March 2011 Ottawa Presentation

Vandermaas' written presentation

McHale' written presentation

Presentation Handout


Host: Mary Lou Ambrogio - International Free Press Society

Host: Fred Litwin - Host: Free Thinking Film Society

Merlyn Kinrade - Caledonia Residents - Founder of CANACE

Topic: Caledonia’s Victims and Caledonia Myths & Policy Issues

Part 1: Mark Vandermaas - Caledonia Victims Project

Part 2: Mark Vandermaas

Part 3: Mark Vandermaas

Vandermaas' written presentation

 Topic: The Smoking Gun of OPP Corruption and The Caledonia Act

Part 1: Gary McHale - Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

Part 2: Gary McHale - CANACE

Doug Fleming - illegal smoke shops and land claim lawlessness - Pdf copy:

ex-Mayor Marie Trainer from Haldimand County - Pdf copy:

Pam 'Dancer' Dudych Queens Park

The Ernie Palmer Story

Gary McHale vs Sgt Michaud

Hecklers Arrested

‘No More Nightmares’ - Review

Far leftists, unions and Islamic terror group supporters work with organized crime in Caledonia.

30 Minute Presentation Introduction

OPP Style Justice in Ontario