The People Have Spoken

April 9, 2007

We are back up for basically four reasons:

1) Politicians are completely out of touch with the People:

The local Council is clueless about the needs and concerns of the residents in Caledonia. Some councilors don't even know they are being sued by the Class Action Lawsuit which has been started by the residents of Caledonia.

To date there has never been one vote in Council to help the People of Caledonia, but they have the time to create press releases against people who speak out.

Just like people had hopes when Mr. Fantino became commissioner that things would change, people also hoped that Mr. Grice, the new councilor for Caledonia, would also make a difference. However, more and more people are saying just how disappointed they are with him. The same backroom secret deals and repeated mixed messages appear to be creating a pattern for Mr. Grice which many residents are clearly seeing.

Mr. Grice claims to be a supporter while sending out mixed messages that only shows he truly knows how to play the political game. [His Email and my report] Furthermore, listen to how he responded to a resident's question about whether council (and Grice) support the work we do. [tape of Feb. 9th meeting]

Politicians in Canada are completely out of touch with the public. My attempt to shake up Mr. Grice and the Mayor to listen to the will of the people will only prove how out of touch they are.

Important items to review as to why this site is back up:

1) Letter from John Findlay

2) Audio from April 1 Town Hall Meeting. [Partial Audio]

3) Power point from April 1 Meeting.

4) Emails

5) A New Community Voice

Eamil from a Resident of Caledonia:

"For your information on Tuesday January 16, 2007 – Diane Woods, and Staff Sgt. Carter, were at a meeting to discuss the OPP policing and DCE occupation.  The conversation at one point turned to the  website:, both parties mentioned above had indicated that site contained a lot of information.  Sgt Carter stated that he encourages his new staff (for DCE) to go to the site to familiarize themselves with the occupation, as it contains a lot of pertinent information."


4285 people tried to visit this site while it was down in the past 4 days.

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2) The People have spoken:

The People have spoken in three ways.

First, in the residents' Town Hall Meeting on Sunday April 1st, the council was directly confronted by the people of Caledonia and they were told to STOP fighting against the residents which included the rallies by the 'person who cannot be named'. [audio of this part of meeting] The power point presentation at this meeting also showed that residents supported this web site. [power point] The March for Freedom (Oct. 15th), Canadian Flag Events and are listed as Efforts to Oppose Occupation. These items which we have been directly involved in are presented as residents' efforts to end the occupation - they are seen as being part of the community efforts and not as some outsider creating problems.

Second, we received numerous emails from residents and spent 12 hours this past Saturday going to various homes to get people's views on this issue. [Sample of Emails]

Third, Mr. John Findlay, a resident of Caledonia and lawyer for the Class Action, wrote me a letter to encourage us to put the site back up. [Letter from Findlay]

3) The site clearly is too valuable to be shut down:

1) We received emails from across Canada saying how important the site is.

2) Toronto Media phoned me on Thursday to say how much they use the site.

3) Findlay states in his letter how important the site is for getting the information out.

4) Hamilton Spectator ran two stories in the last 5 days about the closure of this site. This is most likely the first time any media has run a story on the closing down of a personal web site. If the Spectator believes it is news worthy to print two stories on our site going down then you know the site has public interest. [Link][Link] Turtle Island News did an interview regarding the site being down which I believe will be printed on Wednesday and Toronto Life did an interview.

3) The Battle is just starting:

Although polls are showing that McGuinty is being harmed by the continued Caledonia story, we are far from getting any politicans to take steps to end Two Tier Justice. Now is not the time to give up but to increase the pressure.

Whether McGuinty or John Tory win the next election, neither will do anything to resolve this unless the people force them into action. If you think Mr. Tory will suddenly help the people of Caledonia without additional pressure then you have not learned anything in the last year about politicians.

Mr. Tory cannot today tell you his 3 point plan on how to resolve Caledonia and he certainly cannot tell you what he will do to help the People in Ipperwash. Will Mr. Tory allow the protesters to continue to live on DCE with hydro & water being provided for free? Will Mr. Tory call a real inquiry into the OPP to review whether OPP policies are violating people's Charter of Rights and whether they have created a Two Tier System?

Toby Barrett will use the phrase Two Tier Justice in describing how the OPP is policing, but Mr. Tory refuses to use the term - just like McGuinty.

The Battle is just starting. The council is just starting to feel the heat by residents that they must start helping. John Tory has done speeches that sound good but what exactly will he do? Diane Finley is so hopelessly lost that no one even tries to pressure her.

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