OPP Brass & Clyde Powless's thugs Coordinate their Assault

Fantino passes judgement when the Investigation is barely started

OPP's ability to Investigate this Attack is Seriously Questioned

Victims of Assault Request RCMP to handle Investigation

Message from Powless and OPP Brass: "Live in fear because you have no Rights in Canada."

Dec 28 - Sachem: Fears police powers

Dec 27 - Star: Man fights court order barring him from Caledonia

Dec 26 - Spectator: Banned McHale no threat, say mayor, MPP

Dec 24 - CHCH6: Gary McHale's Bail Hearing

Dec 21 - Sachem: Apology

Dec 18 - Regional: Jackson's Comment regarding McHale & OPP

Dec 9 - Canadian Civil Liberties Association turns blind eye to Caledonia’s agony

Dec 9 - Queen’s Park speech by Merlyn Kinrade: “Are we a failed state?”

Dec 9 - McHale strikes back at OPP’s “nice little package”

Dec 8 - Caledonia violence deliberately incited by depraved liar

Dec 8 - Caledonia resident to Fantino: “Oh please.”

Dec 8 - Expositor: Fantino's fury selective

Dec 6 - OPP: OPP Lay Charges in Weekend Disturbance

Dec 5 - Only in Canada you say? Pity.

Dec 5 - Fantino gets smack-down from Record

Dec 5 - Brantford Expositor endorses violence against civil rights activist

Dec 4 - Expositor: Caledonia smoke shop to be removed

Dec 5 - Record: Police willingly ignore illicit cigarette sales

Dec 5 - Spectator: Haldimand council condemns smoke shop scuffle

Dec 5 - Spectator: Caledonia progress needed in a hurry

Dec 4 - CTV: Native-run smoke shop closes after weekend clash

Dec 4 - Expositor: One man charged over Caledonia clash

Dec 4 - Expositor: Take a hint, McHale

Dec 5 - I don't know about Lady Justice...

Dec 3 - OPP Brass, native thugs ensure violence in Caledonia

Dec 3 - Expositor: "The OPP allowed this to escalate without intervening"

Dec 2 - Spectator: Activist badly beaten in Caledonia attack

Dec 3 - Spectator: Violence erupts at Caledonia protest

Dec 3 - FreePress: Caledonia protester to sue OPP

Dec 3 - Sun: Charges expected after protest rally

Dec 3 - Two-tier justice continues in Caledonia

Dec 3 - FreePress: Protest in Caledonia turns ugly

Dec 2 - Spectator: Two injured in violent protest in Caledonia

Dec 20 - VoC speech at ‘Remember Us’ March, Oct 08/07

Dec 20 - Hagersville resident: “Thought this was a free democracy”

Dec 20 - Lessons not learned from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dec 18 - Native racist: “You and all like you don’t belong here.”

Dec 15 - Once upon a time on Six Nations…

Dec 14 - McHale cross-examines OPP as “Two Tier Justice” enters Canadian courtroom for first time!

Dec 13 - CTV News: Fantino walks away from VoC questions

Dec 12 - Kyle Hagan: arrested for ‘Protesting While White’

Dec 12 - Information WANTED - Please Help

Dec 12 - D/Sgt John Murray: Is he just another lying OPP Officer?

Dec 12 - McHale banned from Caledonia

Dec 12 - The Arrest of Kyle Hagan for being 'White'

The Realities of Citizens under Occupation and the Dangers of ignoring Civil Rights

Dec 10 - Mark Watson, Caledonia - The dangers of ignoring Civil Rights

Concerned Citizens of Caledonia at Queen's Park

Dec 4, 2007

Merlyn Kinrade Introduction

Doug Fleming views on Illegal Smoke Shops

Brian Hagan overview of the sittuation in Caledonia

Merlyn Kinrade speech on 'Peacekeeping'

Gary McHale on the Events on Dec. 1

Haldimand Council and Councilor Grice come out against the Residents of Caleodnia

Councilor Grice Statement

Haldimand Council Press Relese

Videos from Dec. 1, 2007

Dec 1 - Dawn Smith's Racist Beliefs

Dec 1 - Clyde Powless Confronts Merlyn

Dec. 1 - Clyde Powless Two Speeches

Dec 1 -Ist Assault on McHale and Assault against OPP officers - no charges laid

Dec 1 - McHale is Setup for Assault Claim

Dec 1 - Turtle Island News Video of Mr. Powless attacking Gary McHale

Dec 1 - CHCH News report of event

Dec 1 - Slow motion video of the attack on McHale

Dec 1 - Video of Clyde Powless confronting McHale

Dec 5 - CANACE Press Release: OPP allowed the violence to escalate

Dec 4 - Toby Barrett: Barrett asks who’s in charge at Caledonia??

Dec 4 - Toby Barrett: Barrett demands public hearings on land disputes

Dec 4- Toby Barrett: NATIVE LAND DISPUTE

Dec 4 - Toby Barrett: We Request Land Dispute Hearings

For More Information on Illegal Smoke Shops etc.: