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Resident of Caledonia ask Media a Serious Question but will they listen
Media Coverage - Several newspaper were at the rally and many of these papers will not go to print until later this week

Aug 23 - Hamilton Spectator: Residents march in Caledonia

Aug 20 - Regional: Friday rally at OPP detachment in Cayuga

Aug 23 - CD98.9 Haldimand News: Caledonia Residents Calling on OPP

Aug 20 - Regional: Message to the citizens of Caledonia

Aug 20 - Brantford Expositor: Rally on Friday to 'Protect Families'

Aug 18 - Brantford Expositor: Police warn about debris being thrown from Highway 6 overpass

For Two Years the OPP have been promising to meet... here is the latest attempt to speak with OPP brass. Remember the Native Protesters have Fantino's cell phone number and Fantino has meet with them many times.

"Protect Our Families" Rally

 at Haldimand OPP Detachment

Highway #54, Cayuga

Friday, August 22, 2008 at 10 a.m.

Full Details

Aug 13 - Regional: Comment - Police "aggressively" monitoring Highway 6 bypass

Aug 9, 2008 - No one has Died Yet: No Thanks to OPP

Aug 9, 2008 - MISCHIEF

Aug 09, 2008 - Hamilton Spectator: Rock thrown at window hurts passenger

Dangerous bypass in Caledonia

For nearly two years the OPP has done little to stop repeated examples of Native Protesters from throwning objects over the bypass onto the traffic below. In Aug. 2006 both the Mayor and I spoke on CHCH TV about this problem. In Sept. 2006, several more vehicles were damaged and in one case the driver ran and caught the people who committed this crime... the OPP were stationed nearby watching but refused to help or stop the people from throwing objects over the bypass. It took the OPP 8 months to issue a press release warning the public. The problem has continued solely because the OPP refuse to deal with the Native Protesters who repeatedly use this very bridge to endanger people's lives.

This week more vehicles have been damaged - again no warning from the OPP or any action to stop these crimes. Here is a email from Mayor Trainer to OPP Insp. McLean:

Sent on behalf of Mayor Marie Trainer, Residents have been complaining about the damage caused by people throwing items off the Sterling Street bridge onto the Highway #6 bypass. Could someone please advise of any precautions taking place so that no one is injured or killed as a result. Thank you.

I guess someone must be injured before the OPP will act - remember Sam Gaultieri.

Aug 1, 2008 - WARNING re Sterling bridge overpass in Caledonia

Aug 1, 2008 - Bypass hazard may force more private prosecution

Aug 01, 2008 - Brantford Expositor: OPP seek public's help after debris thrown from overpass

Finally a Press Release from the OPP


Natives have been throwing objects over the overpass for 10 months - someone is going to die.

June 27, 2007 - Regional: Warning for Caledonia

June 16, 2007 - CP: Large rock thrown from overpass hits woman's car

June 16, 2007 - OPP: Driver Escapes Injury - Rock Thrown From Bridge

Sept 6, 2006 - Regional News: Six Nations teens caught throwing rocks off bridge

Aug. 4, 2006 - Dangerous Highways - Public Safety at Risk