec 14 - Macleans: Allowing Six Nations to legally occupy land shows double standard: Mayor

Dec 14 - Toronto Sun: More than enough already

Dec 14 - Spectator: Mayor urges organizer to cancel second Caledonia march

Dec 13 - CHTV: Pay raise to MPPs

Dec 13 - CHTV: Natives not to be on DCE during the Winter

Dec 14 - CHTV: Appeal Ruling

Dec 14 - CFRB: Mayor Trainer

OPP caught Lying & falsely arresting Residents


Dec 13 - Hansard: McGuinty Native Protesters were to be out by Winter

Dec 13 - John Tory: McGuinty breaks promises to Caledonia.

Appeals Court Decision - Thur. Dec. 14. 11:00

Full Coverage starting at 11:00

Dec 12 - CBC: Federal report says guns missing from Kanesatake

Dec 12 - National Post: Natives seek 106 years' worth of fishing line

Dec 12 - Globe & Mail: Report to weigh whether natives can kill animals without endangering numbers

Dec 11 - Mohawk News: Indian Affairs & Quebec Ganstas' caught Red-Handed

Dec 11 - OPP should Poll their own Officers

Dec 8 - CTV: Vancouver treaty gives aboriginals municipal seat

Courtroom: Native charged with Robbery & Assault

Protesters Claim:
Canada is committing Genocide
Canada is Racist
Native Criminals are Prisoners of War

Dec 8 - Haldimand Review: Flags banned near DCE

Dec 8 - Haldimand Review: New marketing money for Caledonia

Dec 8 - Haldimand Review: OPP and DCE issues raised at first council meeting

Dec 8 - Haldimand Review: Finally the words are spoken

Dec 11 - CBC: Federal Liberals broke rules in funding Kanesatake police: audit

Oct 17 - CBC: Charges considered after $34M spent to police tiny Quebec band

Jan 15, 2004 - CBC: Quebec had 'bloodshed' worries over Kanesatake

Dec 11 - Expositor: Confederacy leaders unite

Dec 11 - Spectator: Vigil held for jailed Six Nations man

Dec 9 - Vancouver Sun: Anger greets treaty giving B.C. band guaranteed share of fish

Dec 8 - Sachem: NO Canada!

Dec 8 - Sachem: DCE tops list of issues facing new council

Dec 8 - Canwest: Court sides with aboriginals on right to cut Crown timber

Dec 6 - Chronicle: Third county council inaugurated

The Cost of Land Claims

Dec 11 - $2 Billion for 3 B.C. Treaties - 226 more to go

Dec 9 - CBC: $500 million Treaty

Dec 9 - CBC: Delta mayor concerned about Tsawwassen treaty

Dec 8 - Canadian Press: Vancouver treaty gives aboriginals special tax deal, seat on municipal board

Dec 8 - Vancouver Sun: Conservative MP: Tsawwassen treaty 'long-term trouble'

Dec 7 - CBC: 'Huge mistake' to include fishing rights in treaty: MP

Dec 6 - Canadian Press: Nunavut group sues Ottawa for failing to live up to Nunavut Land Claim

Dec 1 - CBC: Quebec Inuit sign land-claims deal

Dec 7 - Hazel: Natives say: Canadian Flag is just 'dirty laundry'

Dec 7 - Mohawk News: These chiefs suck, sniff and lick the top dog’s ass while chasing their white concubines

Dec 7 - Hazel: Update


Dec 1 - Mohawk News: Fired their guns & the Mohawks kept a 'Comin!'

OPP Oath of Office

I solemnly affirm that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as a Commissioned Officer, faithfully, impartially and according to law.



Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.


Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, nationality or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Dec 9 - OPP have a lot of nerve

Dec. 5 - OPP Apologize for arresting Resident

Dec. 5 - OPP: More Lies and Deception

Dec. 5 - OPP: Fantino on Roy Green - partial audio

OPP claim this is illegal in Caledonia

Dec. 5 - David Ramsay's Flag Flying Etiquette

Dec. 3 - OPP Press Release about the Flags

Dec. 4 - Is Caledonia too Small to Unite?

Dec. 3 - Canadian Flags in Caledonia are illegal

OPP: Hang your Heads in Shame

Dec 3 - 20 minute Video - Justice in Ontario

Dec 3 - Canadian Flag are down

Dec. 3 - OPP: Hang your Heads in Shame

Dec 3 - Dave's View on Canadian Flags

Dec 4 - Spectator: OPP stop flap over flags in Caledonia

Dec 3 - Letter to Diane Finley & PM Harper

Dec 3 - Letter to David Ramsay & John Tory

Nov 16 - Complaint against Chief Fantino and the policies employed

Dec 6 - Spectator: No double standard on Caledonia: OPP boss

P.S. your readers all need to start flooding in the complaints on the OPP

Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services
25 Grosvenor Street
1st Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1Y6

Unfair treatment, Unlawful arrests, racial discrimination, abandonment of the principles of justice, unequal application of law just to name a few.

Nov 30 - Class Action: Notice of Motion for certification

Nov 30 - Class Action: Press Release

Dec 3 - New Caledonia Christmas Decorations - thanks to McGuinty & OPP

Dec 3 - Property Tax and why I will not pay it.

400 Native Protesters in Ottawa from over 600+ Native Groups
That is least than 1 person from each group that supported their leader - wonder if the media will talk about how these leaders had no one supporting them?

Dec 5 - Canadian Press: Indian Affairs minister shouted down and frozen out by angry native crowd

Dec 5 - CBC: First Nations chiefs protest Ottawa's 'hostility'

Natives attempt to re-open signed Land Deals

Dec 3 - Star: Natives say land deal left them out

Nov 9 - Prince George Citizen: Ink was barely dry on deal and Natives already raising questions

Nov 30 - CNW: Mike Harris threatens to sue David Ramsay

Dec 1 - CKRZ: Native faced Heal Circle for attempted Murder instead of court

Dec 1 - Winnipeg Free Press: Aboriginals see Quebec nation as snub

Dec 1 - Calgary Sun: Nation notion dangerous

Dec 1 - Globe & Mail: Quebec adopts motion backing 'the Québécois' as a nation

Nov 30 - Star: Economy, not 'nation,' says McGuinty

Nov 30 - National Post: Natives stir 'nation' debate

Nov 30 - Spectator: $1,600 a day: That's what feds pay Barbara McDougall for Caledonia work

Nov. 29 - Whats next: Burning Crosses on Residents' Lawns

Nov 30 - Herald: Chief vows to fight moose hunting charge (This is a stupid Charge)

Nov 30 - CNW: Minister Prentice appoints Chief Consultation Officer for Dene Tha' First Nation

Nov 29 - Calgary Sun: Citizens reject Tories' nation motion

Nov 28 - BC Audit: Hundreds of Million spent in Native Negotiation and not one treat signed.

Nov 29 - National Post: Talks with B.C. natives near $1B Ottawa

Nov 28 - Brantfort Expositor: Work on $40-million shopping centre can't begin until March; Agreement with Iroquois Confederacy outlines procedures

May 16 - Auditor General: Management of Programs for First Nations

May 5 - Auditor General: Audit Report of Management of Programs for First Nations

Aug 1 - Mohawk News: Reposession of outdoor education centre

Jul 27 - Mohawk News: "The answer my friend is blowin in the Wind"

Nov 27 - Brantfort Expositor: GRCA will consult with Confederacy on projects

Nov 27 - Spectator: Nice work for OPP

Nov 27 - Nation Post: Natives get upper hand, say casinos

Nov 27 - Canada Free Press: Tom Axworthy: Liberalism often doesn't work

Nov 26 - Toronto Sun: Dignity isn't much to ask

Nov 24 - Brantford Expositor: Six Nations Reporter Interview about Caledonia

Nov 21 - Bad Day Video

Nov 21 - Caledonia Scream Video

Nov 22 - CKRZ: Crown agrees that a Native who pleaded guilty to assault & carrying a weapon will face Native Sentencing Circle

Nov 22 - Prince George Citizen: First Nation wants mine project stopped

Nov 22 - Haldimand Review: Your Taxpayers' money going to pay for Native Propaganda

Nov 22 - Winnipeg Free Press: First Nations get $20M from lotteries - Funds from province to aid development

Nov 22 - First Perspective: Manitoba gives portion of lottery revenues to First Nations communities

OCAP: Preparing for Invasion: A guide to the current threats against the Mohawk Nation

Table of Content - Link to

Section 1: Current Plans for Invasion

1. Press Advisory written in March, 2006 by Tyendinaga residents giving an overview of the current situation. Pages 2-4

2. Article from the “Toronto Star” dated March 6, 2006, “Mohawks fear action on trade in tobacco”. Pages 5-6

3. Article from the “Mohawk Nation Drummer” from May 2005 about raids in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. This is a background on the cigarette trade in Mohawk communities, what it represents, and why it must be defended. Pages 7-8

Section 2: Invasion Plans from 1994

4. Article from “Eastern Door” about Canada’s plan to invade Mohawk communities in 1994 based on documents gotten through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. This shows the Canadian government’s real intentions to invade the Mohawks with military force supposedly to stop the cigarette trade. Also included is the original article by Marco Fortier who made the FOIA request. Pages 9-14

5. Excerpts from “Canada’s Secret Commandos”. More about the intensity of the 1994 plan. Pages 15-16

Section 3: Kanehsatake 2004

Sections 5-7 are all about the conflicts in Kanehsatake that began in 2004 and continue. Note how the conflict was portrayed. First as an operation against criminals, then as an internal community affair, and finally, only 2 years after it began, it is called illegal by the Quebec Public Security Minister who was in charge at the time. This pattern will most definitely be repeated again.

6. Public letter by Jake Brant from Tyendinaga as the conflict begins. Pages 17-18

7. Article from “Wii’nimkiikaa” about what happened in Kanehsatake and why. Pages 19-28

8. Montreal Gazette articles reporting on the comments of Jacques Chagnon, Quebec Public Security Minister calling the invasion illegal. Pages 29-31

Section 4: More Background

9. The Mohawk Warrior Tradition also from “Wii’nimkiikaa”. Pages 32-35

Nov 22 - Dunnville Chronicle: Tobacco enforcement officer on the job in Haldimand County

Sep 20 - Winnipeg Sun: Let us smoke, gamble or we'll sue: First Nations

Sep 13 - CBC: Manitoba smoking ban to include First Nations

Aug 15 - CBC: Judge snuffs out part of Manitoba smoking ban

Sep 29, 2004 - CBC: First Nations hopes to cash in on Manitoba smoke ban exemption

Hazel Hill & Horn find new supporters for their Radical Ranting

Nov 23 - FARS News Agency: Iranian foreign minister supports Canadian Aboriginals

Nov 23 - Islamic Republic News Agency: Iran to pursue human rights violation in Canada

Nov 17 - Haldimand Review: Boo Hoo, Patterson of Ward 1 crying over election loss

Nov 17 - Haldimand Review: Boyko claims 'our biggest challenge is the Caledonia issue'

Nov 17 - Haldimand Review: Bartlett ready to deliver change

Nov 17 - Dunnville Chronicle Grice ready to mend fences with Six Nations

Nov 20 - Toronto Sun: EDITORIAL: Caledonia’s other victims

Nov 18 - Natives know Criminal Charges will be dropped - Ipperwash proves it

Nov 18 - Natives know Criminal Charges will be dropped - Part 2

Nov 18 - Natives get $31.5 million for 4 hectare of land

Nov 16 - 'Colour of Right' - Are Natives above the Law

Nov 18 - Canadian Taxpayers Federation: Caledonia: 8 months and nothing to show but a $40-million bill

Nov 18 - Spectator: Province needs to deal with Caledonia problem

Nov 17 - Canadian Press: RCMP shooting leaves members of First Nation north or Regina distrustful

Nov 17 - Canadian Press: First UN seminar in native community builds global common ground on treaties

Nov 15 - Toby Barrett asks who is in Charge in Caledonia - Updated Nov. 18

Nov 17 - Haldimand Review: Six Nations strive for development consultation

Nov 17 - Toronto Sun: Native standoff for feds

Nov 17 - CBC: Mohawks take control of disputed property near Deseronto

Nov 16 - Hazel Hill: “Pirates of the Grand” Walk the Plank - Six Nations' position on Canada's position

Nov 16 - Mohawk News: The Invasion and Occupation of Turtle Island North by Colonial Governments and their Corporate Entities

Nov 15 - Canadian Press: Military vehicles set off brief aboriginal blockade of eastern Ontario highway

Nov 15 - Toronto Star: Highway blockade an 'accident'

Nov 15 - Ottawa Sun: Aboriginal rights bill rejection tarnishes our rep: critic

Nov 16 - Canadian Press: RCMP take over policing of 6 reserves when local police contract is cancelled

Nov 16 - Police personnel and expenditures 2006

Nov 16 - Kingston Whig Standard: Mohawks briefly blockade Hwy. 2

Nov 15 - Belleville Intelligencer: Deseronto residents have no worries

Nov 15 - CBC: Picket scuffle at site of land claim dispute near Deseronto

Nov 15 - Mohawk News: Was War declared against Mohawks and Canada?

Nov 15 - Ipperwash Resident ask their MP Questions

Nov 15 - National Post: The real question: Is Canada a nation?

Nov 15 - Toronto Sun: The quagmire in Caledonia

Nov 15 - CBC: Ottawa to share Caledonia costs: Ramsay [2nd election buy your vote plan from the Feds]

Nov 14 - Diane Finley starting to buy next Federal Election

Nov 14 - Canadian Press: Lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court - "being run over by government negotiators eager to use our farms as currency to trade away at the treaty table."

Nov 14 - Canadian Press: Ottawa understands it has to end native occupation in Caledonia, McGuinty says

Nov 14 - Toronto Star: Ottawa 'understands' occupation, McGuinty says

Nov 13 - Mohawk News: Housing Development STOPPED in Deseronto

Nov 12 - Toronto Star: Ottawa must resolve Caledonia standoff

Nov 12 - Mohawk News: Mo' Mohawk trouble brewing at Tyendinaga

Nov 10 - Sachem: Good Government is Visable

Nov 10 - Haldimand Review: Land dispute dominates Caledonia candidate meeting

Nov 10 - Haldimand Review: Douglas Creek Estates home to people for 10,000 years

Nov 10 - Native DCE Occupiers need $29,000 to continue

Nov 10 - Haldimand Review: Six Nations want all their land back

Nov 10 - CBC: Deseronto hopeful after land claim meeting with government

Nov 7 - Mohawk News: Letter to Governor General

Nov 7 - Hapless Haldimand County - a child could have seen it coming

Nov 7 - CBC: Mohawks dispute development in Deseronto

With the Court of Appeal decision coming down soon - review the many court documents

Nov 6 - Death to Law & Order in Caledonia

Nov 6 - Hydro One: Aboriginal Relational Policy

Nov 5 - Toronto Sun: An impossible mission?

Nov 5 - Toronto Sun: Native border status uncertain

Nov 5 - List of Newspapers in Ontario

Nov 5 - List of Federal MPs

Nov 5 - On the Other Side of the Barricade

Nov 5 - Hazel Hill: Is Canada telling us that they are planning to herd us into their "gas chambers" to continue the Canadian U.S. holocaust?

Nov 3 - Six Nations New Release: It did not surrender lands Chief Allen MacNaughton

Nov 3 - First Perspective: Caledonia dispute sets off jurisdiction war

Nov 2 - Winnipeg Sun: 'Get off your butt'

Nov 2 - Chief Clarence Louie, a shining beacon of light

Nov 2 - Ipperwash response to Jamie West

Nov 2 - Spectator: David Ramsay, Provincial minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Nov 2 - Spectator: Jim Prentice, Federal Indian Affairs minister

Nov 1 - Dunnville Chronicle: Candidates square off in debate

Nov 1 - Dunnville Chronicle: Candidates tackle Dunnville issues

Nov 1 - CTV: Mayor: politicians playing games over land dispute

Nov 1 - Canadian Press: Politicians told stop 'acting like children' and end occupation in Caledonia

Nov 1 - Canadian Press: End occupation, politicians told

Nov 1 - Toronto Star: Caledonia costs set at $40M

Nov 1 - What really happened in Caledonia on Oct 15/06 - Part II

Nov 1 - Spectator: Feds won't meet with Ramsay over standoff bill

Nov 1 - Jamie West's angry & bitterness towards the March for Freedom

RCMP - Aboriginal Organized Crime in Canada

Hydro One - 1st Nations: Special deals

Oct 2006 - Tax Exemption on vehicle registration and license

Oct 31 - John Tory: Dalton McGuinty continues passing the Buck

Oct 31 - Fantino passes the buck!

Oct 31 - National Post: Passing the buck on Caledonia

Oct 31 - Toronto Star: Feds cancel Caledonia meeting

Oct 31 - 680 News: Ont. aboriginal affairs minister stood up by federal counterpart

Oct 31 - McGuinty and Caledonia: Show Me the Money

Oct 31 - Spectator: Continuous nonsense coming from province, native occupiers in Caledonia

Oct 30 - Two Tier Hydro One's Deal

Oct 30 - Politicians: Say nothing and Pass the Buck

Oct 30 - Keeping the peace in Caledonia need not mean lawlessness: Fantino

Oct 30 - Caledonia is top priority, Fantino says

Oct 28 - B.C. First Nations demand action on land claims

Oct 27 - MP makes light of plea for help in Caledonia

Oct 26 - Reserves A Dead End

Oct 26 - Why is McTurd giving the aboriginal terrorists 153 hectares of our land?

Oct 26 - Burial sites suspected on land offered to natives

Oct 26 - Spectator 4 Months Too Late

Oct 25 - Is Belinda a Dog or is the whole Liberal Party gone to the Dogs

Oct 25 - Caledonia costs sought

Oct 25 - MPs duck and weave over Caledonia issue

Oct - Caledonia Negotiations - Fact Sheet 2

Sep - Caledonia Negotiations - Fact Sheet 1

Oct 25 - Fed Libs, Dippers MIA on Caledonia

Oct 24 - Combined costs running at roughly $1 million / aboriginal terrorist

Oct 24 - Letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper

Oct 24 - Spectator: McGuinty's lack of action has failed Caledonia residents miserably

Oct 24 - McGuinty's lack of action has failed Caledonia residents miserably

Oct 24 - Supporters of Caledonia criminals rip off VoC for pennies

Oct 24 - Reclamation Site now talking about Native suicide Bombers

Oct 24 - DCE Protesters have the support of... No One

Oct 24 - March for Freedom - “nonsensical non-event” or historical crossroads?

Oct 24 - If Gary McHale could do it with ‘kiddie gifs,’ imagine what YOU could do!

Oct 23 - Reclamation Message Board Speculating Terrorist Acts

Oct 23 - Mohawk News: Did Caledonia hire the 'Three Little Pigs'?

Oct 23 - After eight months, Dalton McGuinty claims Caledonia not his responsibility

Oct 23 - Sympathy wears thin

Oct 22 - Six Nations must prove claims

Oct 22 - Mohawk News: Indigenous women offer to comb out Bush and Harper's snakes

Oct 21 - Ontario wants Ottawa to foot bill for costly Caledonia dispute

Oct 21 - Courage and Cowardice in Caledonia

Oct 21 - O Canada Video

Oct 21 - Mohawk News: "Beam me up Captain Bush"

Oct 20 - John Tory: McGuinty Shirks responsibility for Caledonia

Oct 20 - Canadian Press: Ont. must be compensated over Caledonia: McGuinty

Oct 20 - CNW: Federal Government should take the lead in Caledonia dispute: Poll

Oct 20 - CTV: Analysis: Has political debate gone to the dogs?

Oct 20 - Global & Mail: Bring RCMP into Caledonia, poll says

Oct 20 - Mohawk News: Deposition of Dave General

Oct 20 - Tories prepare to change First Nation matrimonial property laws

Oct 20 - Haldimand Review: Rally draws 2,000

Oct 20 - Sachem: "March for Freedom" focus was "two-tier justice"

Oct 20 - Sachem: Craig Ashbaugh believe March for Freedom was "an abject failure"

Oct 20 - Councilor Craig Ashbaugh Suddenly Finds a Voice - Surprise, Surprise

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 1

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 2

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 3

Oct 20 - Bring Mounties into Caledonia Poll Says

Oct 20 - McTurd trying to shift blame to the feds again

Oct 20 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Alliance assured Haldimand County will Represent Caledonia

Oct 20 - CBC: Ottawa must compensate province for cost of aboriginal occupation: McGuinty


Oct 19 - Warriors argue they are not governed by Canadian Laws

Oct 19 - Because, Janie Jamieson Says So!

Oct 19 - The Liberal: Caledonia organizer not done with activism

Oct 19 - Aboriginal terrorists in Caledonia reject Canadians and Canadian law

Oct 19 - Hazel Hill: Speaking of evil, looks like Canada is trying to go at the Six Nations from different angles

Oct 18 - Cigarette advertising and Dalton McGuinty's priorities

Oct 18 - Hamilton Spectator Insinuates Caledonians as GOOD 'OL BOYS

Oct 18 - Warriors argue they are not governed by Canadian Laws

Oct 18 - CHML: Roy Green interview with Janie Jamieson

Oct 18 - Toronto Star: Premier rejects Caledonia invite

Oct 17 - National Post: Two-tiered justice

Oct 17 - Post March for Freedom Emails

Oct 17 - Mayor Trainer failed the People of Caledonia

Oct 17 - March for Freedom - What are the benefits?

Oct 17 - McGuinty's New 100ft No Go Zone Announcement

Ontario Status of Land Claim Map

Spectator MAD because we won't give them any more Stories.

Oct 17 - Canadian Press: Ont. asks Ottawa to fight Indian smoking signs

Oct 17 - Canadian Press: Ont. asks Ottawa to help investigate Six Nations cigarette billboards

Oct 17 - National Post dumps on OPP

Oct 17 - Ottawa Sun: Grits stand idly by

Oct 17 - Request for Supplies for DCE

Oct 17 - The Reformer: Impotence at its worst

Oct 17 - Mohawk News: Colossai Joke! McHale's 200 "White Man's March" to Tim Horton's coffee shop

Oct 17 - Mohawk News: Another mess left to clean

Oct 17 - CHML: Roy Green with McGuinty

Oct 17 - Hamilton Spectator reaches new low in Canadian journalism

Oct 17 - March for Freedom - what really happened in Caledonia

Oct 17 - McHale's March Motivates Caledonians

Oct 17 - CKRZ Get a Grip on Reality

Oct 17 - Lynne Stewart Sentenced to 28 Months.

Oct 17 - Who is Lynne Stewart?

Oct 17 - Six Nations Smoke Billboards Investigated

Oct 17 - Dalton McGuinty's smoke-screen

Oct 17 - In Caledonia 90% of the people brush their teeth

Oct 16 - Toronto Star: Caledonia protest low-key

Oct 16 - Roy Green with Ramsay

Oct 16 - Mohawk News: Another mess left to clean

Oct 16 - Brantford Expositor: March for Freedom surprisingly quiet

Oct 16 - Sudbury Star: Caledonia march ends in brief standoff with OPP; Protesters go nose-to-nose with police

Oct 16 - John Tory: Another McGuinty broken Promise: 231 Days and still no Leadership

Oct 15 - Making History in Caledonia

Oct 15 - Speech from Mary-Lou LaPratte

Oct 15 - Speech from AnneMarie VanSickle

Oct 15 - Speech from NY CrimeWatch

Oct 15 - Schedule of Events

Oct 15 - Video: While OPP were busy handcuffing non-natives on Sunday other OPP officers failed once again to enforce 100ft zone

Native Chief hirer Gangster

Mohawk News: The Mohawk Nation Struggles for Peaceful Ways

Oct 15 - CBC: Dozens of police contain Caledonia rally

Oct 15 - Toronto Star: Clashes feared at Caledonia rally

Oct 15 - And on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on............

Oct 14 - Toronto Star: Fantino's record with natives under fire

Oct 14 - CBC: Rally risks fragile peace at Caledonia

Oct 13 - CBC: Outsiders risk upsetting hard-won calm at Caledonia

Oct 13 - Brantford Expositor: Caledonia braces for showdown

Oct 13 - March for Freedom Details

Oct 13 - OPP B.S. is still alive and well in Caledonia

Oct 13 - Global & Mail: Tension rises in Caledonia

Oct 13 - Global & Mail: OPP morale, Caledonia to top Fantino's agenda

Oct 13 - CFRB 1010 interview

Sign Petition to Disband OPP

Oct 13 - am770 interview

Oct 13 - Ramsay's Press Release

Oct 13 - Haldimand County: Press Release

Oct 12 - CBC: Fantino named new OPP commissioner

Oct 12 - St. Catharine's Standard: Caledonia braces for possible clash

Oct 12 - Owen Sound: Rally has county in a panic

Oct 12 - am900 Mayor Trainer: State of emergency

Oct 12 - Toronto Sun: Preem: Shift Caledonia rally

Oct 12 - Global & Mail: Fantino to head OPP, sources say

Oct 11 - Canadian Press: Up to police to keep Caledonia peace: minister

Oct 11 - Toronto Star: Mayor says she’ll declare emergency

Oct 11 - Standard-Freeholder: Rallying to stop Caledonia march; Protest against native occupation will lead to violence, politicians warn

Oct 11 - Jamie West Interview CHML

Oct 11 - Hi Jamie

Oct 11 - This too is Two Tier

Oct 11 - Mohawk News: Letter to Enbridge Gas

Oct 10 - French CBC Interview (Français)

Oct 10 - Toronto Star: McGuinty wants Caledonia demo axed

Oct 10 - CHtv Interview

Oct 10 - CHtv Interview - night

Oct 10 - Global Interview

Oct 10 - Global Interview - night

Oct 10 - CHtv Interviews Residents who will be part of the March

Oct 10 - March for Freedom - Video

Oct 10 - Mohawk News: Gunboat Diplomacy by Horn

Oct 10 - Mr. Premier, you have a lot of nerve

Oct 10 - Our Scheduled meeting in November with USA Congressmen

Oct 10 - What is Grand River Enterprises?

Oct 10 - Grand River Enterprises Six Nations, Ltd., v. United States of America

Oct 10 - Brantford Video - Somehow Timmer thinks this helps their cause?

Oct 10 - The Gloves are off - Battle line is being drawn

Oct 9 - Interesting Viewing - videos on the Caledonia wake up call news sight

Oct 8 - I Remember Caledonia - Video

Oct 8 - Timmer & Native Organize to spread Racism & Hatred

Oct 8 - 100ft Zone - what about a 1ft zone

Oct 7 - Reviewing Policing Options for Haldimand County

Oct 7 - Spectator: Delay of 'No Go' Zone Angers Residents

Oct 6 - Christine's email to the Chief of Police in Brantford

Oct 6 - Brantford Video - Somehow Timmer thinks this helps their cause?

Oct 6 - 570 News Interview with us

Oct 6 - Native Racism and Hatred towards Canadians

Oct 6 - Brantford Expositor: Shouting dominates meeting

Oct 6 - Weather Hampers Marking of 100 ft. “Buffer Zone”

Oct 6 - John Tory: McGuinty Talk Leads to NO Action.... Again

Oct 5 - Is the March for Freedom bring about the end to the Occupation?

Oct 5 - I am now calling myself collateral-damage

Oct 5 - The actions of the Mayor of Brantford are those of a coward.

Oct 5 - Brantford Expositor: March Madness

Oct 4 - Little 'Cindy' says to her grandfather, CHML journalist Jamie West, "Grampa, what did you do during the March for Freedom?" "Nothing, sweetie, but I did watch the people go by while I was reading the sports scores."

Oct 4 - Why John Tory should be leading the March for Freedom instead of undermining it

Oct 4 - 570news Interview - regarding Major Mike Hancock of Brantford

Oct 4 - Brantford Expositor: City nixes hall rental for people behind Caledonia march

Oct 4 - OPP Press Release: 100ft no go zone

Oct 4 - Around Indianville

Oct 4 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Liaison Meeting Report

Oct 4 - O.P.P.: Weather Hampers Marking of 100’ “Buffer Zone”

Oct 2 - 570news Interview

Oct 2 - CHML Roy Green Interview

Oct 2 - Not Safe to come and speak at Ipperwash

Oct 2 - Press Release - March is not on DCE land

Oct 2 - Two tiered system seems to be causing a lot of problems

Oct 1 - CBC News Interview

Oct 1 - Press Release for March for Freedom

Oct 1 - Supreme Court rejects Cayuga Indian Land Claim! WE WIN!!

Oct 1 - Ken Hewitt Flip Flops like McGuinty

Oct 1 - Surprise - County unable to give Permit for March for Freedom

Sept 30 - Wind Speaker: Native Informant comes in from the cold

Sept 30 - Mohawk News: More Ranting

Sept 29 - Mohawk News: Horn wants New York State to be given back to Natives.

Sept 29 - Global & Mail: Don't assail judge who intervened, Caledonia's lawyer urges court

Sep 29 - Mohawk News: This is the Women Title Holders' objection to "organized crime".....

Sep 28 - Investing other people's money in "solutions"

Sept 27 - Mohawk News: Is McHale's Navy going to sink or sail into Caledonia?

Sept 27 - Brantford Expositor: Chief issues 'dark' warning; David General says opponents' focus on two issues hurting Six Nations community

Sept 27 - Letter to Editor: Peterson calls us Whackos

Sep 26 - Caledonia McGuinty Alliance doesn't Support March - Surprise

Sept 26 - AM770 CHQR Calgary: Our Interview

Sept 26 - 570news Interview

Sept 26 - CHML Interview with Roy Green

Sept 26 -OPP Enforce Two Tier Injunctions - A Must Read

Sept 26 - Spectator: Province beefs up buffer zone

Sept 26 - Canadian Press: Province says native occupation in Caledonia, Ont. will "cost what it costs"

Sep 26 - And the Beat Goes On and On and On and On...

Sep 26 - Class Action Press Release

Sept 25 - Mohawk News: State sponsored terrorism?

Sept 25 - Free Press: Native protests, Dalton McGuinty, Gary McHale

Sept 25 - Gary McHale has the upper hand with Rally

Sept 25 - CBC: 'No-go' zone to be set up around disputed Caledonia site

Sept 24 - Canadian Press: Peterson comments critical of march in Caledonia 'offensive': organizer

Sept 23 - Canadian Press: Rally plan stirs fears of violence in Caledonia

Sept 23 - O.P.P.: Fair & March

Sep 23 - Disband the OPP - Viewer's Comments

Sep 23 - The Cult of the Oppressed Native

Sep 23 - O.P.P.: Key To Successful Negotiations and Community Safety

Sept 22 - Appeal's Court receive Resident's Legal Response

Sept 22 - Toronto CFRB radio Interview about March

Sept 22 - March for Freedom: 1st Public Meeting Notes

Sept 22 - Peterson calls March Supporters Wackos

Sept 22 - Haldimand County: Proposed march raises concerns

Sept 21 - Orangeville Citizen: Native women's authority called into question

Sept 21 - Suddenly McGuinty's in control?

Sept 21 - Native Extortion and the Federal Criminal Code

Sept 21 - Global & Mail: Shining Example of Native Leadership & Achievement

Sep 21 - The Australian: Federal Court ruling giving Aborigines native title over Perth

Sep 21 - Native now building Military Bunkers - OPP Response

Sep 21 - Edmonton Sun: Al-Jazeera & Native History

Sep 21 - Brantford Expositor: Native information centre frustrated by lack of utilities

Aug 21 - Mohawk News: We’ve been invaded, attacked, 99% of us have been killed off

Sep 20 - Brantford Expositor: Elected band council says it's too divided to get work done

Sep 20 - Brantford Expositor: Brantford Politicians agree on need for more meetings with Six Nations

Sep 20 - Winnipeg Sun: Let us smoke, gamble or we'll sue: First Nations

Sep 20 - It Has Been Too Quiet

Sep 20 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Liaison Meeting Report

Sept 19 - Class Action Lawsuit Update: Public Meeting Wed. Sept. 27 @ 7pm upstairs at Lion Hall

Sep 18 - Caledonia - The Bigger Picture

Sep 17 - Any Leaders running for Caledonia Council - Ward 3

Sep 17 - Why is the OPP taking orders from the Alliance?

Sep 16 - Six Nations leadership still fractured

Sep 16 - Diane Finley!.. we are all dummies?

Sep 15 - Are We overtaxed?

Sept 15 - Our Radio Interview on the Right Side

Sept 15 - Right Side Interview with Bob Runciman - DCE: Hydro & Water cost Ontario $3500 per month

OPP Contract: $5.5 million per Year and what does Caledonia get?

Sep 13 - Dawson College Shooting - Montreal

Sep 13 - am640 Interview of Jim Smith (resident)

Sep 13 - Native “Homegrown” Terrorism in Caledonia

Sep 13 - Good morning Mr. Prime Minister

The missing Jamie West Blog Posting

Materials filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Sep 12 - Equal means equal

Sep 11 - Spectator: Six Nations Please Answer???

Sep 11 - Mohawk gambling profits at risk

Sep 11 - 1) They Abandon their Post

Sep 11 - 2) They violate the Charter of Rights

O.ppressive P.olice P.ractices

Sep 10 - Message #1 to Ontario Court of Appeal

Sep 10 - Message #2 to Ontario Court of Appeal

Sep 10 - The Twin Legacies of Caledonia for other Native Groups

Sept 9 - Ipperwash - 86 mins but you must hear this - Updated

Sep 9 - Jason Clark is the Source of the Leaked Liberal Plan.

Sep 8 - Sactem: Caledonia residents want controversial signs removed

Sep 8 - Sleepless at Queen's Park

Sep 8 - Free Press: McGuinty fiddles while Caledonia burns


Sep 7 - Spectator: Brantford developer buys land for $500m complex

Sep 7 - In Praise of Folly in Caledonia

Sep 7 - Haldimand Review: Start to school includes cops, security cameras

Sep 7 - Conditions of concurrence

Sep 7 - In Praise of Folly in Caledonia

Sep 7 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Liaison Meeting Report

Sep 6 - Regional News: Six Nations teens caught throwing rocks off bridge

Sep 6 - Owen Sound Sun: Fence separating students from from protesters unfinished

Sep 6 - Canadian Press: Caledonia barrier delay angers McGuinty

Sep 6 - Spectator: CALEDONIA: Parents lingered

Sep 5 -CBC: Land claims sink town's shipwreck plan

Sep 5 - I Want My Land Back - Do I Dare Try

Sep 4 - Caledonia: Teaching kids the dark facts of life

Sep 4 - A New Low for the OPP - they Endangered our Lives

Sep 3 - Timbit Ladies Patrol Caledonia

Sep 3 - Jane Stewart talks to Residents - Audio Tape is Back

Sep 2 - Sactem: Do natives have the green light to build at Douglas Creek Estates?

Sep 2 - Global & Mail: Caledonia standoff threatens to heat up again

Sep 2 - Spectator: Residents hope for buyout

Sep 2 - Spectator: Fence, cameras going up at Caledonia school

Sep 2 - Spectator: A near miss in Caledonia

Sep 1 - Don't arm border guards on reserves: natives

Sep 1 - CanWest: Cost to purchase occupied Caledonia land reaches $20.9 million

Sep 1 - Brantford Expositor: Fence at school near Caledonia protest may not be ready for Tuesday

Sep 1 - Spectator: Caledonia neighbours want buyouts too

Sep 1 - Email to Mayor Trainer

Sep 1 - National Post: Premier says no to native occupation of homes

Sep 1 - CKRZ Native Radio News

Sep 1 - Canadian Post: Extra police assigned to Caledonia for weekend

Sep 1 - Our Calgary Interview

Sep 1 - Gwen Boniface: Ontario's Newest Millionaire

Sep 1 - OPP Association Question OPP Brass about Caledonia


Aug 31 - Children Issues & Notre Dame School

Aug 31 - McGuinty - I must Sell my Home

Aug 31 - Radio Interview Aboriginal affairs in Ontario

Aug 31 - Mohawk News: More Ranting from Mohawk News

Aug 31 - Haldimand Review: Caledonia to put forward one voice

Aug 31 - Haldimand Review: Last day at Ipperwash Inquiry hits home

Aug 31 - Haldimand Review: Woman carried away by police

Aug 31 - Haldimand Review: Provincial, federal leaders turn down Haldimand

Aug 31 - Caledonia: A toughly worded letter

Aug 31 - Toronto Sun: Caledonia mess goes on

Aug 31 - One native to another: Get off my land!

Aug 31 - Canadian Press: Feds and Ont. tell Six Nations Chief to stop protesters from harassing locals

Aug 31 - National Post: Premier says no to native occupation of homes

Aug 31 - Canadian Press: Aboriginal protesters' plans annoy McGuinty

Aug 31 - At 184 days it is now time for this to end

Our Radio Interview - Gwen Resigns What's next

Aug 30 - Spectator: Stewart gets paid $1,300 a day

Aug 30 - Barrett & Peterson: Does 1 + 1 still equal 2?

Aug 30 - Dunnville Chronicle: Harper and McGuinty are not planning to visit Haldimand County

Aug 30 - McGuinty Negotiates with Terrorists

Aug 30 - Spectator: Natives want lumber for houses

Aug 30 - Bank of Montreal taking Donations for Native Protesters

Aug 30 - Native Flags go up in Hamilton

Aug 30 - A Reply against apathy

Aug 30 - Dunnville Chronicle: Former MPP enters mayoral race

Aug 30 - Aboriginal bands are not Sovereign Entities

Aug 29 - Canadian Press: Six Nations protesters calling for donations to make it through the winter

Aug 29 - Toronto Sun: E-mail threats over MPP's remark

Aug 29 - Happy Six-Month Anniversary Caledonia!

Aug 29 - Appeal Court needs your Help

Aug 29 - National Post: Caledonia Tory MPP suggests organized crime behind native standoff

Aug 29 - Are The Natives at the Blockade Really Prepared?

Aug 28 - Taxpayers pay for Hydro & Water for Criminals

Aug 28 - Canadian Press: Aboriginal protesters intimidate, threaten residents in Caledonia: Barrett

Aug 28 - Spectator: Naivete an equal enemy, terror expert warns

Aug 28 - Spectator: Six months later, a great divide

Aug 28 - Spectator: Caledonia court ruling sparks call for premier to clarify position

Aug 28 - Spectator: What is there to negotiate?

Aug 28 - Global & Mail: Judge's action threatened Caledonia talks, court says

Aug 28 - Little Bighorn once again.

Aug 28 - Caledonia Women Show Support to Gary & Christine

Aug 28 - Toronto Police Tell OPP to F*** Off

Aug 27 - I don't want to be an apathetic Canadian

Aug 27 - Letter to Dalton McGuinty from John Tory about Caledonia

Aug 27 - Native Tire Fires and Ministry of Environment

Aug 27 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Liaison Meeting Report

Aug 26 - Toronto Star: Caledonia occupiers can stay a month: Court

Aug 26 - Spectator: Legal title and land claims

Aug 26 - Toronto Star: Native protest costing everyone

Aug 26 - Spectator: Land dispute is between Six Nations and federal government

Aug 26 - View from Ipperwash Area

Aug 26 - Spectator: Protesters can stay on Douglas Creek property

Aug 26 - Shame, shame, shame on us

Aug 26 - Toby Barrett asks, "Are land occupations legal in Ontario?"

Aug 26 - Is it Christmas or my Birthday?

Aug 26 - Another Exclusive: Dramatic Photos

Aug 26 - Why the Natives have Won?

Aug 25 - Court of Appeal Reasons

Aug 25 - Reasons of Ontario Court of Appeal on AGO stay motion

Aug 24 - Winnipeg Free Press: Accused killer wants rules changed to allow for native jurors with Criminal Records

Aug 24 - Someone's going to Die and OPP is doing Nothing

Aug 24 - Ken Hewitt: Tell the Public

Aug 23 - The David Report - Current Intimidation

Aug 23 - Brantford Expositor: Parents say it's not safe for kids at Caledonia school

Aug 23 - Spectator: Relocate school: Caledonia parents

Aug 23 - Toronto Star: Caledonia occupation legal

Aug 23 - Simcoe Reformer: Website spoofs Finley

Aug 23 - London Free Press: Inquiry told Deane believed he had to act to protect Officers

Aug 23 - McGuinty's Law

Aug 23 - Canadian Press: Safety concern led to Ipperwash clash: Lawyer

Aug 22 - Canadian Press: Ontario to resume talks about Caledonia dispute on Wednesday morning

Aug 22 - Global & Mail: Odd twist in Caledonia legal dispute

Aug 22 - Spectator: Natives hijacking Canada

Aug 22 - Toronto Star: Harris's credibility under attack

Aug 22 - Spectator: Land dispute is between Six Nations and federal government

Aug 22 - Court of Appeal Order

Aug 22 - Court of Appeal Stay

Aug 22 - Public Help Needed

Aug 22 - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Aug 22 - Caledonia Alliance now wants Special Rights

Aug 22 - Only some of us must obey the laws

Aug 22 - Order of the Ontario Court of Appeal appointing Amicus Curiae

Aug 22 - Railink Supplementary Motion Record on stay motion

Aug 22 - Slides of the Caledonia area  presented to the Court of Appeal by the Amicus

Aug 22 - Amicus Book of Documents of the Court-appointed Amicus Curiae for the residents of Caledonia

Aug 22 - Amicus Outline of submissions of the Court-appointed Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) for the residents of Caledonia

Aug 22 - Judgment of Marshall, J

Aug 21 - Canadian Press: Harris's desire to end Ipperwash standoff influenced police: George lawyer

Aug 21 - Spectator: Caledonia tells world: It's safe to visit us

Aug 21 - Hello, Toby Barrett here.

Aug 21 - Factum of the Attorney General of Ontario on motion for stay

Aug 20 -Why Ontario's Appeal will be Rejected

Aug 20 - Two Judgments - Two Provinces - Same Message

Aug 20 -Brantford Expositor: Dear Brantford

Aug 20 - Federal & Provincial Governments Get their Info from Our Site

Aug 20 - I cannot understand Native Logic??

Aug 20 - Caledonia - Federal Issue #3: Terrorism is Federal

Threats to Traditional Governments - A Native View

Aug 19 - Brantford Expositor: Natives deny rumour that trailer will be used to sell smokes

Aug 19 - Mohawk News: The end of colonialism

Aug 19 - Spectator: Six Nations women lay claim to windmills

Aug 18 - Caledonia appeal turns on a word

Aug 18 - Global & Mail: Natives lay claim to windmills

Aug 17 - OPP takes natives’ side in Caledonia dispute

Aug 17 - NY Times: 6 Native Nations, and None Have a Word for ‘Suburbia’

Aug 17 - Brantford Expositor: Natives, city officials meet to discuss trailer

Aug 17 - Brantford Expositor: Safety measures eyed for Caledonia school

Aug 17 - Motion Record, Vol. II  -  Affidavits filed by Attorney General of Ontario in support of its motion for a stay

Aug 17 - Motion Record, Vol. I  -  Affidavits filed by Attorney General of Ontario in support of its motion for a stay

Aug 17 - Notice of Motion of Attorney General of Ontario for stay of Marshall, J. order of Aug 8 until hearing of appeal

Aug 17 - Notice of Appeal of Attorney General of Ontario

Aug 16 - Dunnville Chronicle: Natives educate through annual canoe trip; Excursion raises a few eyebrows along the Grand River

Aug 16 - Asians, Blacks, Europeans, Jews etc., Go Home!

Aug 16 - PM Harper Stand UP for Charter of Rights

Aug 15 - Owen Sound Sun: Enforce that court order in Caledonia; Untie the hands of police and let them do what judge ordered them to do

Aug 15 - Daily Press: Rule of law must prevail in Caledonia dispute

Aug 15 - Toronto Sun: Fantino to the rescue?

Aug 14 - Doug Finley Thumbs his Nose at the Residents of Caledonia

Aug 14 - Diane Finley: Your next PCLiberal Party Candidate??

Aug 14 - global & Mail: Nations divided rule disputed land

Aug 14 - National Post: RCMP unable to pursue organized crime

Aug 14 - Toronto Sun: Top cop unfairly bashed: Woolley

Aug 14 - Natives Threaten Terrorist Action Against Canada

Aug 14 - Brantford Expositor: Natives post 'No Trespassing' sign on GRCA land

Aug 14 - Spectator: Some compromise, please

Aug 13 - Toronto Star: The safety of residents and protestors are being sacrificed to fear

Aug 13 - Prime Minister Harper's Office Threatens to Sue Us

Aug 13 - Diane Finley continues to Smile while Voters are Terrorized

Aug 13 - Diane in Town Looking for Votes

Aug 13 - Standing Up for Haldimand-Norfolk - What does that Mean?

Aug 13 - Diane Finley is Out of Touch with Voters

Aug 13 - We are filing a hate crime complaint against your site

Aug 13 - McGuinty Punishes CHTV for Liberal Plan Coverage

Aug 13 - Caledonians starting to Appeal to US Homeland Security

Aug 13 - Natives Threaten Terrorist Action Against Canada

Aug 13 - Prime Minister Harper's Office Threatens to Sue Us

Aug 12 - Spectator: A stand against tyranny and terrorism

Aug 12 - Spectator: Still some peaceful feelings

Aug 12 - Six Nations is expanding their claim to include the wind

Aug 12 - Indian Occupiers Claiming Ownership of the Wind

Aug 12 - Spectator: A stand against tyranny and terrorism

Aug 12 - Spectator: Still some peaceful feelings

Aug 12 - Six Nations is expanding their claim to include the wind

Aug 12 - Indian Occupiers Claiming Ownership of the Wind

Aug 11 - Branford Expositor: Natives move trailer, flags onto GRCA land near Erie Avenue

Aug 11 - Global & Mail: The judge is correct on Caledonia

Aug 11 - Haldimand Review: Negotiations suspended

Aug 11 - McGuinty chooses chaos over (court) order – again

Aug 11 - Caving in on Caledonia

Aug 11 - Spectator: McGuinty has the authority, but not the will, to enforce the law

Aug 11 - Spectator: Treaty police arrest Six Nations man

Aug 11 - Hazel Hill: Native Preparing to Stay the Winter on DCE

Aug 10 - Our Interview

Aug 10 - Caledonia - Federal Issue #1: Stand UP Against Two Tier Justice

Aug 10 - Caledonia - Federal Issue #2: Stand UP for Families & Communities

Aug 10 - Caledonians starting to Appeal to US Homeland Security

Aug 10 - An Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty and John Tory about Democracy and the Rule of Law in Caledonia

[Listen to 570News for Stacey's Story - 43 minutes, eye witnesses and call in show]

Aug 10 - Free Press: Obeying the law — Dalton’s going to think about it

Aug 10 - Global & Mail: Equipment shed upsets native band

Aug 10 - Judge forced to do job premier was elected to do: John Tory calls a spade a spade

Aug 10 - Ontario Government's efforts to Resolve Caledonia Situation

Aug 10 - Vancouver Sun: From Caledonia to B.C., law-breaking should carry consequences

Aug 10 - Brantford Expositor : Caledonia residents fear land dispute will get worse

Aug 10 - Spectator: Woman tackled by OPP

Aug 10 - Spectator: Negotiation impasse: natives, residents want feds to step in

Aug 10 - Toronto Star: Six Nations cheers ruling

Aug 10 - Toronto Star: Not your average judge

Aug 10 - Global & Mail: The Marshall file

Aug 10 - Toronto Star: Ontario to contest decision

Aug 10 - O.P.P.: Arrst Warrant Executed

Aug 9 - O.P.P.: Incident Commander Calls for Calm

Aug 9 - OPP Propaganda is Now Complete - Residents are now the Protestors

Aug 9 - Mohawk News: Here Come Da Judge

Aug 9 - "Little People" Do Change Things

Aug 9 - Chronicle: JUDGE ORDERS NEGOTIATIONS to end; No talks until protesters leave occupied land, rules Marshall

Aug 9 - Chronicle: Rocks fly as Caledonia tensions boil

Aug 9 - Sudbury Star: McGuinty failed test; Premier has appeased aboriginal protesters by buying land in Caledonia

Aug 9 - Canadian Press: Ontario to appeal Caledonia order

Aug 9 - CTV: Ontario to appeal ruling on Caledonia standoff

Aug 9 - CBC: Ontario to appeal judge's order to halt Caledonia talks

Aug 9 - National Post: Send in the police

Aug 9 - Toronto Sun: Remember the law, premier?

Aug 9 - Canadian Press: First Nations say land-claim fights handed down through generations

Aug 9 - Another example of how the white man steals from the native peoples

Aug 9 - Just how supportive are the Mohawk Warriors of the Palestinians?

Aug 9 - Spectator: Natives disregard judge's decision

Aug 9 - Brantford Expositor: Caledonia residents welcome judge's ruling

Aug 8 - O.P.P.: Tolerance Encouraged in Caledonia

The Observer: Ipperwash: Victims of crime spree want action

Aug 8 - A lot happen to our town Caledonia

Resident's Affidavit to the Ipperwash Inquiry - Caledonia are you Next?

Aug 8 - Dunnville Chronicle: Rocks fly in Caledonia dispute

Aug 8 - Judge Marshall Ruling - The Events of the Day

Aug 8 - CHTV at 11:00 - audio clip

Aug 8 - Our Live Radio interview tonight in Alberta

Aug 8 - Court ruling validates Barrett’s position on Caledonia

Aug 8 - Inspector Douglas Babbitt claim Judge Ruling Changes nothing [video]

Aug 8 - Native Spokesperson states barricades will go back up [video]

Aug 8 - Judge Marshall - Full Transcripts from Today

Aug 8 - OPP Betrays their Promise

Aug 8 - OPP Native Propaganda Machine

Aug 8 - [Judge Order listen]

Aug 8 - Canadian Press: Judge puts land dispute talks on hold until aboriginals end occupation

Aug 8 - If it walks like a terrorist and talks like a terrorist...

Aug 8 - Could Caledonia become a constitutional crisis for Canada?

Aug 8 - Palestinians & Native Protestors Unite

Aug 8 - Leaked Liberal Plan + 10 days

Aug 8 - A lot happen to our town Caledonia

Aug 8 -  Order of Marshall, J..

Aug 8 - Detailed Judgment of Marshall, J.

Aug 7 - O.P.P.: Disturbance in Caledonia

Aug 7 - Canadian Press: Aboriginal protesters vow to stay for long haul

Aug 7 - Mohawk News: Draft Notice to Judge Marshall (any Suggestions?)

Aug 7 - Using children to start fights

Aug 7 - Please End the OPP Native Propaganda Machine

Aug 7 - Canadian Press Print OPP Propaganda

Aug 7 - 300 OPP Police Cars Ordered into Caledonia

Aug 7 - Just another Example of Two Tier Policing

Aug 6 - Draft Notice to Judge Marshall (any Suggestions?)

Aug 6 - OPP Radio Alerts Native Build Up in Progress

Aug 6 -Native Protestors Create Large Fire

Aug 5 - Hazel Hill: Update from Grand River

Aug 4 - Caledonia - keeps going, and going, and going and going...

Aug 4 - Sactem: Developers cautious about expanding in Caledonia

Aug 4 - Dangerous Highways - Public Safety at Risk

Aug 4 - Gwen Boniface in Irish News

Aug 4 - OPP Guard Charcoal

Aug 4 - Our Credibility is found in who our Readers are

Aug 4 - Caledonia - keeps going, and going, and going and going, and going, and going and going...

Aug 3 - Spectator: Caledonia poll headache for Liberals

Aug 3 - OPP SPRINGS into Action only after Train Accident is Over

Aug 3 - Native Community Meeting

Monty Kwinter is an Idiot

Aug 3 - Minutes of N.D.S. Parents Meeting

Aug 3 - Report & Comments

Aug 3 - Spectator: Berm proposed for native site

Aug 3 - Welcome to Ipperdonia

Aug 3 - O.P.P.: Weekend Release - Caledonia

Aug 2 - Toronto Sun: Resignation is a mystery

Aug 2 - Spectator: OPP 'doing their best' Commissioner backs officers

Aug 2 - Spectator: RCMP specialists at land dispute

Aug 2 - Spectator: RCMP: 'Intelligence sharing'

Aug 2 - Spectator: RCMP specialists at land dispute

Aug 2 - RCMP: 'Intelligence sharing'

Aug 2 - Spectator: OPP 'doing their best' Commissioner backs officers>

Aug 2 - Toronto Sun: Resignation is a mystery

Aug 2 - Spectator: Viewer's Letter

Aug 2 - Spectator: RCMP specialists at land dispute

Gwen Boniface back in Canada

[Native News Link]

Aug 2 - OPP Inquiry Report #1 - July

Aug 1 - MPP Barrett demands Resources to Fight Organized Crime

Aug 1 - RCMP report on 'Aboriginal Organized Crime'

Aug 1 - Mohawk Nation News Reporter Admires Hitler

Aug 1 - Ken Hill - Casino - Caledonia Protest

Aug 1 - OPP Officers refuse to show up to Train Accident in Caledonia

Aug 1 - Spectator: Tory's tough talk upsets Mohawk chief

Aug 1 - Toronto Star: Restore law before Caledonia talks, Tory says

Aug 1 - Toronto Sun: The Caledonia quagmire

Aug 1 - Spectator: OPP boss needs to rebuild trust

Aug 1 - Ken Hill - Casino - Caledonia Protest

Aug 1 - MPP Barrett demands Resources to Fight Organized Crime

Aug 1 - RCMP report on 'Aboriginal Organized Crime'

Aug 1 - The Gazette: Mohawks' gamble delayed

Aug 1 - Class Action Press Release

Jul 31 - Six Nations' Warriors building connections to Terrorist Groups?

Jul 31 - B.C. RCMP wants fewer crime stories in the media

Jul 31 - Canadian Press: John Tory says talks in aboriginal land dispute should be suspended

Jul 31 - Six Nations' Warriors building connections to Terrorist Groups?

Mohawk Nation News Reporter Admires Hitler

Jul 30 - Native Letter to Inspector Brian Haggith

Jul 30 - Ex-RCMP: Political Will Needed

Jul 30 - McGuinty's Subversive Actions

Jul 29 - Brantford Expositor: Haldimand mayor calls cabinet minister 'idiot'

Jul 29 - Spectator: Gwen Boniface was invisible as OPP commissioner

Jul 29 - Brantford Expositor: Haldimand mayor calls cabinet minister 'idiot'

Jul 29 - Spectator: Gwen Boniface was invisible as OPP commissioner

Jul 29 - Does today's news point to Two Tier Justice?

Jul 29 - Gwen Boniface has already left the country

Jul 29 - Gwen's new Job - Not as Commissioner

Jul 29 - Natives issue "407 Notice of objection"

Jul 29 - $1 equal what today? - understanding old $

Jul 29 - 21 Page Report of the Costs over the past 100+ years

Jul 29 - Excel: Just the Numbers Please for past 100+ years

Jul 29 - Pitfall of Native Sovereignty - Canadian Taxpayer's Federation

Jul 28 - CBC: Controversial OPP commissioner stepping down

Jul 28 - The Sachem: Contempt orders remain unclear

Jul 28 - Canadian Press: OPP Commissioner's resignation welcomed and mourned in Caledonia, Ont.

Jul 28 - Our Take: One Down - Many to Go

Jul 28 - Canadian Press: OPP Commissioner's resignation welcomed and mourned in Caledonia

Jul 28 - OPP Commissioner Gwen Boniface Takes On New Role In Ireland

Jul 28 - New "Hope" for the OPP?

Jul 28 - OPP Failures lead to Further Crime Actions

Jul 28 - Audio: Interview with Haldimand Mayor & us

Jul 28 - Kwinter: Bold Faced Liar or Incompetent?

Jul 28 - "Notice of Seizure" of the 50 Windmills

Pat Wooley's Radio Interview

Can you Tell the Difference

Jul 28 - The Homes McGuinty Forgot to Buy

Jul 27 - Ottawa Sun: Our home and native land

Jul 27 - Spectator: Kwinter draws heat for standoff remark

Jul 27 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Kwinter an idiot

Jul 27 - Attempted Murder - The Whole Story

Jul 26 - Toronto Sun: Natives warn of more strife

Jul 26 - Canada Press: Aboriginal rally targets Quebec

Jul 26 - Dunnville Chronicle (Karen Best): Marshall reserves judgement; Lawyers suggest no action

Jul 26 - Judge Marshall's Court

Jul 25 - O.P.P.: Invite Children to Friday Events

Jul 25 - Spectator: Onus on judge to rule

Jul 25 - Hazel Hill: Hey from Grand River!

Jul 25 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Kangaroo Court

Jul 25 - OPP force senior to Protect Her Property ALONE!

Jul 25 - Four Males Arrested in Caledonia Disturbance

Jul 25 - Let the Bastards Sweat in the Dark

Jul 24 - Spectator: OPP officer says there's now two-tier justice

Jul 24 - CBC: Ottawa police to probe OPP's actions in Caledonia

Jul 24 - CBC: Judge hears requests for flexibility on Caledonia injunction

Jul 24 - Canadian Press: Judge demands to know why orders to end aboriginal occupation not followed

Jul 24 - Toronto Star: Why were occupation orders ignored? judge asks

Jul 24 - Breaking News re: Caledonia

Jul 24 - Is the Fabric of Democracy unravelling in Ontario?

Jul 24 - Spectator: OPP officer says there's now two-tier justice

Jul 24 - Breaking News re: Caledonia

July 24 - Railink Supplementary Motion Record dated Aug 22  to Mr. Justice Marshall

Jul 23 - OPP Follow a Poor Example

Jul 23 - OPP & Natives fight it out.

Jul 23 - What CAN Canada do Now?

Jul 22 - This officer lives in Caledonia and here is his Statement

Jul 20 - Spectator: Accused is no-show in court

Jul 20 - O.P.P.: OPP Commander Applauds Community

July 20 - Written submissions  -  Attorney General of Canada to Mr. Justice Marshall

Jul 19 - Spectator: Website unfair to OPP officers

Jul 19 -Ken Hill in court Today - will he Show

Jul 19 -Introduction to Mr. Tory

Jul 19 - Tory Intro

Jul 19 - Mr. Tory offers Little to the People of Caledonia

Jul 19 - McTory plays politics with People's Fear and Safety

Jul 19 - True Leadership is a Quality from Within

Jul 18 - Spectator: 'Wanted' posters upset OPP union

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Jul 18 - Self Rule

Jul 18 - Macleans : Before the white man came? War

Jul 18 - O.P.P.: Haldimand County OPP - Gearing Up!

Jul 17 - Spectator: Caledonia stuck in stalemate

Jul 17 - OPP Guard Charcoal

Jul 17 - OPP Guard Power Station

Jul 17 - We bend to OPPA Lawyer's Demands

Jul 17 - Six Nations appeals directly to the Queen

Jul 16 - Why were we Shut Down

Jul 16 - Email Instructions to OPPA

Jul 16 - OPP Union Demands the Closure of this site

Jul 16 - Canadian Press: RCMP Protect Public with their Lives

Jul 15 - OPP: Are they willfully deceiving people or just too big?

Jul 15 - Belleville Intelligencer 'Cashedonia' name used by OPP officers

Jul 14 - Spectator: Caledonia buffer zone created to ease tensions

Jul 14 - Spectator: Caledonia meeting over suit

Jul 14 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): You Gotta be kidding!

Jul 14 - OPP Website - What it does & doesn't say?

Native Reports on Warriors

Jul 13 - Brantford Expositor: All quiet on the Caledonia front

Jul 13 - Spectator: More cash for businesses in Caledonia

Jul 13 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Toronto man launches website to bring attention to land claims

Jul 13 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): We are open to any involvement

Jul 13 - OPP back in Court Yesterday - Judge getting Angry

Jul 13 - Native Crime Spree spreads to Kingston Ontario

Jul 12 - Caledonia Citizens Alliance: Meets with Provincial Government

Jul 12 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Specialty police on duty; 'We are open to any involvement'

Jul 12 - CBC: Protesters remove Caledonia barricade to ease fears

Jul 12 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Alliance meets with provincial government

Jul 12 - Spectator: Natives take down barricade

Jul 12 - RCMP follow OPP  in dealing with Native Blockade in Saskatchewan

Jul 12 - Native spokesperson [ Hazel Hill ] challenged

Jul 12 - Will be no winners in native standoff

Jul 11 - The Record: Probing conduct of cops at barricades

Jul 11 - Toronto Star: OPP chief breaks silence

Jul 10 - The Record: OPP probes actions of officers at blockade

Jul 10 - Native Self-Rule doesn't mean Natives are not subject to the Law

Jul 10 - Link to Changed Posters- OPPA Previewed

Jul 10 - Democracy - No Cost to Canadians

Jul 10 - Ken Hill skips the country?

Jul 10 - Pots and Kettles and Contracts

Jul 8 - Toronto Star: Spirit of the age

Jul 8 - Advertising: the solution to every Liberal shortcoming

Jul 8 - Yo quiero Caledonia?

Jul 7 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Where's the FEEDBACK?

Jul 7 - On Caledonia

Jul 7 - Sachem: Native spokesperson challenged


Jul 7 - Caledonia - Planned Genocide Continues

Jul 7 - Sactem: Native spokesperson challenged

Jul 6 - Spectator: Judge vows law and order will return to Caledonia

Jul 6 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Judge forges toward return of law

Jul 6 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Province exploring homeowner compensation

Jul 6 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Barricade blocks traffic on rail line again

Jul 6 - Globe & Mail: Rule of law not restored in Caledonia, judge says

Jul 6 - Toronto Star: Caledonians upset despite purchase

Jul 6 - Requested Interview with Mr. McGuinty

Jul 6 - McGuinty Purchase: Land Transfer Deed - Fee Simple Absolute

Jul 6 - Coyle Report - The Unreported Story

Jul 6 - OPP Two Tier Training

Jul 6 - Mohawk News: Spreading Hatred not Peace

Jul 6 - Interesting advertising connections in Caledonia

Jul 6 - Spectator: Caledonia stuck in Stalemate

Jul 5 - Guilt-Induced Displacement

Jul 5 - Spectator: Ont. government finalizes deal to buy disputed Caledonia property

Jul 5 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): The Apologetic OPP

Jul 5 - Globe & Mail: Ontario to buy disputed Caledonia property

Jul 5 - CBC: Judge frustrated as Caledonia injunction stagnates

Jul 5 - 'McGuinty to show leadership to restore Rule of Law in Caledonia

July 05 -  Written submissions of the Attorney General of Ontario in response to a request by Marshall, J. for a hearing

Jul 5 - Ethnic Cleansing In Ontario

Jul 4 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): The LYING OPP

Jul 4 - Mohawk News: UN takeover: Why the "Corporations-United Nations" are trying to take over indigenous people and land throughout the world?

Jul 3 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Stop falling for it...and Finley's Sick Day

Jul 3 - Metro Toronto is part of an outstanding Native Land Claim

Jul 3 - Land Claims: How important are they to Natives?

Jul 3 - Mohawk News: UN Monster: we had the Canadian rat in the corner

Jul 2 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations reclamation spokesperson

Jul 2 - Spectator: Caledonia calm on Canada Day but 'segregation' continues

Jun 30 - Spectator: Man arrested in Caledonia assault - 36 year old, Ken Hill, arrested for assault that occurred on June 4th

Jun 30 - Spectator: Police plan heavy presence in Caledonia over weekend

Jun 30 - Candian Free Press: The OPP--your tax dollars at work


Jun 29 - CHML: Back to court for Caledonia stakeholders

Jun 29 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Residents meet with McGuinty

Jun 29 - Spectator: Land claim talks resume

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Jun 28 - First Perspective: Six Nations requests meeting with Governor General

Jun 28 - CBC: First Nations leaders call off planned rail blockade

Jun 28 - Ottawa Citizen: McGuinty's Caledonia gambit sets catastrophic precedent

Jun 28 - Reuters: Canadian native groups cancel CN Rail blockade

Jun 28 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Notes from information meeting

Jun 28 - Six Nations requests meeting with Governor General

Jun 28 - Caledonia Citizen's Alliance: Information Meeting Report

Jun 28 - Interesting advertising connections in Caledonia

Jun 28 - Natives gain $100+ million profit immediately after Crime Spree

Jun 28 - Canadian Press: Quebec natives want $11 billion for hydro dams built 50 years ago

Jun 28 - American Natives Contacting our Politicians

Jun 28 - Feeling Guilty about Government actions towards Natives

Jun 28 - Haldimand County: Chronology Order of Events of DCE

Jun 28 - Interesting advertising connections in Caledonia

Jun 28 - O.P.P.: Assault Charge Laid

Jun 28 -Six Nations want 905,000 acres or $400 Billion

Jun 28 - Nero McGuinty - Update

Jun 28 - More rumours of impending Canada Day violence [and ongoing updates]

Jun 28 - Ken Hill is on the run, and other rumours

Jun 28 - Caledonia

Jun 27 - Canadian Press: Backlog of unsolved land claims nears 800 as minister plans overhaul

Jun 27 - Spectator: Are OPP sacrificing the law to keep natives happy?

Jun 27 - Spectator: Expect more Caledonia-type clashes: Expert

Jun 27 - Dunville Chronicle: OPP commissioner expects cops to do job

Jun 27 - Haldimand County: Police Services Board: Communication resolution passed

Jun 27 - O.P.P.: Communication Resolution Passed

Jun 27 - Simcoe Reformer: Police review looms in Haldimand

Jun 27 - Caledonia: Where Liberalism Meets Reality

Jun 27 - Caledonia; Liberals; and the Rule of Law

Jun 26 - Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal Affairs: Draft guidelines for ministries on consultation with Aboriginal peoples

Jun 26 - Haldimand Review: Boundaries expansions set into official plan

Jun 26 - Haldimand Review (Karen Best): Province to purchase Caledonia subdivision

Jun 26 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Brantford Mayor in Denial

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Jun 26 - Natives forced McGuinty to fire negotiator David Peterson

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Jun 25- On Caledonia

Jun 24 - Spectator: Ignatieff chides Tories over Caledonia

Jun 24 - Natives say NO to McGuinty

Native Crime Spree Continue

Jun 24 -Confirms Caledonia is not a question of ownership of the land

Jun 24 - Anarchy in Caledonia

Jun 24 - A white man's worst nightmare

Jun 23 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations reclamation spokesperson

Jun 23 - O.P.P.: Issue seventh arrest warrant

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Jun 23 - The Humiliation of Caledonia

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Jun 22 - CHML: Native occupation will continue

Jun 22 - Canadian Press: McGuinty calls for end to aboriginal occupation

Jun 22 - Canadian Press: McGuinty defends Caledonia land deal

Jun 22 - CBC: Buying Caledonia land will cost Ontario government $12.3M

Jun 22 - Spectator: Henco gets $12.3m for land

Jun 22 - Ottawa Sun: Caledonia standoff land to cost taxpayers $12.3M

Jun 22 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 22 - O.P.P.: OPP maintains policing responsibility on the Sixth Line

Jun 22 - Spectator: Anxiety grows in 'no-go zone'

Jun 22 - Toronto Star: OPP cedes control of Caledonia road

Jun 22 - Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal Affairs press release: Progress at main table discussions

Jun 22 - Brantford Expositor: Native flags flying over properties in city

Jun 22 - Reuters: CN Rail seeks to block Manitoba aboriginal protest

Jun 22 - Spectator: Round 3: Judge wants answers on Caledonia file

Jun 22 - Canadian Press: CN Railway seeks injunction to prevent blockades on its rail lines in Manitoba

Jun 22 - Caledonia: Bend over taxpayers

Jun 22 - Ken Hill, Entrepeneur: Confirmed

Jun 22 - Ken Hill has been arrested

Jun 21 - Spectator: Round 3: Judge wants answers on Caledonia file

Jun 21 - Law Times: Concerns about rule of law in Caledonia

Jun 21 - Spectator: Confrontation between natives and Caledonia residents leads to one arrest

Jun 21 - Spectator: Six Nations business leader charged

Jun 21 - O.P.P.: Arrest

Jun 21 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Premier McGuinty meets with Alliance

Jun 21 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Update on June 21 community meeting

Jun 21 - Canadian Press: Dozens of Caledonia residents take message to McGuinty at Ontario legislature

Jun 21 - CanWest: Residents fire back at Ontario's Caledonia plan

Jun 21 - CBC: Caledonia residents protest province's inaction

Jun 21 - CTV: Caledonia residents protest at Queen's Park

Jun 21 - Guelph Mercury: Caledonia residents take case to Queen's Park

Jun 21 - Haldimand Review: Residents meet with McGuinty

Jun 21 - Spectator: Residents desperate 'to live a normal life again'

Jun 21 - Toronto Star: Police tactics under fire in Caledonia

Jun 21 - Toronto Sun: Caledonians picket preem

Jun 21 - Globe & Mail: Price of Caledonia land deal not secret, lawyer says

Jun 21 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 21 - Dunville Chronicle: Municipalities talk about duty to consult with First Nations

Jun 21 - First Perspective: Roseau River railway blockade

Jun 21 - Spectator: Native community makes 'great strides'

Jun 21 - Waterloo Record: Land dispute unites natives

Jun 21 - Senator Nozzolio continues fight to collect taxes on Native Owned Businesses

June 21 -  Directions of Marshall, J. for hearing on June 29 (which was adjourned to July 5)

Jun 21- The politics of cowards in Caledonia

Jun 21 - Caledonia Caste System

Jun 21 - Caledonia: Birth of the insurrection

Jun 20 - Canadian Press: Ontario to compensate Caledonia homeowners hurt by native standoff

Jun 20 - Globe & Mail: Price of Caledonia land deal remains a secret

Jun 20 - Spectator: Emergency financial assistance available for residents

Jun 20 - CTV: Feds to examine property rights of native women

Jun 20 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 20 - Federal Government: UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Jun 20 - Spectator: A bunker or an archeological dig?

Jun 20 - CBC: Canada opposes UN aboriginal treaty

Jun 20 - Federal Hansard

Jun 20 - Brantford Expositor: Six Nations chief councillor rebuffs talk of impeachment

Jun 20 - letter to Governor General of Canada

Jun 20 - Many aboriginal women are forced to flee their homes

Jun 20 - Caledonia protesters launch archaeological dig

Jun 20 - MNN Mohawk Nation News

Jun 19 - Canadian Press: Caledonia protesters launch archeological dig

Jun 19 - CBC: Six Nations protesters dig for Caledonia burial ground

Jun 19 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): So now what?

Jun 19 - Federal Hansard

Jun 19 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 19 - Rolling up the troublemakers

Jun 18 - Canadian Press: Police getting smeared in Caledonia: Union groups

Jun 18 - 2006 Budget - $9.1 Billion to All Native Programs - It don't Add Up

Jun 17 - Toronto Sun: Despite government buyout, natives not leaving

Jun 17 - Toronto Sun: EDITORIAL: McGuinty caves again in Caledonia

Jun 16 - CBC: BC woman accused in Caledonia violence arrested

Jun 16 - CNW (OPP release): Arrest warrant executed

Jun 16 - Gazette: Enforce the law, Mr. McGuinty

Jun 16 - Spectator: Woman arrested by native police

Jun 16 - CD 98.9 FM: Provincial police and government officials in court

Jun 16 - Dunville Chronicle: Marshall continues to monitor rule of law

Jun 16 - Spectator: Judge to follow up on unenforced injunctions

Jun 16 - Spectator: Two societies, two very different approaches

Jun 16 - Associated Press: Canadian briefs

Jun 16 - Canada One: $1million in additional support funds for Caledonia businesses

Jun 16 - Canadian Press: Ontario government buys out land developer

Jun 16 - CanWest: Ontario buys land at centre of Caledonia dispute

Jun 16 - CanWest: Plan to buy out developer 'offensive', Tory leader says

Jun 16 - CBC: Ontario buys site of disputed Caledonia claim

Jun 16 - CTV: Ontario buys land at centre of Caledonia dispute

Jun 16 - Globe & Mail: Ontario will purchase Caledonia site

Jun 16 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Back to Court...

Jun 16 - Haldimand Review: Province to purchase Caledonia subdivision

Jun 16 - Haldimand Review: Businesses getting a boost

Jun 16 - Spectator: Purchase changes nothing: protestors

Jun 16 - Lakeshore Advance: Province to buy occupied land

Jun 16 - Thunder Bay's Source: Province buys disputed land

Jun 16 - Toronto Star: Ontario buys out Caledonia land developer

Jun 16 - Toronto Star: Caledonia deal could set precedent

Jun 16 - Toronto Sun: Between a rock and a hard place

Jun 16 - Welland Tribune: Caledonia deal reached: Government to buy out developer

Jun 16 - Federal Hansard

Jun 16 - Haldimand County: News release #27

Jun 16 - Ontario Ministry of Economic Development & Trade: Ontario provides financial assistance program for Caledonia area businesses

Jun 16 - Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing: Ontario government to help Caledonia residents: Assistance will go to households directly affected by blockade

Jun 16 - Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal Affairs: Land purchase clears way for Six Nations-Federal-provincial negotiations; addresses concerns of developers

Jun 16 - Brantford Expositor: Natives plant Burtch lands

Jun 16 - Spectator: Native artists raise $22k for occupation

Jun 16 - Brantford Expositor: 'Redstock' draws thousands

Jun 16 - Welland Tribune: Caledonia standoff: Concert a fundraiser and peace-bringer

Jun 16 - Spectator: ATF staffer in Caledonia to share intelligence, spokesman says

Jun 16 - Globe & Mail: 'Errors made,' OPP admits to the Georges

Jun 16 - London Free Press: Peterson says Caledonia 'very fragile'

June 16 - Transcript of proceedings before Marshall, J. -  Case management hearing before Marshall, J.

Jun 16 - Caledonia, Ontario: Monument to the Coward Province

Jun 16 - Unequal under Canadian law

Jun 15 - Assembly of First Nations: Statement on the situation at Six Nations-Caledonia

Jun 15 - Canadian Press: Caledonia talks resume amid tension

Jun 15 - CNW: Haudenosaunee/Six Nations-Canada-Ontario ask all communities to maintain peace as parties continue efforts towards peaceful resolution

Jun 15 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): What Next?

Jun 15 - Spectator: Caledonia talks 'pivotal'

Jun 15 - Spectator: Calm urged as land-claim talks resume

Jun 15 - Federal Hansard

Jun 15 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 15 - Brantford Expositor: Native protest hurting, too

Jun 15 - Caledonia

Jun 14 - Spectator: Native protester gets day in jail

Jun 14 - Brantford Expositor: City rejects playing host to meeting; Lack of native representation cited as concern

Jun 14 - Spectator: National developer eyes 200 hectares in Caledonia

Jun 14 - Globe & Mail: Caledonia talks resume

Jun 14 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): OPP...shape up or ship out.

Jun 14 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 14 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Jason Clark & Ralph Luimes meeting at the ‘table’

Jun 14 - Canadian Press: Minister defends police in Caledonia standoff, despite claims of inaction

Jun 14 - Grand River Enterprises and smuggling

Jun 14 - California dreaming

Jun 14 - The monopoly on violence breaks down -- a new order emerges

Jun 14 - Caledonia: Aiding and Abetting

Jun 14 - Spectator: Curb the violence, or step aside

Jun 13 - Confederacy press release: Last barricades removed

Jun 13 - CHML: Native blockades come down

Jun 13 - Canadian Press: Caledonia barricade comes down after ultimatum

Jun 13 - CHTV: Natives begin to dismantle barricades

Jun 13 - Toronto Star: McGuinty wants barricades dismantled before land claims discussed

Jun 13 - Canadian Press: Ontario wants assistance in arrests before negotiations resume

Jun 13 - CD 98.9: McGuinty: "Not enough to resume talks"

Jun 13 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Some barricades come down...

Jun 13 - Ottawa Sun: Caledonia 'about to blow': Layton

Jun 13 - Brantford Expositor: 'No consensus' to bring down native barricades

Jun 13 - Canadian Press: Talks back on as Indian barricade comes down

Jun 13 - Canadian Press: Premier says talks will go on now that barricades are down

Jun 13 - Haldimand Review: untitled article

Jun 13 - Spectator: Barricade down, talks to resume

Jun 13 - Federal Hansard

Jun 13 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 13 - Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs' resolution

Jun 13 - Canadian Press: Natives plan to block Manitoba railway

Jun 13 - First Perspective: Prairie railway blockade set for June 29

Jun 13 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Public safety still paramount in Caledonia

Jun 13 - Caledonia Citizen's Alliance: Meeting summary

Jun 13 - Caledonia Citizen's Alliance: Alliance pushes for removal of all barricades

Jun 13 - Haldimand Review: Woman seeks help from U.S. embassy

Jun 13 - Haldimand Review: Stress and anxiety hits home in Caledonia

Jun 13 - Spectator: Fearful Caledonia homeowners organize to repel aggressive and intimidating native protesters

Jun 13 - Simcoe Reformer: Councillor alleges lax security at Caledonia transformer station

Jun 13 - Tear down this wall: Dalton McGuinty commands

Jun 13 - Caledonia: gambling and smokes

Jun 13 - Caledonia: Dealing with Moles

Jun 13 - Caledonia: Seven Disappearing Natives Redux

Jun 12 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 12 - Canadian Press: Premier says Caledonia protesters have 'exhausted' his patience

Jun 12 - Canadian Press: McGuinty cuts talks with Caledonia protesters

Jun 12 - National Post: Doing nothing while natives run riot

Jun 12 - CBC: Caledonia suspects may be holed up on reserve

Jun 12 - CBC: McGuinty says time for Caledonia blockades to come down

Jun 12 - Globe & Mail: McGuinty won't talk until barricades near Caledonia come down

Jun 12 - Haldimand County: Requests governments to stop further negotiations News release #26

Jun 12 - Spectator: McGuinty: No talks until barricades gone

Jun 12 - Ontario Hansard - Part A Part B

Jun 12 - Toronto Star: McGuinty calls off Caledonia talks

Jun 12 - CBC: Confidential police documents taken in Caledonia fracas

Jun 12 - Spectator: Undercover officers' names, classified CSIS information in stolen SUV

Jun 12 - Spectator: OPP takes steps to protect officers after document leak

Jun 12 - CHML: Caledonia class action lawsuit launched

Jun 12 - Canadian Press: Native blockade spurs biz lawsuit

Jun 12 - CTV: Lawsuit seeks millions for Caledonia businesses

Jun 12 - Spectator: Soldier comes home to Caledonia

Jun 12 - Spectator: Soldier comes home to Caledonia

Jun 12 - Spectator: OPP is doing its best, ministers say

Jun 12 - McGuinty Loses Control,

Jun 12 - Class Action Press Release

Jun 12 - More Caledonia connections

Jun 11 - Haudenosaunee Confederacy press release

Jun 11 - Canadian Press: Wanted aboriginal protesters removed from Caledonia

Jun 11 - Spectator: Seven sought by police are sent away

Jun 11 - O.P.P.: Investigate three violent altercations within one hour

Jun 11 - CNW: Joint statement by Minister Jim Prentice and Minister David Ramsay

Jun 11 - Globe & Mail: End standoff, Ottawa, Ontario say

Jun 11 - Spectator: OPP is doing its best, ministers say

Jun 11 - Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy media release

Jun 11 - Caledonia and Gambling

Jun 11 - Violent ex-prostitute is an aboriginal role model?

Jun 10 - Hazel Hill: Camp spokesperson most recent update

Jun 10 - BBC News: Seven sought in Canada land row

Jun 10 - Canadian Press: Ontario police seek arrest warrants after Caledonia violence

Jun 10 - CanWest: Aboriginal protester facing attempted murder charge

Jun 10 - CNW: Canadian Provincial Police Association media release

Jun 10 - CTV: Arrest warrants issued in Caledonia dispute

Jun 10 - CTV: U.S. agents swarmed in Caledonia dispute: Police

Jun 10 - Toronto Star: Suspects sought in Caledonia attacks

Jun 10 - Toronto Star: Toronto subject to land claim

Jun 10 - Toronto Sun: Cops to charge seven in land claims battle

Jun 10 - Toronto Sun: Police name 6 wanted in native standoff

Jun 10 - United Press International: Seven more to be arrested in land standoff

Jun 10 - Canadian Press: Ontario police seek arrest warrants after violence at aboriginal blockade

Jun 10 - Hazel Hill: Update from camp spokesperson

Jun 10 - Canadian Press: Ontario police seek arrest warrants after violence at aboriginal blockade

Jun 10 - The likelihood of many more "peaceful operations"

Jun 10 - The monopoly on violence

Jun 10 - More Assaults at Caledonia

Jun 10 - Caledonia: Seven Disappearing Natives

Jun 10 - The Mullahs of Caledonia

Jun 10 - Caledonia

Jun 9 - Spectator: Finley: Send cops to clear out natives

Jun 9 - Haudenoniso statement: Six Nations Confederacy disheartened by incidents at Caledonia

Jun 9 - Canadian Press: OPP officers ignored assault, camera operators complain

Jun 9 - Canadian Press: Premier McGuinty condemns assaults on camera operators

Jun 9 - CBC: Local camera crew claims assault at Caledonia site

Jun 9 - CHTV: News crew attacked in Caledonia

Jun 9 - CNW: Premier's statement on incidents at Caledonia

Jun 9 - Spectator: Natives photographed OPP moving in to help cameramen

Jun 9 - Spectator: TV cameraman considering lawsuit against police

Jun 9 - Simcoe Reformer: Surrounded by rage

Jun 9 - CBC: News crew hurt covering Caledonia standoff

Jun 9 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Alliance opens its doors....

Jun 9 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - A Black day for Caledonia..

Jun 9 - Haldimand Review: Violence returns to Caledonia

Jun 9 - Spectator: Residents, police face off in wake of native-media melee

Jun 9 - Spectator: Angry residents clash with OPP

Jun 9 - Toronto Sun: Three arrested in skirmish after natives alleged to have attacked 2 journalists, 4 tourists

Jun 9 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Report from public information meeting

Jun 9 - Caledonia Citizen's Alliance: Information Meeting Report

Jun 8 - CBC: Brass putting image ahead of safety at Caledonia, OPP union says

Jun 8 - CBC: OPP disputes claim it was ordered to keep Caledonia officers out of riot gear

Jun 8 - Guelph Mercury: OPP officers say their safety not a priority

Jun 8 - Spectator: OPP brass sacrificing safety: Officers

Jun 8 - Spectator: OPP officers getting unfair rap: residents

Jun 8 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - SIGN of the times....

Jun 8 - O.P.P.: OPP presence in Caledonia supports peaceful resolution

Jun 8 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 8 - Haldimand County: Mayor Marie Trainer declares an end to State of Emergency News release #24

Jun 8 - Haldimand County: Province provides additional funding for Caledonia business News release #25

June 8 - Washington Post: Cigarette Smuggling Linked to Terrorism

Jun 8 - Your police and their political masters

Jun 8 - The Debacle in Caledonia Continues

Jun 8 - A Good Liberal on Caledonia

Jun 8 - "If we see these pictures anywhere, we know where you live."

Jun 7 - Canadian Press: First Nations chiefs arrive to back Caledonia protest

Jun 7 - Spectator: Mass show of support by Ontario chiefs

Jun 7 - CNW: Letter to Dalton McGuinty from legal counsel for Mike Harris

Jun 7 - Broadcast News: Harris threatens to sue McGuinty

Jun 7 - Spectator: McGuinty told to withdraw statements

Jun 7 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 7 - Haldimand county: Caledonia Centre remains open to everyone

Jun 6 - Spectator: E-mail threatens lacrosse game

Jun 6 - CD 98.9: Six Nations Lacrosse Association no longer using arena

Jun 6 - Haldimand County: Caledonia Centre remains open to everyone News release #23

Jun 6 - CTV: McGuinty pre-judging Ipperwash inquiry

Jun 6 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Lacrosse idiotic

Jun 6 - Globe & Mail: Premier on Caledonia: 'We bring a different approach' to standoffs

Jun 6 - Toronto Sun: No Caledonia hearing: Premier

Jun 6 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 6 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 5 - Canadian Press: MPs approve motion for Caledonia probe

Jun 5 - CBC: Government surprised by harshly worded Caledonia motion

Jun 5 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - OPP can't talk..that's a Six Nations investigation.

Jun 5 - CNW: Conservative Party press release

Jun 5 - Globe & Mail: Napping Liberals lose on Caledonia

Jun 5 - Globe & Mail: McGuinty brushes off Tory motion on Caledonia

Jun 5 - Ontario Hansard

Jun 5 - Brantford Expositor: Norfolk businesses lost $823,000 in blackout

Jun 5 - Simcoe Reformer: Blackout cost business $823G

Jun 5 - Simcoe Reformer: No aid on the way for Norfolk

Jun 5 - Federal Hansard

Jun 5 -Conservative Party press release

Jul 5 - Spectator: Ont. government finalizes deal to buy disputed Caledonia property

Jun 5 - John Tory: Tory calls for public inquiry into handling of Caledonia dispute

Jun 4 - Press release: Six Nations people keep the peace despite OPP tactics

Jun 4 - Canadian Press: Tempers flare between protesters and area residents

Jun 4 - CBC: Tempers flare again at Caledonia standoff

Jun 4 - Globe & Mail: 'All hell broke loose' again in Caledonia

Jun 4 - Guelph Mercury: Blockade returns

Jun 4 - Toronto Star: Blockade goes back up in Caledonia

Jun 4 - Toronto Star: Natives, residents face off again in Caledonia

Jun 4 - Broadcast News: Situation in Caledonia has calmed

Jun 4 - Canadian Press: Legislature to look at handling of standoff

Jun 4 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 3 - Spectator: OPP investigations may result in variety of criminal charges

Jul 3 - Spectator: Caledonia calm on Canada Day but 'segregation' continues

Jun 2 - Spectator: Ottawa must step in: Ramsay

Jun 2 - Brantford Expositor: Ont. must commit to buying site of land protest: Henco

Jun 2 - Montréal - Concert bénéfice/Benefit show

Jun 2 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Peterson should throw in the towel...

Jun 2 - Militant Labour Forum: Defend Six Nations Land Reclamation at Caledonia!

Jun 2 - Federal Hansard

Jun 1 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 1 - Associated Press: Ont. judge seeks answers in ongoing native occupation

Jun 1 - Canadian Press: Judges orders Federal government to wade into aboriginal occupation

Jun 1 - CBC: Judge wants answers in Caledonia dispute

Jun 1 - CBC: Ont. judge wants Ottawa involved in land claims dispute

Jun 1 - CHML (AM900): Judge hears calls for patience/action in Caledonia

Jun 1 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Time to Break up the old boys club.

Jun 1 - Dunville Chronicle: Judge orders minister to Cayuga court

Jun 1 - Globe & Mail: Judge pulls PM into Caledonia

Jun 1 - Spectator: Caledonia judge angry with OPP over unenforced injunctions

Jun 1 - Spectator: Lawyer urges judge to force end to standoff

Jun 1 - National Post: Lawyer calls for use of force in Ontario land dispute

Jun 1 - Toronto Star: Caledonia judge orders Ottawa to court

Jun 1 - Federal Hansard

Jun 1 - Ontario Hansard

June 01 - Order of Marshall, J. dated June 1  -  Order of Marshall, J.
(i) directing Attorney General of Canada and Minister of Indian Affairs to intervene in the proceeding,
(ii) establishing a case management process for “proceedings in respect of the injunctive relief and
(iii) scheduling a case management hearing for June 16

June 01 - Transcript of Special hearing before Marshall, J. concerning enforcement of contempt orders

May 31 - Brantford Expositor: Native protesters up ante with picket outside casino

May 31 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Missing...Craig Ashbaugh...and your voices.

May 31 - Spectator: Information picket claims Brantford casino built on 'unceded, unsold Six Nations territory'

May 31 - Haldimand County: State of emergency remains in effect News release #22

May 31 - First Perspective: Clock ticking on planned rail blockade

May 31 - Ontario Hansard

May 30 - Caledonia: He Who Was Not Obeyed

May 30 - Don’t mess with the judge

May 30 - Canadian Press: Aid comes just in time for some Caledonia businesses

May 30 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - The Rule of Law...

May 30 - Spectator: Land foes ordered to court

May 30 - Haldimand County: opens local business emergency relief assistance office News release #21

May 30 - Spectator: Caledonia businesses get emergency grants

May 30 - Spectator: Owners line up for relief funds

May 30 - Brantford Expositor: Six Nations hereditary chiefs stake land claim in Brant County

May 30 - Brantford Expositor : Caledonia businesses can expect more than $500,000 in provincial aid, Levac says

Jun 30 - Spectator: Native protesters must accept responsibility for their actions

Jun 30 - Spectator: Past wrongdoing doesn't justify poor behaviour by protesters

May 29 - CBC: Judge wants to know why Caledonia order not enforced

May 29 - Dunville Chronicle: Judge orders parties to court

May 29 - Ontario Hansard

May 29 - Spectator: Clash costs reach $12M

May 29 - Ontario Hansard

May 29 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Caledonia BULLETIN..Judge orders parties to court

May 29 - Globe & Mail: Anger, racism in Caledonia surprises after years of peace

May 29 - Order of Marshall, J. directing the OPP, Attorney General of Ontario, counsel for Henco, the Six Nations Confederacy and elected council and others to approve before the court on June 1 to make submissions on the outstanding injunctions and other orders

May 28 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 28 - Spectator: Expect more Caledonia-type clashes: expert

Jun 28 - Spectator: It's time to right some wrongs

Jun 28 - Spectator: Governments co-operating on Caledonia

May 27 - Mohawk News: The power and the peace is in the people

May 27 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Six Nations our Friends...Protestors Shut Up!

May 27 - Toronto Star: Tough to reconcile Caledonia land dispute

May 26 - Brantford Expositor: Haldimand Mayor blames natives for damaging power station

May 26 - Spectator: Caledonia has hydro, backup repairs in works

May 26 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - One Law for All and other observations.

May 26 - CBC: Interview with Taiaiake Alfred

May 26 - Will Caledonia ever be resolved?

May 25 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 25 - Toronto Star: Developers hamstrung

May 25 - Canadian Press: Province to help out Caledonia merchants

May 25 - CTV: $500,000 aid offered to Caledonia businesses

May 25 - Haldimand County: Province provides local businesses with emergency financial News release #20

May 25 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Time to take a breath...

May 25 - Spectator: $500,000 in aid for Caledonia

May 25 - Simcoe Reformer: Relief for Caledonia businesses

May 25 - Haldimand County: News release #19

May 25 - First Perspective: Caledonia problem didn't arise overnight

May 25 - Globe & Mail: Ipperwash pin surfaces, potentially embarrassing OPP

May 25 - Spectator: Cops say criminal acts being probed

May 25 - Spectator: Uncertainty leaves town anxious

May 25 - Six Nations desecrate the Maple Leaf

May 24 - 580 CFRA Radio:

May 24 - Broadcast News: Caledonia is Ont. problem: PM

May 24 - Spectator: Harper rapped on Caledonia issue

May 24 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): One barricade down, several to go.

May 24 - London Free Press: But both sides say a solution to a native standoff is still a long way away.

May 24 - London Free Press: Demonstrators have lunch to protest Harper visit

May 24 - Canadian Press: Caledonia residents optimistic Ontario will aid businesses

May 24 - Spectator: Ontario set to help Caledonia businesses

May 24 - Brantford Expositor: Cost of damage from vandalism to transformer pegged at $1.5 million

May 24 - Canadian Press: Power restored in Caledonia, Ont., a day after blockade removed

May 24 - Haldimand County: Power restored News release #18

May 24 - Simcoe Reformer: Hydro vandalism

May 24 - Simcoe Reformer: Simcoe couple launch protest

May 24 - Tillsonburg News: Transformer repairs could cost $15 million

May 24 - Toronto Sun: Caledonia begins road to normality

May 24 - Canadian Press: Caledonia dispute far from over

May 24 - CTV: Removal of Caledonia blockade a 'positive step'

May 24 - Continuing the Ancient Traditions...

May 24 - How Native are the Six Nations?

May 24 - Caledonia: Hold the Olives

May 23 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 23 - Haudenoniso press release: Confederacy Chiefs for Six Nations land

May 23 - Canadian Press: Calm returns to blockade after night of violence

May 23 - CanWest: Blockade erupts into violence

May 23 - CBC: Caledonia talks on hold after brawling, vandalism

May 23 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Barricade Down..Hold the Presses

May 23 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Hydro disruption the last straw

May 23 - CNW: Setback at Caledonia

May 23 - CTV: Ont. land claims dispute reaches boiling point

May 23 - Globe & Mail: End Caledonia standoff immediately, councillor urges

May 23 - Spectator: Emotions run high in Caledonia

May 23 - Spectator: Peterson fears another Oka

May 23 - Pulse: The day after

May 23 - Toronto Star: Peterson blasts both sides

May 23 - Globe & Mail: Tension finally eases at native protest

May 23 - Spectator: Caledonia residents divided on whether violence justified

May 23 - Spectator: 'Prayer is most worked here'

May 23 - Brantford Expositor: Barricade comes down day after Caledonia violence

May 23 - Canadian Press: Protesters appear to start dismantling barricade

May 23 - CanWest: Blockade removed as act of goodwill

May 23 - CBC: Aboriginal protesters remove Caledonia blockade

May 23 - CTV: Natives lift blockade of Caledonia roadway

May 23 - Globe & Mail: Six Nations dismantle Caledonia barricade

May 23 - Haldimand Review: Peace returns to the street following Monday's mayhem

May 23 - Spectator: Natives form human barricade in Caledonia

May 23 - Spectator: Caledonia impasse ends: Natives, residents reopen Argyle St.

May 23 - Spectator: Local folk broker barricade deal

May 23 - Indian Country Today: Elders move to restore calm at Six Nations

May 23 - Toronto Star: Caledonia blockade dismantled

May 23 - Toronto Star: Natives remove barricade

May 23 - Toronto Sun: Caledonia's road to peace

May 23 - Mohawk News: "Bread and cheese fight"

May 23 - Canadian Press: Aboriginal occupiers set sights on land claim

May 23 - CanWest: Barricade goes down again as land claim talks resume

May 23 - CBC: Traffic moving through Caledonia as both sides weigh options

May 23 - May 23 - CNW: Statement by Assembly of First Nations

May 23 - Dunville Chronicle: Talks result in removal of blockade on Tuesday

May 23 - Brantford Expositor: Residents coping with blackout caused by transformer vandalism

May 23 - Haldimand County: establishes emergency shelter News release #17

May 23 - Haldimand Review: Ray of light shines during dark days

May 23 - Haldimand Review: Power restored in Haldimand

May 23 - Spectator: Thousands without power

May 23 - Spectator: No hydro? Get set to throw out meat, poultry and seafood

May 23 - Six Lessons from Caledonia

May 23 - What Next?

May 23 - McGuinty should start showing leadership in Caledonia land claim standoff: John Tory

May 23 Peace, order and good government, eh? - Caledonia update

May 22 - AM 940: Aboriginal protesters remove blockade in Caledonia, Ont. but tensions linger

May 22 - Broadcast News: Blockade removed in Caledonia

May 22 - CBC: Barriers down, but Caledonia standoff continues

May 22 - CTV: Aboriginal protesters take down one barricade

May 22 - Globe & Mail: Caledonia natives set to remove one blockade

May 22 - Spectator: Natives remove barricade on Argyle Street

May 22 - Haudenoniso press release: Setback at Caledonia

May 22 - Mohawk News: Urgent action needed - OPP condone mob rule

May 22 - Haldimand County: Mayor declares "state of emergency News release #15

May 22 - Six Nations Band Council: Comments on Douglas Creek proceedings and inadequate safety of May 22, 2006 melee

May 22 - AM 940: Native blockade near Hamilton removed, put back up; tensions high, power cut


May 22 - Brantford Expositor: Back to square one: Native standoff escalates into violence

May 22 - Broadcast News: Blockade back up

May 22 - Broadcast News: Natives tear up road

May 22 - Canadian Press: Tensions mount at Caledonia, Ont., blockade

May 22 - CBC: Caledonia barrier back up as tension rises

May 22 - CBC: Tensions flare as Caledonia standoff continues

May 22 - CNW: McGuinty should start showing leadership in Caledonia dispute

May 22 - CTV: Things cool down at Ont. land claims standoff

May 22 - Dunville Chronicle: War then peace? Tensions explode into violence on Monday

May 22 - Spectator: Natives put barricades back on Argyle Street in Caledonia

May 22 - Spectator: Caledonia in chaos

May 22 - Spectator: Fists fly as natives and non-natives take to the streets

May 22 - Toronto Star: Fury, confrontation at Caledonia

May 22 - Toronto Star: Blockade sparks memories of Detroit race riots

May 22 - Toronto Star: A dad reflects as tension subsides

May 22 - Toronto Sun: Caledonia clash turns violent

May 22 - Xinhua: Canadian aboriginal land dispute turns violent

May 22 - Canadian Press: Native blockade removed, put back up; tensions high, power cut

May 22 - CanWest: Power out as blockade comes down, goes back up

May 22 - CTV: Power transformer near blockade was vandalized

May 22 - Spectator: Vandalism caused power loss, hydro says

May 22 - Toronto Sun: Power cut to 8,000 homes

May 22 - CBC: Aboriginal groups plan more protests, chief warns

May 22 - CKNW: Native unrest there and here

May 22 - Cornwall Standard Freeholder: Local natives show solidarity

May 22 - Regina Leader-Post: Solidarity blockade blocks highway

May 22 - 980 AM CJME Regina: RCMP justify decision to negotiate with protesters

May 22 The Good Fight - Trouble's Brewing

May 21 - Canadian Press: Blockade removal on hold after Caledonia residents block Six Nations

May 21 - CBC: Plans to remove Caledonia blockade put on hold

May 21 - CTV: Counter-blockade raises tensions at stand-off

May 21 - CTV: Plans to end Caledonia road blockade postponed

May 21 - Edmonton Sun: Tension rises at blockade

May 21 - Bus from Toronto for day trip to celebrate reclamation

May 20 - CBC: Caledonia blockade coming down on Monday, reporter says

May 19 - CNW: Chief MacNaughton compliments land claim protestors on their discretion

May 19 - CD 98.9: Caledonia residents set up own blockade

May 19 - Brantford Expositor: Developer objects to construction ban

May 19 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): The Dirty Tactics continue...

May 19 - Spectator: Developers fuming over moratorium

May 19 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: Caledonia expects delivery

May 18 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 18 - Canadian Press: Developer "outraged" after building banned on site of native occupation

May 18 - CTV: Ont. bans construction at site of land dispute

May 18 - Globe & Mail: Ontario orders indefinite halt to construction at Caledonia

May 18 - Spectator: Work ban slapped on protest site

May 18 - Ontario Hansard

May 18 - Canadian Press: Man released after driving through protesters

May 18 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Cops are Mum and Monte the Moron

May 18 - CBC: Man accused of driving through native blockade

May 18 - CTV: Police release accused Caledonia blockade breaker

May 18 - Globe & Mail: Man with pellet gun arrested on reserve

May 18 - Spectator: Eighteen-year-old with pellet gun sparks disturbance at barricades

May 18 - Toronto Sun: "Natives held me captive"

May 18 - Haldimand Review: Points of similarities and differences: Caledonia and Ipperwash

May 18 - Spectator: Who pays for fixing this mess?

May 17 - Spectator: Warrants issued for four protesters

May 17 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Moratorium on construction and return of the Burtch lands

May 17 - Brantford Expositor: Six Nations given interim use of Burtch correctional facility

May 17 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Caledonia Protestors Not Good Communicators

May 17 - Dunville Chronicle: Council reveals occupation actions

May 17 - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance: "Enough is enough"

May 16 - Canadian Press: Traffic flowing after protesters remove blockade

May 16 - CBC: Caledonia blockaders open one lane for traffic

May 16 - CBC Toronto: Break in Caledonia blockade a 'show of good faith': protester

May 16 - CTV: Blockades removed by natives in Ont. land dispute

May 16 - Spectator: Natives give 'good faith' pledge over barricade

May 16 - Haldimand County: Argyle Street South opened to emergency service vehicles News release #14

May 16 - Canadian Press: Citizens' group assured seat at land dispute negotiations

May 16 - CNW: Caledonia Citizens' Alliance connects directly to Peterson and Ramsay

May 16 - Haldimand County: News release #13

May 16 - Ontario Hansard

May 15 - National Post: Natives back protests

May 15 - Spectator: OPP seizes videotape of native standoff from CHtv

May 15 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Who's zooming who here?

May 15 - Ontario Hansard

May 14 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 14 - Spectator: Natives deny blockade timeline

May 14 - Guelph Mercury: Barricades likely to stay in place for some time yet

May 14 - Waterloo Record: Activists make Mother's Day visit to Caledonia

May 14 - Open invitation to Mother's day rally and ride

May 13 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 13 - Ottawa - March on Governor General's

May 13 - Is the Media Reporting Everything at Caledonia?

May 12 - Mohawk News: Ontario & Canada dig their heels in trying to beat Mohawk/Oka crisis record of 78 days

May 12 - Brantford Expositor: End to protest may be in sight

May 12 - Canadian Press : Negotiators say aboriginal occupation in Caledonia close to end

May 12 - Spectator: Caledonia barricades may go next week

May 12 - Macleans: Negotiators say aboriginal occupation in Caledonia, Ont., close to end

May 12 - Toronto Star: Barricade likely gone 'within week' - Land claims talks a turning point

May 12 - CNW: Caledonia Citizens' Alliance forms

May 12 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Chief MacNaughton says 1week to resolution

May 12 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Long haul ahead in "DONIA"

May 12 - Spectator: Blocked rail line forces layoffs

May 12 - Spectator: Costs run high for protesters

May 12 - Spectator: Councillors to pass resolution on Caledonia spending

May 12 - Spectator: Voices of the barricade

May 12 - Ontario Hansard

May 12 - Caledonia - part what ever

May 12 - Spectator: Law demands universal respect

May 12 - Spectator: Caledonia: It cuts both ways

May 10 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 10 - Spectator: Peterson suggests province buy protest site

May 10 - Commitments made by the Ontario government

May 10 - Ontario Hansard

May 10 - CHML (Jamie West Blog) - Law Enforcement Void Embarrassing

May 10 - Brantford Expositor: Open letter to OPP Commissioner Gwen M. Boniface

May 10 - Brantford Expositor: Archeologist doesn't believe story about native burial ground

May 10 - Dunville Chronicle: Businesses on the brink of ruin?

May 9 - Spectator: Natives, OPP add numbers to north bank

May 9 - Spectator: Caledonia stand-off has cost taxpayers $8 million

May 9 - Ontario Hansard

May 9 - Ontario Hansard

May 9 - Haldimand County: two motions regarding Douglas Creek Estates News release #12

May 9 - Haldimand Review: County refunds Hennings

May 9 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Powless Out....Laughing In

May 9 - Canadian Press: McGuinty asks locals for time to resolve standoff

May 9 - Globe & Mail: McGuinty pleads for patience as land dispute drags on

May 9 - Canadian Press: Canada rebuked again for failing to protect rights

May 9 - Ottawa Citizen: Natives meet Federal mediator Tuesday

May 8 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 8 - Spectator: Province's negotiator says he's 'positive' as new Caledonia barrier erected

May 8 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): last week, one blockade, this week two.

May 8 - Tension is growing - Frustration is mounting - Terrorists Actions Still Prevails

May 7 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 6 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 6 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 6 - Canadian Press: Protester heaves 2-by-4

May 6 - Report from Courtenay solidarity action

May 6 - The First Perspective: Six Nations short on supplies at Caledonia

May 6 - Caledonia: Furnishing The Barricades

May 5 - Globe & Mail: Conflict is stalling building projects along Grand River in Waterloo Region

May 5 - Spectator: Warrior alliance appears at barrier

May 5 - Spectator: Townsfolk lose their cool

May 5 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): When are leaders leaders?

May 5 - Globe & Mail: Aboriginal relations in Ontario, Alberta raising questions about human rights

May 5 - Indian Country Today: Barricades still up at Six Nations during talks

May 5 - Canadian Press: Caledonia developers angry about "stolen property"

May 5 - CBC: Stolen papers offered to Caledonia developer – for a price

May 5 - “Going Discrimination”: A one-day -trip around Indianville

May 4 - Spectator: Native activists deny extortion attempt

May 4 - CBC News: Racist pamphlet in Caledonia a hoax, police say

May 4 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Lunatic Fringe...we know you're out there

May 4 - Halifax Chronicle-Herald: Ontario hate crime unit investigates poster aimed at First Nations

May 4 - Spectator: 'Final solution' poster may be a hoax: police

May 4 - Spectator: Finley keeps tabs on Caledonia

May 4 - Ohmy News International (Korea): Canadian natives fight great odds

May 4 - RCMP seize non-duty paid cigarettes from Windsor residence

May 4 - Federal Hansard

May 4 - Ontario Hansard

May 04 - Order of Marshall, J. in Railink action granting an injunction directing the removal of obstacles on the railway line and restraining any interference with railway operations

May 3 - Spectator: Clan mothers seek UN's help

May 3 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 3 - Spectator: 'The respect has to be there'

May 3 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Peterson dealing Baloney at Zehrs

May 3 - Letter from Canadian government to Haudenoniso

May 3 - Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: Barbara Mcdougall appointed

May 3 - Ontario Secretariat for Aboriginal Affairs: Ontario appoints Jane Stewart

May 3 - Spectator: Land negotiators join native talks

May 3 - Spectator: Former Indian Affairs Minister represents Ontario in land claims

May 3 - Ontario Hansard

May 3 - Independent Media: Palestinian Flag Raised at Caledonia Native Land C

May 2 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 2 - Spectator: Kelowna Accord off the table

May 2 - Spectator: Ottawa warned to prepare for more native conflict

May 2 - CBC News: Aboriginal leaders plan fight to salvage $5B Federal deal

May 2 - Guardian: The price of neglect

May 2 - Federal Hansard

May 2 - Ontario Hansard

May 02 - See Railink Supplementary Motion Record dated Aug 22  -  Railink files affidavit of Stuart Thomas sworn May 2

May 02 - Notice of Motion -  Railink files a notice of motion seeking an injunction removing obstacles on the railway line

May 02 -  Notice of Action issued by Railink Canada Ltd. against Haudenosaunee Confederacy of Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Tuscarora Nations; Six Nations of the Grand River Band of Indians; Clyde Powless; Jaqueline House; Hazel Hill; Dawn Smith; Sean Mt. Pleasant; Wes Hill; Jane Doe; John Doe and persons unknown

May 1 - Clan Mothers' statement to United Nations

May 1 - Canadian Press: 'Common ground' key in feud

May 1 - Globe & Mail: Peterson called in to help solve land conflict

May 1 - Spectator: Peterson - Caledonia peace will take time

May 1 - Spectator: Peterson's reputation on line over talks

May 1 - Toronto Star: Charged with resolving land dispute 'Like trying to solve the Israeli issue'

May 1 - Canadian Press: Developer in aboriginal land dispute gets aid

May 1 - Spectator: Caledonia gets $100,000 - while developers accept assistance too

May 1 - Haldimand County: Province commits to communications and business assistance News release #11

May 1 - Ontario Hansard

May 1 - Six Nations Band Council: Provincial government provides confidential compensation to elected council’s dismay

Apr 30 - Kamloops This Week: Poor treatment spurs protest

Apr 29 - Canadian Press: David Peterson appointed provincial lead on Caledonia standoff

Apr 29 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Cowards of the County...the sequel

Apr 29 - CBC: Peterson to help resolve Caledonia dispute

Apr 29 - CNW: Province appoints David Peterson to help resolve Caledonia situation

Apr 29 - Globe & Mail: Former Ontario premier to lead native talks

Apr 29 - Toronto Star: Ex-premier to mediate Caledonia dispute

Apr 28 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Apr 28 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations negotiates as standoff draws the world's notice

Apr 28 - CBC: Ontario offers to compensate Caledonia developers

Apr 28 - Spectator: Caledonia developer offered cash relief

Apr 28 - CNW: Ontario launches Caledonia toll free public information line

Apr 28 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 28 - Haldimand County: Province offers assistant to Haldimand News release #10

Apr 28 - Mohawk News: Tragic mismanagement of both indigenous and Canadian rights

Apr 28 - Mohawk News: KKK marches into Caledonia to solve "Indian problem"

Apr 28 - CanWest: Residents of Ont. town protest native roadblock

Apr 28 - CBC: Non-native Caledonia protesters vent frustrations

Apr 28 - CTV: Crowds gather in Caledonia, no trouble reported

Apr 28 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): No Leaders but lots of hotheads and hangers on

Apr 28 - Globe & Mail: Angry Caledonians blast horns

Apr 28 - Guelph Mercury: Caledonia rally remains peaceful

Apr 28 - Spectator: Police presence heavy as residents amass 'to get our town back'

Apr 28 - O.P.P.: Haldimand County OPP seek peace and order at the rally

Apr 28 - CBC: Stores near Caledonia protest advised to close early

Apr 28 - Spectator: A look at what's behind barricade

Apr 28 - Spectator: Clash of communities - Longstanding relationship put to the test

Apr 28 - Spectator: Blockade brings good and bad to Hagersville

Apr 28 - Report on the Ottawa demonstration

Apr 28 - Report on the Saskatoon march and rally

Apr 28 - Report on the Toronto rally

Apr 28 - Report on the Winnipeg demonstration

Apr 28 - The First Perspective/The Drum: Caledonia protesters delay Winnipeg downtown traffic

Apr 28 - Montréal: Public assembly to organize solidarity / Assemblée d'organisation du support

Apr 28 - Globe & Mail: Minister cancels talk

Apr 28 - Was She Wrong or Just Stating a Concept?

Apr 27 - Canadian Press: Six Nations clan mothers taking Caledonia land dispute to UN

Apr 27 - Spectator: Clan mothers sending message to UN

Apr 27 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations: Good minds calm frayed tempers

Apr 27 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Can I disagree with you and not be deemed a racist

Apr 27 - Federal Hansard

Apr 27 - I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

Apr 27 - Interesting night I would think

Apr 26 - Joint Statement of Accomplishments by Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, Canada and Ontario

Apr 26 - Globe & Mail: 'Progress' seen in Caledonia talks

Apr 26 - Broadcast News: Talks continue in native dispute

Apr 26 - CBC: Talks over Caledonia property to resume today

Apr 26 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): The Cowards of the County

Apr 26 - Spectator: Queen's Park won't buy subdivision: Hennings

Apr 26 - National Post: Tory accuses McGuinty of lack of leadership in land dispute

Apr 26 - Spectator: Protesters use barricade to screen non-native visitors

Apr 26 - Spectator: Caledonia businesses becoming increasingly desperate

Apr 26 - Spectator: Blockades haven't shut down Caledonia

Apr 26 - Spectator: Deep roots in land claims

Apr 26 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 26 - CBC: United Church calls for calm in Ontario land standoff

Apr 26 - Federal Hansard

Apr 26 - Haldimand County: News release #9

Apr 25 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 25 - Canadian Press: Talks to end native blockade in Caledonia will resume Wednesday

Apr 25 - CBC: Caledonia standoff enters 57th day after angry rally ends in arrest

Apr 25 - CBC: Government 'dropped the ball' on Caledonia dispute - developers

Apr 25 - Globe & Mail: Frustrations mount as land protest continues

Apr 25 - Globe & Mail: Op-ed -- Common sense needed

Apr 25 - Spectator: Talks to end native blockade in Caledonia will resume Wednesday

Apr 25 - Toronto Star: Province may compensate developer

Apr 25 - Haldimand County: Shipment and receipt of goods to and from Caledonia locations News release #7

Apr 25 - Haldimand County: Businesses are open in Caledonia News release #8

Apr 25 - Haldimand County: A message regarding remarks made by the mayor News release #6

Apr 25 - CTV: Comments by mayor enrage native protesters

Apr 25 - Globe & Mail: Mayor loses speaking role on Caledonia

Apr 25 - Spectator: Mayor lands in hot water, apologizes to natives

Apr 25 - Spectator: Trainer's a political survivor

Apr 25 - Toronto Star: Council aghast at mayor's suggestion protestors on welfare

Apr 25 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 25 - CBC: Interview with Shawn Brant on the Tyendinaga tobacco trade

Apr 25 - Vancouver rally: Media advisory

Apr 25 - Statement by 31 organizations: Non-native supporters stand with the Six Nations

Apr 25 - 24 Hours Vancouver: Natives protest violence

Apr 25 - CKNW Radio: 3 reports

Apr 25 - Vancouver Sun: Native protest blocks Lions Gate Bridge

Apr 25 - Anishinabe Warrior Society: More dangerous than Oka

Apr 25 - Secwepemc Native Youth Movement: Update and photos

Apr 25 - Support picket: Westbank, Okanagan Nation

Apr 25 - Kelowna Daily Courier: Natives show support for Mohawks

Apr 25 - Photos from Kanehsatà:ke, Mohawk Territory

Apr 25 - Call to rally on April 28, Toronto

Apr 25 - North Shore Outlook: Flying a flag of solidarity

Apr 25 - The difference is?????

Apr 25 - Stephen Harper speaks to the Six Nations Stand-off in Caledonia, Ontario: McGuinty blew it...

Apr 24 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Apr 24 - Mohawk News: Youth experiences OPP "justice"

Apr 24 - Mohawk News: Canada plays the same old song - tries to incite rioters to attack

Apr 24 - Canadian Press: Angry residents confront native protesters, held at bay by police

Apr 24 - Canadian Press: Leaders on both sides dismiss mob as isolated incident

Apr 24 - CBC: Police separate protesters in Caledonia

Apr 24 - Globe & Mail: Calls to end Caledonia blockade draw cheers

Apr 24 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Observations from The Caledonia Land Protest

Apr 24 - Spectator: Residents rise up

Apr 24 - Spectator: Caledonia residents plan rally tonight to air concerns about occupation

Apr 24 - Spectator: Senior OPP official urges calm in advance of tonight's resident rally

Apr 24 - O.P.P.: Remarks by Inspector Brian Haggith at the Caledonia community rally

Apr 24 - Haldimand County: recent local calls for action News release #4

Apr 24 - Haldimand County: change in location regarding the rally News release #5

Apr 24 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 24 - Canadian Press: Ont. blames native impatience in negotiation breakdown

Apr 24 - CanWest: Six Nations talks continue, barricade remains

Apr 24 - Ottawa Citizen: Talks on Caledonia, Ont., land dispute on break after 2 long sessions

Apr 24 - Spectator: Native mom bothered by racist comments

Apr 24 - Regina Leader-Post: Tensions continue at barricaded project

Apr 24 - Haldimand County: Highway #6 Caledonia bypass temporary road closure News release #3

Apr 24 - Cowichan Valley News Leader: MP visits Native standoff in Ontario community

Apr 24 - Federal Hansard

Apr 24 - Forget the rhetoric - just give us the money

Apr 23 - Mohawk News: How to survive a siege

Apr 23 - CBC: Native barricades to remain for 2 weeks in Caledonia

Apr 23 - CTV: Both sides take break in Caledonia land dispute

Apr 23 - Dominion: Are military forces operating from Hamilton airport in Six Nations standoff?

Apr 23 - Globe & Mail: Six Nations land talks buoy Ontario minister

Apr 23 - London Free Press: Protester 'born into this fight'

Apr 23 - Haldimand County: message to the citizens of Haldimand News release #2

Apr 22 - Agreement between Haudenoniso, Federal, and Ontario governments

Apr 22 - Canadian Press: Natives, governments say framework in place for talks

Apr 22 - Canadian Press: Rail blockade removed; Caledonia demo continues

Apr 22 - Canadian Press/Hamilton Spectator: Native leaders say Caledonia talks fruitful

Apr 22 - Canadian Press/London Free Press: Native protesters dig in: 'This is our land'

Apr 22 - Canadian Press/London Free Press: Talks on, but barricades still up

Apr 22 - CBC: Natives, governments to continue talks over Caledonia occupation

Apr 22 - Apr 22 - CTV: Process now in place to end Caledonia standoff

Apr 22 - National Post: Progress made in efforts to end land-claim dispute

Apr 22 - Toronto Star: "The warrior spirit is in all of us"

Apr 22 - Haldimand County: message to the citizens of Haldimand News release #1

Apr 22 - Native Youth Movement: Stop the terrorist attacks on native peoples International statement

Apr 22 - Vancouver rally: Media advisory

Apr 22 - London Free Press: STANDOFF IN CALEDONIA: Native protesters dig in: 'This is our land'

Apr 22 - London Free Press: The tense native occupation near Caledonia is similar on several fronts to the deadly Ipperwash clash in 1995

Apr 21 - IPSM report: Solidarity with Six Nations on the streets of Montréal

Apr 21 - Globe & Mail: Mohawks shut down bridge in support

Apr 21 - Canadian Press: Natives block rail line in eastern Ontario

Apr 21 - New York Times: Mohawks and others block trains in Ontario to protest land use

Apr 21 - National Post: Protest strands 3,500 rail travellers, freight

Apr 21 - CBC: Mohawks show support for natives in Ontario

Apr 21 - CBC: Trains halted as standoff continues

Apr 21 - CBC: CN Rail gets injunction ordering natives off tracks

Apr 21 - CBC: Blockade of CN rail line lifted

Apr 21 - CHML (Jamie West Blog): Caledonia Standoff, Calm Before the second wave

Apr 21 - Canadian Transportation & Logistics: Rail blockade lifted

Apr 21 - Spectator: RCMP now on the scene in Caledonia

Apr 21 - CBC: Talks continue to end standoff

Apr 21 - Spectator: Restoring calm is first priority of talks

Apr 21 - Spectator: Six Nations residents blame all levels of government

Apr 21 - Windsor Star: Dispute over tract of Ontario land clouded by history

Apr 21 - Spectator: Activist defies court's authority

Apr 21 2006 Peace, order and good government, eh? - Ipperwash revisited?

Apr 21 - "Canada Wants Another Oka Summer!"

Apr 21 - Same Old, Same Old pt. 3

Apr 21 - Holy burning tires, Part Deux

Apr 20 - Hazel Hill: Report from the camp on police raid

Apr 20 - Kahnawake Warrior Society communique

Apr 20 - The Other Side: Tasers and guns

Apr 20 - ZNet: Six Nations does not stand alone

Apr 20 - O.P.P.: Protesters removed from Caledonia housing development

Apr 20 - BBC: Canada tribes fight off eviction

Apr 20 - Canadian Press: Critics want to know if province ordered crackdown

Apr 20 - Canadian Press: Police end occupation, but natives remain

Apr 20 - Canadian Press: Politicians point fingers, dodge duties as native frustration builds

Apr 20 - CanWest/National Post: Native protesters push back after raid

Apr 20 - CBC: Tensions grow

Apr 20 - CTV: Native protesters return after clash with police

Apr 20 - Globe & Mail: McGuinty comes under fire in legislature as natives resist predawn OPP raid

Apr 20 - Globe & Mail: Hazel Hill -- "We were upholding our law"

Apr 20 - Spectator: Hour-by-hour timeline

Apr 20 - Spectator: Rude awakening for young protestor

Apr 20 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations Reserve repels Ontario police

Apr 20 - Marxist-Leninist: Victory to the Six Nations!

Apr 20 - Marxist-Leninist: Tremendous support builds for land reclamation action

Apr 20 - National Post: Hundreds flock to protest site

Apr 20 - Toronto Star: Standoff at Caledonia

Apr 20 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 20 - Spectator: Violence escalates in aftermath of police raid

Apr 20 - Spectator: Natives, townspeople in a faceoff after police arrests spark fires, anger

Apr 20 - Same Old, Same Old

Apr 20 - AM 900 News: Caledonia native standoff turns ugly

Apr 19 - Dominion: The people of Six Nations are repossessing their land

Apr 19 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 18 - News release from Haudenoniso

Apr 18 - Federal Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Letter from Jim Prentice

Apr 18 - Ontario Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs Letter from David Ramsay

Apr 18 - Dunville Chronicle: Talks break down

Apr 18 - The Final Straw

Apr 16 - Letter from band council to Federal and Ontario ministers

Apr 15 - Haudenoniso press release

Apr 15 - Spectator: Developers upset at slow pace of land talks

Apr 15 - Joint Federal/Ontario proposal for a "new understanding"

Apr 13 - Letter from Canadian government to Haudenoniso

Apr 13 - Canadian Press: Builders may get compensation for native standoff

Apr 13 - Spectator: Glimmer of hope in resolving Caledonia land protest

Apr 13 - Spectator: Heavy history to standoff

Apr 12 - Solidarity actions are held in Guelph

Apr 12 - Ontario Hansard

Apr 12 - Related Situations - Different outcomes

Apr 7 - Dunville Chronicle: Window closing on peaceful resolution

Apr 7 - Spectator: Natives build cookhouse on protest site in one day

Apr 7 - Federal Hansard

Apr 6 - Spectator: Native standoff is a provincial matter

Apr 5 - Spectator: Six Nations chief says rulings compel governments to listen

Apr 4 - Dunville Chronicle: Builders respond to native land claim

Apr 4 - Spectator: Rally urges action to end occupation

Apr 3 - Spectator: Police, government talk of peaceful end to standoff

Apr 3 - Spectator: Deputy police chief stresses lessons in 'dialogue'

Apr 3 - O.P.P.: First Nations land claim dispute - Caledonia

Mar 31 - Okiijida Society: Yellow alert for Warrior Societies

Mar 31 - Spectator: Six Nations activists enjoy quiet day after tense confrontation

Mar 30 - Spectator: Natives vow to stand their ground

Mar 30 - Montreal Gazette: Aboriginals ignore court order

Mar 29 - Spectator: Court order on natives clarified; 'Immediate' OPP response predicted

Mar 29 - Haldimand Review: Warrants issued for subdivision occupiers

Mar 29 - Canada - one law - no other dimension

Mar 28 - Warrant of Arrest  -  Warrant of Arrest issued by Marshall, J. ordering the arrest of Dawn Smith, Janie Jamieson and unknown persons present at the barricades and blocking access to DCE

Mar 28 -  Order of Marshall, J. finding the respondents in contempt, suspending sentence and order conditions of probation

Mar 27 - Letter from Haudenoniso to Canadian government

Mar 27 - Dunville Chronicle: Confederacy demands envoy with decision making power

Mar 27 - Spectator: Six Nations Confederacy wants 'meaningful talks'

Mar 27 - Spectator: Ottawa mediator quickly rejected

Mar 24 - Spectator: Mediator to help in native dispute

Mar 23 - CBC News: Native protesters expect police will evict them

Mar 23 - Spectator: Keeping the peace in Caledonia

Mar 22 - Spectator: Clan mothers lay it on the line

Mar 22 - Spectator: Native protesters must leave land today

Mar 22 - CBC: Native protesters stay at Ontario site as deadline passes

Mar 22 - Canadian Natives - Changes are needed

Mar 21 - Terror Links to Seneca Gaming Compact Are Being Ignored

Mar 20 - Clan Mothers' statement

Mar 17 - Spectator: Natives given deadline to leave construction site

Mar 17 -  Order of Marshall, J. finding the respondents (except Haldimand County) and persons unknown in contempt of the order of Mar 3 and sentencing respondents

Mar 17 - Transcript containing Reasons for Judgment of Marshall, J. on Henco’s contempt motion

Mar 17 - Transcript of the continuation of the motion proceedings before Marshall, J.

Mar 16 - Spectator: Judge continues hearing

Mar 15 - Spectator: Feds won't intercede in Six Nations protest

Mar 9 - Spectator: Natives vow to continue protest after court blow

Mar 9 - Spectator: Native protesters dig in for long haul

Mar 09 - Order of Mr. Justice T. Marshall making the order of Matheson, J. dated Mar 3 permanent

Mar 09 - Order of Mr. Justice T. Marshall permitting service by posting and delivering at the barricades and adjourning the motion to Mar 16

Mar 09 - Affidavit of Don Henning sworn Mar 9  -  Henco files a motion asking for
(i) an order authorizing service of the Motion Record by posting a copy at the Surrey Street barricade and serving protestors at the barricade and
(ii) finding the individual respondents in contempt

Mar 09 - Notice of Motion - Henco files a motion asking for
(i) an order authorizing service of the Motion Record by posting a copy at the Surrey Street barricade and serving protestors at the barricade and
(ii) finding the individual respondents in contempt

Mar 07 - Notice of Appearance - Trustees of the Mohawk Nation Grand River file a Notice of Appearance

Mar 5 - Spectator: Court orders protesters out

Mar 5 - Spectator: Defiant protester stands firm

Mar 4 - Spectator: Police cars in Hagersville put natives on 'high alert'

Mar 03 - Notice of Application issued  -  Henco files an application seeking injunctions

Mar 03 - Order of Matheson, J.  -  The Honourable Mr. Justice B. Matheson grants the requested interim and interlocutory injunction

Mar 02 - Affidavit of Don Henning sworn  -  Henco files a motion for an interim and interlocutory injunction against Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council, Janie Jamieson, Dawn Smith, Tom Deer, or any agent or person acting under their instructions, John Doe, Jane Doe and other persons unknown and The Corporation of Haldimand County

Mar 02 - Notice of Motion - Henco files a motion for an interim and interlocutory injunction against Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council, Janie Jamieson, Dawn Smith, Tom Deer, or any agent or person acting under their instructions, John Doe, Jane Doe and other persons unknown and The Corporation of Haldimand County

Fed 28 - Spectator: Natives halt construction work

Fed 28 - Spectator: "I'm 'caught in the middle' of land dispute": developer

Fed 28 - Spectator: Developer warned four months ago

Feb 19 - New York Times: Through Indian Lands, Drugs' Shadowy Trail

Dec 24, 2005 - Mohawk News: A Christmas message from the wholly sage, Red-X

Jun 9, 2004 - Mohawk News: The Ten Infinite Commandments of the Incomparable “Red-X”

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OPP 2006 Report to Haldimand County

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Jan 6 - Expositor: Flag-raising a peaceful gesture: McHale

Dec 26: Free Press: McGuinty breaks promise to Caledonia

Dec 22 - History has been made this week! Toronto Star & St. Catharines Standard: “The rule of law is paramount…”

Dec 15 - CBC: Fantino named in $2.5M lawsuit

Dec 15 - Statement of Claim against Fantino

Listen Up News Video

Time to Give Our Heads a Shake!! 
It is with great interest and confusion that I continue to read letters from readers who are dismayed with Commissioner Fantino's most recent "policies".
The 3 that come to mind, and seemingly in their order of readers importance are: Cam Wooley, Cruiser Colours and the almost non existent 2 Tier Policing policy in Caledonia.

Having once appreciated Mr. Fantino's tough stand on policing and his apparent fair approach to the latter, I now see he has succumbed to political aspirations and/or correctness. How else could you interpret his inaction and refusal to administer the laws of the land in a fair and equitable manner in the Caledonia dispute. He has actually been quoted in his approach to leave the natives alone in their illegal occupation is to "keep the peace", yet to arrest the non-natives is to "keep the peace. Talk about sucking and blowing at the same time!!

Let's see now. Over a period of 1 year, one group has maliciously dug up and blockaded a highway, threatened and abused numerous citizens, unlawfully occupied disputed lands (while denying others entry to the same land), exercised vandalism and violence, destroyed public property and infrastructure, tossed a truck of a bridge and illegally set fires (only to mention a few instances). All of this highly illegal activity has been met with little or no criminal charges. Ultimately, this group's actions have been ratified and thereby deemed acceptable by the inaction of the authorities.

On the other hand, another group is arrested and forcibly confined in a jailhouse overnight, (without official charge) for the erection of our national symbol of democracy and freedom- The Maple Leaf. You know, the thing that many of our ancestors died for and many of our service people are currently fighting for. There are repeated threats issued by the OPP commissioner as well as the OPPA (read union) guaranteeing "legal action" if any officers are injured during a protest or dispute.

I, as well as countless other Canadian Citizens need to know: Is the Government of the day dictating to the OPP NOT to enforce the law and existing court order, or is the OPP unilaterally opting to disobey the laws of the land on its own volition.

Either way, I can't imagine my father, after 5 years in the Battle of the Atlantic on a destroyer, (W.W.II) would condone this type of suppression of speech and selective police state. Actually, I thought this is what he fought against, and, so did he I'm sure!!!

Time to spend less time on Cam Wooley, Less money on Cruiser Colours and more of both on the real issues at hand

Chris Robertshaw - Mississauga
Quebec Native Occuption

Jan 11 - Globe & Mail: Massive Quebec hydro project faces native opposition

Jan 11 - CP: Que. announces start of biggest hydro project in a decade; some Cree opposed

Jan 11 - CBC: Eastmain hydroelectric plant a go

Jan 11 - CTV: Charest launches massive Quebec dam project

Jan 11 - CTV: 2 different Videso on concerns over Dam

John Diefenbaker once said,
"You can't stand up for Canada with a banana for a backbone."
Ipperwash - Caledonia - Deseronto
OPP Two Tier is Spreading

Jan 11 - Intelligencer: Native protesters threaten to shut down area business

Jan 11 - Intelligencer: Many in Deseronto upset at protest

Jan 11 - Globe & Mail: Mohawks stage protest over housing project

Jan 11 - CBC: Land claim protest worries Deseronto mayor, Mohawk chief

Jan 10 - Intelligencer: Mohawk land protest

Jan 10 - CBC: Deseronto quarry blocked by Mohawk protest

Jan 10 - CP: [Natives in] Deseronto violence threatened

Jan 10 - CBC: Mohawks barricade Deseronto quarry

Jan 10 - Intelligencer: Minister appoints consultant to help settle land dispute between Mohawks, developer

Dear Gary, (Jan 10, 2007)

The comments you are making regarding Fantino and the OPP practices sat with me like a flashback when I read them today.  In the West Beach Land claim the OPP constantly told residents their hands were tied and they could not deal with harassment and intimidation from the First Nations towards property owners.

After the death of Dudley George, it became worse in that while watching criminals engage in activity against residents, they would not pursue them into the park or the former base.

These areas became a no man's land and reaching these areas meant the criminals were free of prosecution. 

Many incidents involving natives were not reported on the OPP Crime Alert Website, or if the person involved reached the safe haven of the base or the park, this bit of info was deliberately left out of the report.

Some incidents were not investigated for several days because the OPP had one liaison officer and if he was ill no other officer was allowed to deal with the situation if it involved natives who may be at the base or the park.

It is very demeaning to a person to constantly be told by OPP we cannot do anything that may incite violence by the First Nation however, at the same time we were expected to endure the abuse and not complain to help the police to not do their job.    At what level must the violence be in order for the police to act like they should???

At what level must the residents be terrorized that the OPP feel now is the time we should act to protect the public and use the criminal code to stop the perpetrators of crime?

The report from the Inquiry will not be available until February.  What will Julian Fantino's changes be then, and how does he know now that changes will be forthcoming??  If the status quo is to be maintained, how is the public expected to put up with what has occurred to date and may escalate in the future depending on this report????

Once again legitimate complaints from innocent victims are being trivialized and mocked by the leader of the OPP.

We all deserve better representation from this man.  He should be ashamed of his behaviour, and that of his troops.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary-Lou ( another juvenile whacko from Ontario)

New Threats to Freedoms

Jan 8: Introduction

Jan 8: Mayor Trainer

Jan 8: OPP False Arrests

Jan 8: SkyWoman aka NYcrimewatch

Important Stories

Jan 6 - Expositor: Flag-raising a peaceful gesture: McHale

Dec 26: Free Press: McGuinty breaks promise to Caledonia

Dec 22 - History has been made this week! Toronto Star & St. Catharines Standard: “The rule of law is paramount…”

Dec 15 - CBC: Fantino named in $2.5M lawsuit

Dec 15 - Statement of Claim against Fantino

Listen Up News Video

Older Blog Stories but some interesting points

Dec 21 - Are Aboriginals Unfairly Treated by Our Legal System? StatsCan vs. SIU Study

Dec 16 - Arrested for Waving Flag

Dec 6 - Caledonia’s Cost Over $200 million

Dec 1 - Caledonia Native Occupation

Dec 27 - The Curse - Will it go away?

Dec 19 - Accountablity Of All Governments including Native

Dec 16 - Gary McHale gets arrested!

Dec 12 - I too protest the protest.

Dec 10 - Tsawwaasen Treaty Agreement - Caledonia will not be the frame work

Nov 18 - Is It Religion or Political?

Nov 16 - Is There An End In Sight, Or Just More Of The Same?

Nov 7 - Dust Off The Report - Make The Needed Changes

Oct 19 - What I have heard, read, and learned this week. Pt.II

Oct 17 - In Caledonia 90% of the people brush their teeth

Haldimand County's Election:

Aug 4 - Gwen Boniface back in Canada People Triumph - the Fall of Gwen Boniface

I think the way she handled Caledonia was deplorable. The lack of direction we saw from her was inexcusable. If this was in Hamilton, the chief would be on TV everyday. No that she is leaving the OPP, (officers) will be optimistic" – OPP officer [Hamilton Spectator]

Aug 4 - Two Tier Negotiations
Why is it Native People are allowed to know what is going on in the Negotiations while we have to leak Liberal Plans to provide any information to the public? Why is it that Mr. Nolan hasn't told us what is happening at the table?

Aug 4 - OPP block road at Thistlemor and Breamar
According to OPP Media the OPP will be blocking part of Thistlemoor & Breamar 24/7 because of complaints made by residents, not natives, about on-lookers coming to the area. No pass is needed but you need to identify which house you are going to. Is anyone aware of any residents' complaining to the OPP to stop on-lookers? Are the police stopping Natives there as well?

Aug. 4 - Media Attention
Despite Mr. McGuinty's attempts to punish the media we can tell people that both US media and Irish Media are now contacting us. The People's Story will be Told

Aug 3 - Welcome to Ipperdonia


Demand the Removal of Monte Kwinter

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According to the Natives they have never been paid for the land - Here are the costs we never paid for.

$6.1++ Billion Indian Affairs

Federal Budge - Aboriginal Section

2006 Auditor General Report: Native Programs

Notre Dame School

Aug 3 - Minutes of N.D.S. Parents Meeting

Aug 3 - Report & Comments

Aug 3 - Spectator: Berm proposed for native site

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