Fantino's New Friend - Cop Assaulter Clyde Powless

Photo from Turtle Island News - for subscription -

May 28, 2008 - Fantino laughing with Clyde Powless who attacked and assaulted numerous OPP officers on Dec. 1, 2007 which the OPP have refused to charge him for and with Floyd Montour who is the key member of the group that is trying to extort money from builders. Both the injunction in Brantford and Cayuga in the past two week have been injunctions that included Floyd Montour's name. The injunction in Cayuga directly states that Floyd is attempting to extort money from the builders. I guess Fantino has no problem laughing with people who attack his officers and who are heading up extortion. I am sure the front line officers would love to see how much fun Fantino and Cop Assaulter Clyde Powless is having.


What Senior OPP Officer stepped in and stopped assault charges against Clyde Powless for assaulting an OPP Officer?

OPP Supt. Cain stated in an Affidavit that assault charges were already laid but somehow someone stopped the charges.

Here I thought Fantino was concerned about Officers being hurt?

Note: In March we attempted to lay criminal charges against Clyde Powless for assaulting OPP officers. The Crown agrued we should not be allowed to because officers can lay their own charges. Clearly Commissioner Fantino is unwilling to lay charges against his new Friend.

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