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CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)
Legalized MYTHS of illegal occupations

Cost of Native Occupations

The Human Costs of illegal Occupations
Reconcilation Through Equality
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McGuinty's Ipperwash

Media Indepth Reports
Ontario Home Builder's
Association -Spring 2007

Western Standard
Sept 2006

Western Standard
July 2007

Western Standard
July 2007

Toronto Life
Aug 2007

Sun Media
June 2007

Ryerson: Jul 2008
Failed Coverage

Government Reports
Illegal Tobacco and World Wide Terrorism - a Congressional Report

RCMP - Aboriginal
Organized Crime in Canada

Michael Coyle
Report on Caledonia for Fed. Gov.

Auditor Report on
BC Treaty Negotiation

Management Programs
for 1st Nations

!st Nation's Communities of Ontario

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Reports

Native Reports
Six Nations
Land Claims report

Report on Who is HDI
May 2008

Anti-2010 Olympics
A Call to Protest

Misc. Stories
Spectator Report
Jan. 20, 2007

McHale's of
Caledonia 1958

Survey: People's views on Caledonia -Dec 06

Survey: Peope's view on blocades -May 07

Caledonia Emergencry Assistance Report

First Nations - Federal Crown Accord 2004

A Spoof of the OPP 2006 Report

The Original OPP 2006 Report

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Brant & Fantino
Phone Transcripts

Public Alert

Gary McHale run in Federal Election as an Independant
1st Ful Page Ad in Regional News

2nd Ad with Full page of endorsements

Gary's view of the Role of an Independent MP

Gary win 10% of vote and wins Caledonia

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July 23 - OPP say Land Title deeds no good

Native view of DCE occupation

OPP Style Justice in Ontario

Shawn Brant: Terrorist?

March for Freedom
Native Supremacy Movement (Racism)

Killing for Land

Mohawk Warriors


TEXT of Dialogue


Brantford Injunction