$12 Million Lawsuit Against OPP & Ontario Government

Oct 19,2008 - Globe & Mail: ‘Caledonia’s forgotten family’

Oct 11, 2008 - Globe: Caledonia's forgotten family a symbol of national shame

Sept 23 -Tortured Caledonia Couple sues Government - OPP

Sep 23 -Misfeasance in Public Office

Sep 23 - McGuinty's Government directly Interfering with OPP Operations

Sep 23 - OPP attempts to get resident to lay False Charges against Us.

Sept 23 - OPP refused to answer 911 calls

Sept 23 - 100 RCMP officers at Hamilton Airport, not called by OPP to assist in failed raid

Sept 23 - OPP & DCE thugs co-operate in false arrest of Dave Brown for trespassing on his own property!

Sept 23 - Breach of Duty by Julian Fantino, Gwen Boniface

Sept 23 - More on OPP hiding Camera in residents home

Sept 23 - Suffering at the hands of the OPP & DCE Natives

Sept 23 - Mary-Lou LaPratte comments on “astonishing” comparisons to Ipperwash

-- Info on Trashed Home and OPP Camera --

Apr 17 - Our Queen's Park Release of the OPP Video Camera

Apr 17 - Dancer's Video - No Policing on 6th Line for 19 months

Dec 19 - Spectator: Who trashed our home?

Media coverage

Sept 24 - AM640: Interview with Dave & Dana

Sept 22 - Spectator: 496 days of hell

Sept 22 - Globe: Caledonia couple sue province, OPP

Sept 22 - Spectator: Caledonia family sues OPP for $12M

Sept 22 - Spectator: Lawsuit excerpts

Sept 21 - Open letter to Premier McGuinty and MP Finley

Sept 21 - CTV: Brown - $10 Million Lawsuit

Sept 21 - CTV: Brown - More details about Lawsuit

Sept 21 - CTV: Couple launches $10M-suit over Caledonia dispute

Difference between Native Pride and Native Supremacy Movement

Song of Life


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DCE Security Audio Tapes

Someone has started to post the radio transmissions of OPP & DCE security. I can tell you two things:
1) I didn't post them and 2) They are Real

Ontario Human Rights Violations
by Fantino and OPP Officers:

Sept 13: Letters and Timeline