Native Supremacy Movement
Last updated: Aug. 27, 2007

Aug 27 - Difference between Pride and Hate

Aug 26 - The Ideology of Hate

Aug 26 - DCE Occupation was motivated by Racism

Aug 26 - Martin Luther King Jr. vs. Malcolm X

Aug 24 - Red Power - Native Supremacy Movement in Ontario

Aug 24 - Native Supremacy Movement

Jan 8 - Native Protesters and KKK share ideology

Jan 1 - Christian Extremists = Muslim Extremists = Native Extremists

Oct 6 - Native Racism and Hatred towards Canadians

Aug 16 - Asians, Blacks, Europeans, Jews etc., Go Home!

Aug 1 - Mohawk Nation News Reporter Admires Hitler

These Videos are posted for PUBLIC SAFETY reasons - we should beware of the true danger. Our Governments have been Lying to us about this Danger.

Copies of these Videos have been sent to CSIS and York Regional Police.

WARNING: The posted videos do contain disturbing images and explicit language. They also contain PROOF of encourage extreme violence, killing and terrorism. These videos could be seen as proof for a

Native Supremacy Movement

Mohawk Warriors


TEXT of Dialogue

More KKKanada


Killing for Land

911 Justified


Shawn Brant: Terrorist?