According to the Trained Thinking of Fantino the following appears to be true.

Aug 31, 2007

Disclaimer: Please be aware that to the untrained eye you may be confused by what is legal and illegal in Canada. However, be assured that with years of Specialized Training by the OPP you will come to understand that the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code are to be intrepreted solely based on racial profiling. Any idea you may have that these photos hint at a form of Two Tier Justice imposed by the OPP upon the Canadian Public is purely coincidental.

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According to Fantino:

The following Photos of Native Protesters in Caledonia show acceptable behaviour based on the fact that the OPP refused to arrest a single person as they watched these events.

These photos demonstrate a Peaceful, Lawful Protest that the OPP allowed and provided security to ensure the Protesters would not be interfered with.

The actions of these Native Protesters required no Additional cost to policing and at no time were any residents terrorized.

According to Fantino:

The following Photos of non-Native Protesters show actions that are completely unacceptable in a Democratic society and are viewed as terrorizing people and a direct threat to the infrastructure of Canada.

These photos demonstrate that the OPP will arrest Protesters when they go TOO FAR during their protest.

The actions of Greenpeace caused the OPP to use too many resources and caused terror to the workers on the Coal Ship.