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Apr 16, 2008

McGuinty Liberal Policies Fail Haldimand County: Barrett

PC MPP says lack of long-term planning for infrastructure hurts local municipalities

(Queen’s Park) – Ontario Progressive Conservative Party MPP Toby Barrett (Haldimand-Norfolk) today blasted the McGuinty Liberals saying their failure to implement long range planning has hurt Ontario and is having a negative impact on municipalities in Brantford/Brant and Haldimand County.

“Dalton McGuinty seems to favour the back of a napkin approach to planning,” said Barrett. “After facing more than two years of ongoing conflict and tension locally, now more than ever, Haldimand County needs long-term, sustainable funding and a strategic new approach to infrastructure. Unfortunately, they’re not getting it from this government and the residents of Haldimand County are being left to pay the price.”

Barrett was referring to recent news that Haldimand County did not receive any funding under the province’s $450 million Municipal Rural Infrastructure Initiative for upgrades to the Hagersville waste water infrastructure. The region has experienced a decrease in local development due to ongoing illegal land occupations and protests in the area and as a result, water and waste water rates have been affected.

Barrett raised the issue as part of a debate on a motion proposed by the Progressive Conservative Caucus in the Legislature today. The motion says that the McGuinty Liberal government’s failure to develop and implement any long-term plan has hurt Ontario’s economy and has led the province to the brink of ‘have-not’ status. It says that as a result our ability to support services such as health and long-term care, the environment, infrastructure renewal, education, transportation, tourism development, energy supply, safe communities and agriculture have all been put in jeopardy.

Ontario is on the wrong track under Dalton McGuinty,” said Barrett. “His reactive governing is taking its toll on our great province – our economy is on the brink of a recession and we’ve seen a total breakdown of the rule of law in our local communities. The people of Brantford/Brant and Haldimand County deserve better.”

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