Hartless is a Hero!

July 13, 2007

Mr. Dave Hartless, a Hamilton Police Officer, who lives next to DCE has demonstrated true courage in the face of our modern society's penchant for personal gain.

It would be easy for Mr. Hartless not to take a stand and easy for him to turn his back on the injustices that have occurred in Caledonia. He could have decided that his police career was more important than Truth and Justice. He could have decided that obeying orders was more important than his Oath of Office - the same Oath OPP officers take. He could have decided that there is a greater good and stand by while neighbours were victimized.

He could have easily understood that his wife and family could be harmed, could be the target of attacks and could suffer due to any income lose if he was fired for his actions.

Dave is a Hero. He would not say this himself and that is also the quality of a Hero.

Mr. Hartless is one of the few people I have meet in my life who sees that Truth, Justice and Equality are more than just words. They are the substance that make Nations Great, the glue that binds people together and what can bring about lasting peace.

Mr. Hartless has had his family attacked, his 3 daughters were targeted, but he will not remain silent. [Link]

Mr. Hartless has been assaulted by the Native Protesters but he will not remain silent. [See Class Action Documents]

Mr. Hartless has be targeted by people in positions of power who have tried to have him fired but he will not remain silent. [Link]

Hartless Proves that Standing for your Rights works
The OPP and Governments have learned through Ipperwash how to intimidate and pressure non-Native people to remain silent. They do this because both the OPP and every level of Government refuse to deal with the criminal activities of a small group of Native Protesters.

It is easier for the OPP to arrest peaceful non-Natives trying to raise a Canadian Flag than to arrest armed Native Protesters who have publicly stated there will be bloodshed.

It is easier for Fantino to try to get Hartless fired because Hartless has morals and principles that Fantino cannot possibly understand. Fantino has no problem allowing his officers to violate their Oath of Office, violate the Constitution, violate residents' Rights & Freedoms and even violate basic human compassion towards others.

When OPP Officers can stand by and watch residents be assaulted, while collecting time and a half, then basic human compassion toward your fellow man has been lost.

What twisted logic is there that allows an Officer to swear an Oath to Serve & Protect then to stand by and witness assaults against residents?

In a Democracy the LAST LINE OF DEFENCE against a Police State is for individuals, like Hartless, to take a Stand. When the police and Government know full well that an individual is willing to pay any price for Truth, Justice and Equality then Democracy wins - WE ALL WIN.

Instead of backing off and remaining silent when faced with an assault & attempts upon his family and posible loss of his job, Mr. Hartless went on the attack. Not physically, but with the best weapon you have in a democracy - your Charter Rights. He got a lawyer to force the police to recognize that every Canadian has Rights and he won.

None of us ever wants to be in a situation where we have to make a Stand...

But now that we are in such a situation...

What will we do?

Democracy Lives or Dies based on how we reply to this.