Why is the OPP taking orders from the Alliance?
Sept 17, 2006

From a resident of Braemar Ave. to Inspector McLean.


I was extremely annoyed upon my return home on Thursday after work that the cruiser had been removed from the area of Braemar Ave and Kinross.... I find out later that this was done at the C.C.A. request (by their own admission) to dilute the police presence. This was not done in consultation with the area residents and has not been met with our approval.

Forget the fact that rarely did the officers ever stop and check anyone, I drove through several times and the officers did not look up from their papers. Forget the fact that they only ever appeared to be checking vehicles when they were working at it for the Braemar section of that intersection which begs the question of common sense, seeing as Kinross leads to Thistlemoor which in turn leads to Braemar.

We expected at the very least the command staff to come to the residents first and see if we were supportive of removing the unit or in the words of the Alliance "diluting" it.

This is unacceptable,

The intersection needs to be secured. The intersection needs to have inbound traffic on Braemar and Kinross checked all the time, The officers need to be briefed that they will be watched for compliance as for the majority residents in the area this is a very important issue and if brushed off can be a flashpoint for complaints.

The Caledonia Citizens Alliance members just so that you are aware reside on the other side of the river (north end). The Caledonia Citizens Alliance while they are working for the town in their own way DO NOT SPEAK FOR US as a whole, so their opinions and wants in regards to this security issue are irrelevant and not supported.

Please address this issue immediately sir, the alliance have also been informed that unless they speak with us the people it actually effects first and follow our direction then they are to have a seat and shut up.

Thank you for your time and anticipated response