Inspector McLean is worse than Fantino

July 13, 2007

It is hard to imagine that an OPP officer could be worse than Fantino. Fantino's Police State Tactics are completely wrong in any democratic society, but at least Fantino is in the open with his Bully tactics.

McLean is the friend you wish you didn't have
Inspector McLean is the guy who you think is patting you on the back to encourage you, but he is really just trying to find the best place to stick the knife.

When Inspector McLean first came on the scene, a replacement for Insp. Babbitt who became the fall guy in Caledonia, it was Mr. Hartless who directly asked me not to run any negative stories about McLean so he would have a fair chance at getting things in order in Caledonia.

It was Dave Hartless who first meet with Insp. McLean and helped McLean get up to speed on how the residents saw things. To me, Insp. McLean was two-faced from the very beginning when he agreed to show up to meetings and then failed to do so. But I have never done a negative report on Insp. McLean because of Dave's request. Dave changed his view of McLean months ago, but this is the first time I have seen the need to expose Insp. McLean for what he is.

Fantino is a street fighter
With Fantino you know he has targeted you and is figthing against you. Since mid-December Fantino did what he believed any good street fighter would, he met us head on and joined in the media war of words.

By the time Fantino was appointed we had already accomplished so much.

Not only did Gwen Boniface suddenly get the find new employment she got to leave the country. Not too many media outlets are going to send reporters to Ireland to get Boniface's views on things. Irish Newspapers covered the fact that Boniface was leaving Canada and being employeed by Irish police after a petition to have her fired had been started - by the way, it was the first petition we ever started that they were reporting on.

Greater still, we were able to change media attention so that the failure of the OPP to enforce the laws and failure to protect was being seen by everyone.

In comes Fantino who jumps in to this media war of words to attack the very people that got Boniface fired - sorry, she wasn't fired - she just got a new job after signing a new 3 year contract with the OPP.

Fantino's head on attack on us was done on TV, radio and in newspapers. The problem Fantino had was that he was ill equipped for any long term battle because all he had was lies to slander us with. Meanwhile, we stood for Truth and Justice and every event that occurred in Caledonia just exposed the OPP for what they are... a Race Based Policing Agency.

Fantino would still be fighting now if it wasn't for his master realizing that their bull dog was creating too much public attention with his street fight against us. One trip by us to the Queen's Park media room back in April caused McGuinty to duct tape Fantino and to place a short leash on him.

Since then Fantino has been redued to talking about boating safety and car racing and can be found somewhere up North away from most media.

McLean is a back stabber
While Fantino will come at you head on, McLean is the one who smiles and shakes your hand while he is thinking about how to destroy you.

The fact that Hartless was so willing to help McLean is a telling character trait of Hartless. The fact that McLean, months before Fantino, started sending emails against Hartless is also a telling charcter trait about McLean.

Furthermore, in McLean's email he has a problem with Hartless associating with us - somehow that is wrong in a democratic society. What is worse is that McLean spreads lies about us when he states the following:

"In addition Hartless' association to Gary McHale once again in my opinion is a breach of the code of conduct by virtue of McHale's position against the past and present commissioner and his inability to follow rules of law, create breaches of the peace and sponsor the Rally for Freedom this past October. Now once again he is attempting to rally the troublemakers in Caledonia against us to prove his agenda."

It is hard to know where to start with this. This email by McLean is written on Dec. 5, 2006. First, I would say that the OPP must really be a very poor police force because if I fail to 'follow rules of law' and 'create breaches of the peace' then McLean would have to admit the OPP had failed to enforce the 'rules of law' and failed to stop 'breaches of the peace' because they failed to arrest me and failed to issue any warrants against me.

It is Insp. McLean who met with me near where I live just two days before the March for Freedom to determine the route I would take. It was Insp. McLean who spoke with me by phone the night before the March to state the OPP would agree to the route and the schedule for the day. It was Insp. McLean who phoned me up the next day and thanked me for two things: 1) For following the agreed plan and 2) For having a peaceful March.

This smiling Inspector works behind the scenes to lie about people. Insp. McLean knows full well I have never broken any laws and as such have followed fully the 'rule of law'.

Why the behind the scene back stabbing approach... because that is his style.

There will be more stories on this later but one thing is for such, McLean's opinion on what 'misconduct' is has turned out to be wrong.

At least he has this trait in common with Fantino.