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May 24 - MNN: WARNING: More Rant from Horn - We own Everything Declaration

May 24 - MNN: RCMP Evict Herefitary Chief Kispilano and Supporters from Squamish Band Office, Vancouver

Feb 29 - Shabot Obaajiwan War Chief announces renewed resolve in the wake of Lovelace's Sentencing

Feb 26 - Hazel: Update and HDI

Feb 22 - PressRelease: Union of BC Indian Chiefs Support Ardoch Alogonquins' Human Rights

Feb 20 - Press Release: NAN demands Ontario settles Ardoch land dispute

Feb 16 - MNN: Master plan for phony algonquin settlement of Haudenosaunee territory

Feb 14 - Shabot Obaajiwan Algonquin Press Release

Feb 12 - MNN: Master Plan For "Algonquin" Settlement Of Haudenosaunee Land Hatched After Canadian Constitution 1982

Feb 11 - MNN: Fork -Tongued "Snake Oil Salesman" Robert Lovelace Negotiating At Sharbot Lake

Feb 10 - MNN: Slimey "Bottom Feeder" Caught In Sharbot Lake

Jan 28 - Hazel Update regarding $26 million offer and HDI etc.

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Sept 27 - MNN: Suckered by Politicians & Lawyers - How the Confederacy west off the Rails and Forgot to Consult the People

Sept 25 - Confederacy to launch information campaign

Sept 20 - MNN: What Gives? Chiefs, Clan Mothers & Developer Order Arrest of Six Nations Defenders for "Mis-Chief" - MNN Special

Sept 9 - MNN: OPP "Losse Cannons" at Sharbot Lake - Bizarre and Strange Happenings!

Sept 7 - MNN: The 'Split em up' Strategy at Sharbot Lake – Why we’re wary of outside “help”. We’ve been burnt before.

Sept 5 - MNN: Old Colonial Trick Dragged out Again - Far Right Tries to take over Sharbot Lake Agenda

June 22 - MNN: Being Tortured in Dungeon

June 21 - MNN: The Plot Thickens: June 29 Lookin' More & More like a snare set to Trap Us

June 20 - Update from Hazel Hill June 20

June 18 - MNN: News Flash!  RED-X Siting by “BRO’HAWK” High Up in the Mountains

June 17 - MNN: Phil Fontaine is hosting a negotiations lynching party in his colonial office in Ottawa


June 14 - MNN: It's Not About "Land Claims"

June 13 - Tekawennake: Taxpayers paid $66,000+ for illegal Occupation of DCE

June 13 - Turtle: Youth charged in air gun shot at Reclamation site, sparks fires, threats to close 6th line

June 13 - Turtle: Young men kick Turtle Island News off Reclamation site

June 13 - Turtle: Six Nations police obstructed by Reclamation site supporters

June 13 - Turtle: Brantford developer gets loud Six Nations' no to $500 million development

June 12 - MNN: “Red-X” Tells the Feds:  “Quit Blowing Smoke Up Our Butts"

June 12 - Harper’s process doesn’t affect Six Nations by Chief MacNaughton

June 2 - Put an end to land-claim industry by Ottawa Algonquin First Nation

May 30 - Turtle: Turtle Island News editor attacked by demonstrator while others watch

May 30 - Turtle: Six Nations needs to get its act together

May 30 - Pastor's Letter: Church threatened, waiting to proceed

May 30 - Turtle: Councillor Helen Miller is fed up with smoke huts on community land

May 30 - Turtle: Community meeting says stop development on Haldimand Tract

May 23 DCE Claims to increase Security

May 16 Turtle: Turmoil at Reclamation site, fight, fires break out

May 12 - MNN: Mohawk Shawn Brant Charged - "Little Mouselini" Fantino Goose Steps up to Ontario Plate

May 9 - First Perspective: 1st Nations only respect the Court when they agree with them

May 7 - Hazel’s update, May 7

May 6 - Sullied Sulpiciens Rescued by "Praying Mohawk"

May 3 - Canada Cannibalizes Mohawk Elders

May 1 - McMaster University: Six Nations' Request for Mediation by United Nations

Apr 30 - Indigenous People making sense of 9111 Confusion

Apr 29 - When Indian Affairs is no more - The Dismantling of an Illegal Organization

Apr 23 - Formally notify Ottawa to stop by Ottawa Algonquin First Nation Negotiations by

Apr 15 - Hazel: Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Allies

Apr 14 - "Terrorist Invasion" of Deh Cho Indigenous Territory - Canada Armed Forces "Guns for Hire" by Multinational Corporations

Apr 13 - "Indigenous Soldiers" & "Bigger Bazookas" are Canada's Military Solution

Apr 6 - The Bankers' "Master Plan" for Turtle Island

Apr 1 - Sulpician "Montreal Island" April Fools Celebrating 250 Years of Theft from Mohawks

Mar 27 - Canada Plays Dirty "Third World" Tricks on Akwesasne Mohawks

Mar 27 - Canada's Military Plots "War Crimes" against Indigenous People

Mar 31 - A Call to Block Railway Lines Across Canada

Mar 30 - MNN: Canada's military plots "war crimes" against Indigenous People

Mar 26 - First Perspective: Feds appoint liaison official to deal with Mohawk specific claims

Mar 24 - MNN: Swarming as a Justifiable Tool

Mar 24 -  "Swarming" in the Morning, Swarming in the Evening & Swarming at Suppertime

Mar 21 -  Can you see it coming? The Colonial Collapse of the Western Hemisphere!

Mar 14 - 1st Prespective: Open message from two former grand chiefs of Kahnawake

Mar 13 - 1st Prespective: Caledonia talks stall due to Aboriginal in-fighting

Mar 13 - 1st Prespective: Traditional Aboriginal elders oppose highway blackade

Mar 11 - Warrior Society does not support Highway Blockade in Quebec.

Mar 12 - CKRZ: Report of Native Emergency meeting

Mar 9 - MNN: U.S. would like to come into Canada and make slaves of Canadians

Mar 7 - Emergency Six Nations Community meeting to be held

Mar 6 - 1st Prespective: Opponent of Six Nations activities in Caledonia to release 'Ipperwash Papers'

Mar 6 - 1st Prespective: BC Aboriginal community signs hydro deal

Mar 5 - 1st Prespective: Leaked Lineral report calls for changed Aboriginal system

Mar 5 - 1st Prespective: Former slaves denied tribal membership in US

Mar 5 -  The Akwesasne Fairy Tale. This Chain of Frauds does not a legality make.

Mar 2 - 1st Prespective: BC Aboriginal group shows solidarity with Six Nations standoff

Feb 24 - Hazel Hill: make a STRONG statement on February 28th

Feb 25 - MNN: What is the Onkwehone Democratic Agenda?

Feb 24 - Hazel Hill: On February 28th it will be one year since the land reclamation began

Feb 21 - MNN: Indian Affairs “Tower of Terror” in Hull Quebec

Feb 21 - Tekawennake: Feedback: Stewards of the Haldimand Treaty

Feb 18 - MNN: Mohawk Action filed in Colonial Court against Iroquois Confederacy

Feb 18 - Mohawk News: “The takeover of Turtle Island” by the Frencho

Miss Horn Women's Study Course Outline from Concordia University

Feb 18 - Mohawk News: “The takeover of Turtle Island” by the Frencho

Feb 16 - KKKANADA: we are still at war with KKKanada

Feb 14 - CKRZ: Mohawk Residents file Multi-Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

Feb 14 - Tekawennake: Mohawks file $4.3 trillion Notice of Action

Feb 12 - Mohawk News: We're Taking over North American

Feb 7 - Turtle: Lawyer Files Constitutional Question in Ontario Court

Feb 6 - Grassy Narrows protesters refuse to plea to charges

Feb 3 - MNN: Developers Flocking like Starlings to Six Nations Long House

Feb 1 - MNN: Onkwehonwe Youth Fearlessness and Restlessness! Colonists, Whatcha Ya Gonna Do Now?

Jan 27 - Hazel Hill: Crown Keeps Faltering on 6 Nations' Claims

Jan 26 - CKRZ: “Not very impressed.”: Chief McNaughton

Jan 25 - MNN: Sexual Harassment / Child Molestation Strategy of Choice to Attack Onkwehonwe Men

Jan 25 - MNN: Elizabeth Johns' "Yellow Journalism" Demonizes Onkwehonwe?

Jan 25 - MNN: Warning! Is York University Setting up "False Experts" on the Onkwehonwe?

Jan 23 - Mohawk News: Bench warrant for Janet Davis

Jan 22 - First Nations launch court action over Toronto landfill

Jan 16 - MNN: Clifford Sunday: Akwesasne Band Council and Law Society Work together to Destroy an Onkwehonwe Lawyer

Jan 12 - Press Release by Chief Allen MacNaughton

Jan 7 - Mohawk News: Natives Reject US & Canadian Authority

Jan 5 - Mohawk News: Will the Queen be at the execution wearing dark glasses?

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Dec 2006 - Windspeaker: New relationship already in progress?

Dec 31: Mohawk News: Hired guns like the KKK, skinheads and rioters and 'porky pig’s' navy

Dec 28 - First Perspective: BC environmentalists criticize Aboriginal land claim agreement

Dec 27 - Mohawk News: Hazel's update

Dec 27 - Mohawk News: Santa threw Jim "Jonestown" Prentice down the Chimney

Dec 20 - First Perspective: Caledonia archeology team finished for season

Dec 18 - Mohawk News: You are to deposit $1.4 trillion GDP for the year 2006 into an Indigenous Trust

Dec 16 - Mohawk News: Katenies in Cornwall Court

Dec 11 - Mohawk News: Indian Affairs & Quebec Ganstas' caught Red-Handed

Dec 7 - Hazel: Natives say: Canadian Flag is just 'dirty laundry'

Dec 7 - Mohawk News: These chiefs suck, sniff and lick the top dog’s ass while chasing their white concubines

Dec 7 - Hazel: Update


Dec 6 - Hamilton/Port Dover Plank Road Update

Dec 1 - Mohawk News: Fired their guns & the Mohawks kept a 'Comin!'

Nov 22 - CKRZ: Crown agrees that a Native who pleaded guilty to assault & carrying a weapon will face Native Sentencing Circle

Nov 22 - First Perspective: Manitoba gives portion of lottery revenues to First Nations communities

OCAP: Preparing for Invasion: A guide to the current threats against the Mohawk Nation Table of Content - Link to

Section 1: Current Plans for Invasion

1. Press Advisory written in March by Tyendinaga residents giving an overview of the current situation. Pages 2-4

2. Article from the “Toronto Star” dated March 6, “Mohawks fear action on trade in tobacco”. Pages 5-6

3. Article from the “Mohawk Nation Drummer” from May 2005 about raids in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. This is a background on the cigarette trade in Mohawk communities, what it represents, and why it must be defended. Pages 7-8

Section 2: Invasion Plans from 1994

4. Article from “Eastern Door” about Canada’s plan to invade Mohawk communities in 1994 based on documents gotten through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. This shows the Canadian government’s real intentions to invade the Mohawks with military force supposedly to stop the cigarette trade. Also included is the original article by Marco Fortier who made the FOIA request. Pages 9-14

5. Excerpts from “Canada’s Secret Commandos”. More about the intensity of the 1994 plan. Pages 15-16

Section 3: Kanehsatake 2004

Sections 5-7 are all about the conflicts in Kanehsatake that began in 2004 and continue. Note how the conflict was portrayed. First as an operation against criminals, then as an internal community affair, and finally, only 2 years after it began, it is called illegal by the Quebec Public Security Minister who was in charge at the time. This pattern will most definitely be repeated again.

6. Public letter by Jake Brant from Tyendinaga as the conflict begins. Pages 17-18

7. Article from “Wii’nimkiikaa” about what happened in Kanehsatake and why. Pages 19-28

8. Montreal Gazette articles reporting on the comments of Jacques Chagnon, Quebec Public Security Minister calling the invasion illegal. Pages 29-31

Section 4: More Background

9. The Mohawk Warrior Tradition also from “Wii’nimkiikaa”. Pages 32-35

Nov 16 - Hazel Hill: “Pirates of the Grand” Walk the Plank - Six Nations' position on Canada's position

Nov 13 - Mohawk News: Housing Development STOPPED in Deseronto

Nov 12 - Mohawk News: Mo' Mohawk trouble brewing at Tyendinaga

Nov 10 - Native DCE Occupiers need $29,000 to continue

Nov 7 - Mohawk News: Letter to Governor General

Nov 5 - Hazel Hill: Is Canada telling us that they are planning to herd us into their "gas chambers" to continue the Canadian U.S. holocaust?

Nov 3 - Six Nations New Release: It did not surrender lands Chief Allen MacNaughton

Oct 2006 - Tax Exemption on vehicle registration and license

Oct 23 - Mohawk News: Did Caledonia hire the 'Three Little Pigs'?

Oct 22 - Mohawk News: Indigenous women offer to comb out Bush and Harper's snakes

Nov 16 - Mohawk News: The Invasion and Occupation of Turtle Island North by Colonial Governments and their Corporate Entities

Nov 15 - Mohawk News: Was War declared against Mohawks and Canada?

Oct 21 - Mohawk News: "Beam me up Captain Bush"

Oct 20 - Deposition of Dave General

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 1

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 2

Oct 20 - Warrior Society, Politics and Sovereignty Part 3

Oct 19 - Hazel Hill: Speaking of evil, looks like Canada is trying to go at the Six Nations from different angles

Oct 17 - Mohawk News: Colossai Joke! McHale's 200 "White Man's March" to Tim Horton's coffee shop

Oct 17 - Mohawk News: Another mess left to clean

Oct 16 - Mohawk News: Another mess left to clean

Mohawk News: The Mohawk Nation Struggles for Peaceful Ways

Oct 11 - Mohawk News: Letter to Enbridge Gas

Oct 10 - Mohawk News: Gunboat Diplomacy by Horn

Oct 10 - Brantford Video - Somehow Timmer thinks this helps their cause?

Sept 30 - Wind Speaker: Native Informant comes in from the cold

Sept 30 - Mohawk News: More Ranting

Sept 29 - Mohawk News: Horn wants New York State to be given back to Natives.

Sep 29 - Mohawk News: This is the Women Title Holders' objection to "organized crime".....

Sept 27 - Mohawk News: Is McHale's Navy going to sink or sail into Caledonia?

Sept 25 - Mohawk News: State sponsored terrorism?

Sep 1 - CKRZ Native Radio News

Aug 31 - Mohawk News: More Rantings from Mohawk News

Threats to Traditional Governments - A Native View

Aug 21 - Mohawk News: We’ve been invaded, attacked, 99% of us have been killed off

Aug 19 - Mohawk News: The end of colonialism

Aug 11 - Hazel Hill: Native Preparing to Stay the Winter on DCE

Aug 9 - Mohawk News: Here Come Da Judge

Aug 7 - Mohawk News: Draft Notice to Judge Marshall (any Suggestions?)

Aug 6 - Draft Notice to Judge Marshall (any Suggestions?) Aug 5 - Hazel Hill: Update from Grand River

Aug 1 - Mohawk News: Reposession of outdoor education centre

[Native News Link]

Jul 31 - Six Nations' Warriors building connections to Terrorist Groups?

Jul 30 - Native Letter to Inspector Brian Haggith

Jul 29 - Natives issue "407 Notice of objection"

Jul 28 - "Notice of Seizure" of the 50 Windmills

Jul 27 - Mohawk News: "The answer my friend is blowin in the Wind"

Jul 25 - Hazel Hill: Hey from Grand River!

Jul 23 - What CAN Canada do Now?

Native Reports on Warriors

Jul 6 - Mohawk News: Spreading Hatred not Peace

Jul 4 - Mohawk News: UN takeover: Why the "Corporations-United Nations" are trying to take over indigenous people and land throughout the world?

Jul 3 - Mohawk News: UN Monster: we had the Canadian rat in the corner

Jul 2 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations reclamation spokesperson

Jun 28 - First Perspective: Six Nations requests meeting with Governor General

Jun 28 - Six Nations requests meeting with Governor General

Jun 28 -Six Nations want 905,000 acres or $400 Billion

Jun 23 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations reclamation spokesperson

Jun 21 - First Perspective: Roseau River railway blockade

Jun 20 - letter to Governor General of Canada

Jun 15 - Assembly of First Nations: Statement on the situation at Six Nations-Caledonia

Jun 15 - CNW: Haudenosaunee/Six Nations-Canada-Ontario ask all communities to maintain peace as parties continue efforts towards peaceful resolution

Jun 13 - Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs' resolution

Jun 12 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 11 - Haudenosaunee Confederacy press release

Jun 11 - Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy media release

Jun 10 - Hazel Hill: Camp spokesperson most recent update

Jun 10 - Hazel Hill: Update from camp spokesperson

Jun 9 - Haudenoniso statement: Six Nations Confederacy disheartened by incidents at Caledonia

Jun 4 - Press release: Six Nations people keep the peace despite OPP tactics

Jun 4 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Jun 1 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 31 - First Perspective: Clock ticking on planned rail blockade

May 28 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 27 - Mohawk News: The power and the peace is in the people

May 25 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 25 - First Perspective: Caledonia problem didn't arise overnight

May 23 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 23 - Haudenoniso press release: Confederacy Chiefs for Six Nations land

May 23 - Indian Country Today: Elders move to restore calm at Six Nations

May 23 - Mohawk News: "Bread and cheese fight"

May 23 - May 23 - CNW: Statement by Assembly of First Nations

May 22 - Haudenoniso press release: Setback at Caledonia

May 22 - Mohawk News: Urgent action needed - OPP condone mob rule

May 22 - Six Nations Band Council: Comments on Douglas Creek proceedings and inadequate safety of May 22 melee

May 22 - Xinhua: Canadian aboriginal land dispute turns violent

May 18 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 17 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Moratorium on construction and return of the Burtch lands

May 14 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 13 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 12 - Mohawk News: Ontario & Canada dig their heels in trying to beat Mohawk/Oka crisis record of 78 days

May 10 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 8 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 7 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 6 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 6 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 6 - Report from Courtenay solidarity action

May 6 - The First Perspective: Six Nations short on supplies at Caledonia

May 5 - Indian Country Today: Barricades still up at Six Nations during talks

May 3 - Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa: Report on negotiations

May 2 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

May 1 - Clan Mothers' statement to United Nations

May 1 - Six Nations Band Council: Provincial government provides confidential compensation to elected council’s dismay

Apr 28 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Apr 28 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations negotiates as standoff draws the world's notice

Apr 28 - Mohawk News: Tragic mismanagement of both indigenous and Canadian rights

Apr 28 - Mohawk News: KKK marches into Caledonia to solve "Indian problem"

Apr 28 - The First Perspective/The Drum: Caledonia protesters delay Winnipeg downtown traffic

Apr 27 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations: Good minds calm frayed tempers

Apr 25 - Photos from Kanehsatà:ke, Mohawk Territory

Apr 24 - Hazel Hill: Update from Six Nations camp spokesperson

Apr 24 - Mohawk News: Youth experiences OPP "justice"

Apr 24 - Mohawk News: Canada plays the same old song - tries to incite rioters to attack

Apr 23 - Mohawk News: How to survive a siege

Apr 20 - Hazel Hill: Report from the camp on police raid

Apr 20 - Kahnawake Warrior Society communique

Apr 20 - The Other Side: Tasers and guns

Apr 20 - Indian Country Today: Six Nations Reserve repels Ontario police

Apr 20 - Marxist-Leninist: Victory to the Six Nations!

Apr 18 - News release from Haudenoniso

Apr 15 - Haudenoniso press release

Mar 31 - Okiijida Society: Yellow alert for Warrior Societies

Mar 27 - Letter from Haudenoniso to Canadian government

Mar 20 - Clan Mothers' statement

Dec 24, 2005 - Mohawk News: A Christmas message from the wholly sage, Red-X

Jun 9, 2004 - Mohawk News: The Ten Infinite Commandments of the Incomparable “Red-X”

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