Update - April 6, 2007

Below is an email sent by Mr. Grice to the people in Caledonia:

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Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 9:09 AM

Subject: Gary mchale

I have never once stopped Mr McHale from coming to Caledonia.  I have never spoken to Council about not letting Gary come to town, in fact the opposite is true.  I do believe Gary brings media attention to our situation and I do support his stance on two tier justice. I do not know why he would suggest to anyone otherwise as he knows this to be true.

On the flip side of this, every positive has a negative and I've talked to Gary about it. Honestly I know of people who are the most affected by this who want nothing to do with him, and countless others who leave town, send their children away and simply pray that no one gets hurt.

Do I commend Gary for some of actions and standing up? Yes I do.

Do I have concerns on how Caledonia is seen and how others I represent feel when he comes town? Yes I do.

It is unfortunate that he chosen this route, as I fear no matter what myself or Marie may or may not say will divide our community even further. Freedom of speech, the Right to associate, I'll never take away from anyone.

If Mr McHale wants to give up that will his choice not mine.


Craig Grice


It is statements like the ones above that cause the greatest harm to the overall fight to restore Law & Order and to end Two Tier Justice. It is simply because Mr. Grice is trying so hard to appease everyone that in fact the greatest harm is done. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that it is not the ones who clearly stand against him that were the greatest problem but those who try to stand in the middle.

Mr. Grice wants everyone to believe that his support of "outsiders" is so clear that he cannot understand why I would "suggest to anyone otherwise". Of course those who were out on Feb. 9th when Mr. Grice was directly asked about his support heard the most vague answer any politicians could possibly give which then ended with one councillor stating that we come to town to commit crimes.

If the above statement is meant to clear up any misunderstanding about his position and to demonstrate that he supports people's efforts to help the town then I would hate to read what he would write if he did not support me.

According to Mr. Grice, when I come to Town "countless" people leave town while others send away their children and others appear to be left with no hope but to pray.

Such a statement should have been made on April 1 and maybe then I would get the point of it. So according to Mr. Grice, countless people flee town when I come while others hide their children.

Of course I am to understand that Mr. Grice is a supporter from this. The whole point I am trying to make has been clearly proven by Mr. Grice's email. The council is repeatedly sending this type of message out into the media. It is as if they have a split personality – one moment everything is great, while in the next moment countless people are fleeing town.

To be fair I believe Mr. Grice is referring to the Oct. 15th march which occurred almost 6 months ago. Although I think Mr. Grice needs to get up to speed on where we are at now. Let's examine for a moment what occurred then.

I repeatedly stated everything would be peaceful while the county talked as if the world was ending. I repeatedly stated that the people of Caledonia would commit no violence while the county talked about the hotheads in their own community.

I presented Caledonia to the Media as a community that wanted peace and could do a peaceful protest while the county sent out the repeated message that the People of Caledonia cannot be trusted and that the People of Caledonia are just as likely to start violence as the Native Protesters. The people of Ontario heard repeatedly, straight from the mouths of the council, while videos of the May 24 weekend were played, that Residents are just a bad as the Native Protesters. That was the theme presented to Ontario by the county. Meanwhile, I sent the clear message that everything would be Peaceful and the People of Caledonia could be trusted.

Without having any real ability to control the group I put my faith on the line and sent out the message that the People can be trusted. Six months and 3 marches later and who has been proven to be right?

Mr. Grice speaks of people living in fear but who has been spreading the fear? I sent out a message that the Good People of Caledonia are Peaceful while the County sent out a message that the People of Caledonia are violent. Each march gives airtime for the county to send out their message to the People of Ontario and so far that message is fear and hopelessness.

If people are fleeing town it is because that is what their leaders told them to do. If people are hiding their children then that is also because their leaders provide no hope, no trust and no message of calm which means they provide no leadership.

Although Mr. Grice was not in council back on Oct 15th, it is clear from his email that he is sending out the same mixed message that council has done for months. If any media would get a hold of the above email the story would be printed of people fleeing town, not a story that Mr. Grice supports the work people are doing.

Mr. Grice's willingness to be on both sides of the fence is the exact problem Caledonia is faced with by every level of Government. I ask where is the leadership and where is the faith in the people they claim to represent?

I did not say we were giving up. I did express frustration and that we were tired, but I did say we were looking to see whether there were still people who wanted to continue the fight against Two Tier Justice.

The Battle is not over, it is just getting started. The Polls are showing that the media attention is working against McGuinty – this is the only thing that politicians care about. Now is not the time to end the battle but to increase the media pressure on McGuinty.

All I am asking for is that I do not have to continue to fight against the very people I am trying to help. Do I continue to send out the message that the Good People of Caledonia are peaceful and are able to control themselves while the council (including Grice by is email) sends out a message that has no hope, no faith in the people and shows no signs of leadership.

I live in the GTA. Do you think that a councilor presents every viewpoint when asked a question? On any issue there are always multiple opinions and I am sure in almost every case there are dozens of different opinions but councilors must present a clear message to lead the people.

You cannot lead with a mixed message. You cannot inspire hope when presenting doubt. You cannot motivate people while presenting fear.

What message does Mr. Grice want to send out? So far it appears to be the same mixed message that council has sent out for the past year. What does Mr. Grice say if a reporter asks him whether he supports whatever the next event is… does he answer clearly so all the people of Ontario will hear or does he present a confused mixed message?

We are booked to be at Queen's Park on April 17th to present clear evidence of the seriousness of what is happening in Caledonia. We will have some residents with us to speak to the media about their lives. We will be counting on the people of Ontario to join us in another March in Caledonia – something that McGuinty will clearly hate.

Will Grice and the Mayor support this or will they present a message of fear and hopelessness?

I will present a message that the People of Caledonia believe in Equality, Justice and Democracy and most of all they are peaceful.

The battle we appear to always be faced with is that we stand alone against the Council to present this message of Peaceful Protest while they slam the Good Name of the townsfolk then wonder why they have bad press. Well, who exactly is sending out the bad press about the Town of Caledonia?

Gary McHale