Caledonia Calls to USA for Help
Oct. 6, 2006
USA Please Help us because McGuinty & Harper will not

As I was going to Brantford today I stopped into Caledonia and was told that the homes near the DCE were now putting up US Flags and calling upon the Americans for help.

We drove over to the area and were amazed by this clear statement against both McGuinty & Harper. The People of Caledonia can no longer rely upon their own elected officials and are pleading for International Help.

It is as if Canada has been reduced to some 3rd world country with a police force that cannot uphold the law. These countries are forced to call upon international help to bring back law & order.

What is equally amazing is that for many in Canada the USA, under Bush, would be the last nation you would call upon for help. It is almost part of our Canadian identity to be anti-American.

But here we have dozens of homes with USA flags on their lawns asking for the USA to do what Harper refuses to do - uphold our constitution.

It is Harper, not McGuinty, that ensures that all Canadians are equal under the law and that call Canadians have certain fundamental rights.

The OPP have violated those rights and attacked democracy itself with their Two Tier Justice. The OPP has failed to uphold our laws and failed to follow their Oath of Office.

Remember just how many people over the past week have been saying that Caledonia doesn't want outside help. The outsiders are not needed. Now we can clearly see that not only would they embrace help from all of Ontario, but also from the International community.