Dave Hartless is Cleared
Last updated: Jul 17, 2007

Jul 7 - Dave Hartless is Cleared

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Documents to Review

Jul 7 - Dave Hartless is Cleared

Jun 13 - Leenderste Affidavit (Deputy Chief of Hamilton Police)

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Mar 4 - March for Freedom - Caledonia supports Dave Hartless

Dear Gary, Mark and all the kind people who stood up for my big brother and all those who dare to have a different opinion from the OPP Commissioner and our poor excuse for a Government.

I am proud to have him as my brother and as my friend and to know the man he is will truly show you why he stands for what he believes in. From the time we were little he always knew what he wanted and who he wanted to be.

I am truly saddened by the OPP Commissioners attempts to bully my brother into submission. As his sister I would like you to know that this will never happen.  David is true to his word and his beliefs and will deal with whatever comes his way with honour.

Proud Sister Laura Hartless - March 4, 2007