A few months ago the public found out that Fantino had threaten Toby Barrett but Mr. Barrett couldn't release Fantino's letter due to privacy rules.

It has now become clear that various Ministers in McGuinty's Government are sharing private document to ensure they cover for various OPP officers. In May 2007 Mark Vandermaas filed a complaint against OPP Commissioner Fantino and two other OPP officers. That complaint went directly to the Minister of Community and Correctional Services. The Minister then passed on that document to the Attorney General's office to be use by Civil Lawyers against Jeff Parkinson and Gary McHale. Lawyers from the Civil branch of the Attorney General then took Mr. Vandermaas' document, without his permission, and filed it at the Cayuga courthouse against Mr. Parkinson and Mr. McHale.

The same document when also used, without Mr. Vandermaas' permission, by the Criminal branch of the Attorney General against Mr. Parkinson to stop him from laying criminal charges against OPP officers.

Since the Attorney General has decided to make this document public - via the court - then we are posting the document for everyone to read. The following link is to a 71 page complaint against the Commissioner which outlines in detail criminal charges that the Commissioner should be facing. Of course, the Government refused to investigate the complaint - no surprise there. However, the document that is posted is the copy from the Minister's officer - see his stamp on page 4. Page one shows that the document was being used in small claims court against Mr. Parkinson and Mr. McHale. Page 2 & 3 show that the document was filed with an Affidavit showing the document to be accurate.

Please take the time to read the document that the Government has made public - it will show just how much work the members of CANACE put into ensuring they have solid evidence to support their arguments in court etc.

The document outlines three criminal charges against the Commissioner:

Part 1. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, s. 139(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 2. INFLUENCING MUNICIPAL OFFICIAL, s. 123(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 3. BREACH OF TRUST BY PUBLIC OFFICER, s. 122 Criminal Code of Canada