OPP Brass & Clyde Powless's thugs Coordinate their Assault - Dec 3, 2007

Fantino passes judgement when the Investigation is barely started

OPP's ability to Investigate this Attack is Seriously Questioned

Victims of Assault Request RCMP to handle Investigation

Message from Powless and OPP Brass: "Live in fear because you have no Rights in Canada."

Dec 13 - CANACE calls for RCMP to take over investigation after Fantino blames victims of Caledonia violence

Dec 3 - OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia

Dec 3 - Expositor: "The OPP allowed this to escalate without intervening"

Slow Motion Video - Attack by Powless

Dec 2 - Spectator: Activist badly beaten in Caledonia attack

Dec 3 - Spectator: Violence erupts at Caledonia protest

Dec 3 - FreePress: Caledonia protester to sue OPP

Dec 3 - Sun: Charges expected after protest rally

Dec 3 - Two-tier justice continues in Caledonia

Dec 3 - FreePress: Protest in Caledonia turns ugly

Dec 2 - Spectator: Two injured in violent protest in Caledonia