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Dave's View on Canadian Flags
Dec. 3, 2006

Editorial Comment: Dave Hartless has served in the Canadian Armed Forces.


Dave's Email to me

A group of citizens attempted to erect Canadian Flags accompanied by yellow ribbons on hydro poles throughout the town...

However when the flags were about to be erected on the opposite side of the road from the DCE the OPP decided that this was unacceptable and denied the residents from putting up the flags.... This is the same location that the OPP sat back and watched the natives erect warrior flags, 6 nations flags and unity flags without so much as a "hey what you doing".... BUT for Canadians to attempt to raise a Canadian Flag on Canadian soil and tie a yellow ribbon underneath to show support for our troops it is "A BREACH OF THE PEACE" and resulted in the arrest of one resident and the disposal of the rights of everyone else....

The OPP claimed that this was a non-issue! Nothing of any significance!


Tell that to the soldiers who have served this country, who continue to serve and die for this country.

Tell that to the police officers of this country who apparently took the same oath as the OPP officers but unlike the absurd OPP policy directed policing these officers carry out their sworn duty and ENFORCE



The OPP cannot police evenly and without prejudice, they are an ineffective impotent entity in the areas of First Nations and surrounding non-native communities policing because they will not take a stand and treat us all the same. As long as the OPP remain here and the policing practices that have been occurring where only the non-natives are subject to the laws and misguided unlawful policy of arrest under breach of the peace, hate will start to rise. People will start to transpose the injustices they see here each and every day and project them onto natives in general, they will see the OPP as nothing short of traitors to the country as a whole and how they willfully abandon its laws. This is how hatred and intolerance is built, this is how it is spread. I am not willing to stand idly by and watch as this is allowed to occur. I am not willing to watch as the OPP policies and practices dishonour and disgrace this country it's citizens, it's soldiers and the police profession as a whole.

To the Haldimand County Council: I wish to formally demand that a motion be placed before the citizens of this community to have the OPP removed and replaced by an effective, fair and unbiased policing agency immediately.

To the Provincial Government: I wish to formally demand that a motion be brought forward before the house that an immediate public investigation be launched into the practices of the OPP as it relates to their policing around all non-native communities that abutt or border native territories between the periods of 1989-present. Upon completion of this investigation a full disclosure to the public of all aspects of their actions and/or inactions. I believe that at the end of this investigation there will be ample evidence based upon Caledonia and Ipperwash alone that will justify discussion and public input on whether the OPP should be permanently disbanded or whether individual officers and commanders subject to criminal prosecution.

To the Federal Government: I wish to formally demand that a motion be brought forward before the house that the RCMP along with the augmentation of the Canadian Military shall be used immediately upon any insurrection, reclamation or occupation of any contested lands BY ANY

GROUP, RACE, RELIGION or ETHNICITY including FIRST NATIONS, Provincial / Municipal policing agencies shall be expressly removed from the situation in order to maintain an unbiased and equal application of law and protection for all sides of the issue. I secondarily request that an independant party as approved by the house in general be appointed to over see and report to the Canadian people on the investigation of the OPP as conducted by the Provincial Government.

David Hartless

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