For Once We Agree with Fantino

July 13, 2007

There are times when we must agree with OPP Commissioner Fantino. Now is such a time.

In his email to Hamilton Police Chief Brian Mullan, Mr. Fantino states that Hartless' public statements were 'conduct unbecoming'. In fact his words are, "If this isn't conduct unbecoming I don't know what is."

We Agree You Don't know what 'Conduct Unbecoming' is.
Mr. Fantino believes that calling McGuinty a 'Coward' as Mr. Hartless did in his email was conduct unbecoming but...

OPP officers doing nothing to stop a man with an AK47 is okay...

OPP officers standing by while seniors are attacked is okay...

OPP officers doing nothing to protect Power Station is okay...

OPP officers watching fellow OPP officer almost being murdered is okay...

In Mr. Fantino's own words, if Hartless' actions 'isn't conduct unbecoming' then he doesn't 'know what is'. Well, Mr. Hartless has been cleared. Therefore, by his own words the OPP Commissioner has been shown that he doesn't know what 'conduct unbecoming' is.

Fantino is more concerned about McGuinty than Residents
To Fantino the final straw was Mr. Hartless calling McGuinty a Coward. I would argue that McGuinty has been called far worse by people simply because he is in the public eye. He most certainly has been called worse by residents in Caledonia.

But what got Fantino's blood boiling was not the intimidation, threats and the crime faced by residents but that a resident would call his boss a Coward. Fantino knows which side of his bread the butter is on and he knows why he was appointed as commissioner in the first place.

With an election coming up McGuinty cannot publicly attack residents or file a complaint against Mr. Hartless or slander people who speak out. That is why Fantino, the Bully, was picked - not for his ability to restore Law & Order but for his ability to Bully people into silence.

It was okay for Fantino to slander us on TV, radio and in the newspapers. It was okay for him to do name calling for months. It was okay for OPP to do Press Releases calling various people names, but how dare Mr. Hartless call Mr. McGuinty a Coward.

Maybe the problem is Fantino doesn't see McGuinty as a Coward... maybe Fantino sees McGuinty as a man of low principles or a person who lacks any compassion for those he rules over. Maybe Fantino is right, McGuinty isn't a Coward he is just too Self-Absorbed to care for others.

I must say that Fantino is doing a poor job at covering for McGuinty. First, he cannot silence us and now he failed to have Hartless fired.

McGuinty needs to find a New Commissioner