To The Editor: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

April 13, 2007

Our OPP Commissioner has now decided to launch a character assassination on councilor Grice, so does that mean he's going to lay off McHale or continue his diatribe on both individuals. The Commissioner is upset that Grice is seen to be pushing justice for all in his communications, isn't that what Canada is about on the world stage.

Every councilor and the Mayor should feel duty bound to support your fellow councilor and every citizen of Caledonia should show their support for Grice in his endeavor to expose the problems that two-tier justice has created.
The Commissioner seems to hold McHale responsible for injuries to his officers when in fact not a single officer has been injured in McHales peaceful protests. This man (McHale) does not condone violence in any shape or form as the Commissioner is well aware of yet fails to apprise people of it.
The Commissioner states his concern for preserving the peace and that its peaceful in Caledonia and then the next breathe it's a dangerous and volatile environment - chaotic and turbulent. That's confusing is it peaceful or is it the aforementioned you can't have it both ways.
The Commission states the D.C.E. Is not of our doing (OPP) however, Justice Marshall ordered the illegals off D.C.E. The OPP responded in kind, with an ill prepared attempt to remove the illegals with embarrassing consequences for the front line officers.  The previous Commissioner was responsible for the failure to uphold the law and the present Commissioner has done nothing to rectify the intolerable and illegal situation.  Lets blame McHale for that even though he was non existent at the time but if we keep on blaming him perhaps people will start to believe it- you know the power of suggestion - that deflects criticism, so lets dispense with the circumvention we have all been subjected to for over a year.
As I write of my concerns CH 11 breaking news states the Commissioner is threatening to pull his officers out of Caledonia - how many more intimidating threats is this council going to endure before the bullying tactics cease.
Stand tall, strong and united councilors and perhaps the people, namely the silent majority will finally speak up in support.
In closing remember all the Canadian blood that's been spilled and continues to be spilled for freedom and democracy even though the Commissioner cares not to debate the (CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS)
Respectfully Submitted
Mike Collins
Caledonia Resident