More Proof of Race Based Policing thanks to Fantino

When residents had a convoy to Queen's Park with the Mayor and a local council member, the OPP handed out a warning to each person regarding possible criminal charges they were willing to lay against people. Now Native Protesters have blocked the #6 bypass for two days without any charges. Maybe Fantino could explain when the Criminal Code was written to be enforced solely based on your skin colour or race? OPP Notice to Residents

Apr 27 - Mini-Report on Racial Policing by the OPP in Ontario

At 10:30 a convoy of about 10 opp cruisers pulled out of the thistlemoor area. There are no cars at all in the Braemar cul-de-sac. Nothing at sterling street. There are about 8 cars in front of the OPP substation in Caledonia and 3 at the stop lights at the south end blocking off highway 6 at the lights. At 10:45 ev3eryone left the Canadian Tire parking Lot. There are still tons of cars on patrol .

10:00 pm - 60 residents have gathered at the School by Thistlemoor. Dozens of OPP are there and countless Natives at the barricade with some banging items against the barricade.

9:25 pm- OPP have blocked the road and are stopping any more residents from getting near the Church. However, Natives are still allowed to go into DCE - number of Natives is increasing on DCE. More OPP are now gathered to keep the groups seperate . OPP video van is now on scene.

8:25 pm - OPP re-enforcement has arrived but was ordered back into their cars. Natives on DCE have setup a fire hose. Only 4-5 OPP separate the Natives and non-Natives in Caledonia. It appears to be another setup by the OPP where they want violence to occur then blame someone - normally the residents for the violence. People should note the time of this post so later the OPP can be held accountable for refusing to have OPP officers at the scene to stop any violence.

8:00 pm April 26 - Six Nations used their radios to call for backup about 20 minutes ago. Now about 50 cars line 6th line. A group of residents have moved from the Canadian Tire and have passed the church toward DCE. OPP have about 20 officers on the scene and are heard radioing for backup.

Six Nations' Council Vote to support Criminal Behaviour:
After days of illegal activities by Native Protesters in Caledonia the 6N council has voted to support them - I guess this makes terrorism in Canada legal?

Photos from Caledonia April 25-26