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The David Report - Current Intimidation - Aug. 23, 2006

A few things of interest to you and those who reside in the community...

Last night (Aug 22) from 2300 hrs to a little after 2400 hrs a band of native thugs thought it would be amusing to engage in wilful acts of intimidation against the bordering residents of the area.

YET AGAIN the people who have done NOTHING to the natives in an overt manner are harassed, had their children frightened, their sleep destroyed and the threat of violence branded into their homes.They ripped their ATV's back and forth and drove their vehicles honking their horns continuously within the unenforced / unprotected 100ft buffer zone, yes that magical yellow tape line that the OPP and Protestors have touted as being a respected area that won't be breached.

I was not home at the time, I was working the night shift in Hamilton oblivious about what was going on. My wife, and my sister who came down to keep my wife company, were at home. They were up because the noise and the "criminal harassment" and "intimidation" used in the ongoing or should I say unending terror tactics, had kept them up.

Neighbours were out in the street demanding action from a powerless OPP presence of 4 officers, things are escalating so a few more officers are called in and of course those wonderful silver lined cloud people of the MELT team (whose shiny pink smoke has been blown up my posterior on several occasions much to my chagrin). From all reports I have heard so far and cannot vouch for their accuracy, the OPP were there only to keep the residents in line and faced them solely.

Now whether the MELT team were successful in having the trouble makers controlled by some of the more responsible people in the occupation zone or whether they simply got bored of harassing and intimidating people for the night or whether they simply have completed their ordered mission to rile everyone up and then back off is a matter of semantics. Regardless of what stopped it, it stopped or at least moved further back out into the field. The damage, however, was done, the residents were awaken, angry and fearful, the OPP (however unfair it is or may be) was once again shown to be powerless to stop acts of aggression against the residents but amply provided with the unwanted appearance of protecting the bastards and standing with them against the residents.

I completed my shift at 0400 hrs and while on my way home my wife who had still not slept called to ask me to hurry because she thought she heard someone around the cars. The boil of the mixed rage and fear for my family is something that defies explanation, but all who go through it here will know what I am talking about. Not once but twice now my wife's vehicle has been attacked through the night and the lug nuts loosened, the first time she lost a wheel while driving on the highway and slid of the road. Luckily her and my 3 small children were not hurt, this time one wheel was not enough as apparently it did not have the desired effect so it was done again, this time all 4 wheels were loosened to the point you could spin them off with your fingers.

No crash no injuries etc so it must have been real disappointing for the cowards who have deliberately been targeting my wife's minivan filled with child car seats, oh and just so there is no mistake it is parked next to my pickup truck with hunting decals. The attacker(s) can make no mistake over which vehicle belongs to whom.

I got home and checked my vehicle and my wife's (I commute with my partner sometimes) and then I checked my neighbours vehicles in the immediate area on Braemar and Thistlemoor. Thankfully all were tight, my wife was now happier that the vehicles had been checked and found secure all was well????

On another note, just so you're aware, we of the Caledonia Crisis are going to be getting a new incident commander. Inspector Dave McLean is in the process of transferring his duties in Orillia to others and then expects to be down here full time in the very near future. Inspector McLean boasts a prior 21 yrs residency in Caledonia, perhaps he is someone with a vested interest in town security and law and order. I tell you it would be a welcome change to what we have had so far.

Now don't get me wrong I am not blowing his horn for I am relaying only what I was told by him face to face. He specifically wants to meet face to face with all in town who want to, he wants to hear it all directly and not filtered out through the reports or MELT or sgts etc. His email is (he is ready and willing to listen to residents' concerns and requests however the e-mail is not to be used as a direction of spam or hateful attacks. If everyone can act responsibly and give the man a chance we may find ourselves a strong leader for the OPP in Caledonia. He expresses a sincere desire to speak with residents directly.)

I had what was thought to be a 20 minute meeting turn into almost 2hrs during which I requested a few things...

a) the officers posted on Braemar and Kinross actually get out of their cars and stop traffic for both streets and if the vehicle does not live there or is visiting someone specifically it gets turned around and sent back from whence it came... at the moment they are sitting in the cars ignoring traffic most of the time, if they do stop someone it is only those going along Braemar. If you turn left on Kinross that leads you to Thistlemoor which then leads you to Braemar, "wonder of wonders where did that car come from they ask". My point was if you are going to do a job then do it RIGHT.

b) the 100 foot "buffer zone" behind Thistlemoor, Braemar and McRae be patrolled regularly and most importantly during the dark hours. Now I made it clear patrolled does not mean once at dusk / once at dawn and then poke your head out every couple of hours for a look-see in between. I want at minimum an hourly or less active patrol - again if you are doing a job DO IT RIGHT.

c) I want static night compatible security cameras installed along the rear property lines of these same streets, the cameras placed on a motion sensor and pointing down the rear property lines with overlapping coverage. That way when one of these thugs are sneaking in like the bottom feeding slugs they are to do mischief to our properties we have a better chance of catching them or at the very least identifying the target location and providing it with extra security.

d) If, as the new incident commander, he wants to instill any type of townspeople confidence back into the OPP he had better inspire it.... In that it was pointed out that DEEDS AND ONLY DEEDS WILL SPEAK.

David Hartless

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