HELPLESS: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, And How the Law Failed All of Us


Photo:Christie with CANACE members (L to R): Gary McHale, Jeff Parkinson, Christie Blatchford, Mark Vandermaas, Merlyn Kinrade

Oct 27, 2010 - Toronto Sun: Helpless in Caledonia: Worthington

Oct 27, 2010 - Western Standard: Caledonia and Mr Law and Order

Superior Court Orders Fantino to face criminal charges for threatening Haldimand County

HELPLESS by Christie Blatchford promotional website

Michael Coren & Christie Blatchford (4 part video)

Oct 27, 2010: CBC Radio - Helpless by Blatchford

June 1, 2010: Michael Coren & Gary McHale