April 14, 2007

I am a resident of Ontario. Mr. McHale is a resident of Ontario. Someone in North Bay or Thunder Bay is a resident of Ontario. None of us are “Outsiders”. Mr. Fantino’s actions, inaction’s and attacks on the Canadian Charter of Rights, have a bearing on ALL Ontario Residents, (read “insiders”). If I am not mistaken, Mr. Fantino is the Commissioner of the “Ontario Provincial Police” which oversees and uphold the law for ALL Ontario residents. Last I checked, the name has NOT been changed to the CPP (“ Caledonia Provincial Police”)

Us “outsiders” have been asked to go to our local MPP’s for action on this mess. I tried with my local liberal MPP (Mississauga) and the response was laughable. He obviously had no idea of the situation and refused to comment on it as “he is an elected official and can not comment on issues before the courts”.

To threaten legal action (civil or criminal) against a potential peaceful protester for the potential actions of another non-peaceful protester is morally bankrupt, if not illegal in itself. Note that Mr. Fantino’s comments did not clarify the nature or perpetrator actually responsible for any injury to his officer’s, but rather has laid the grounds for  “pre-determined guilt”

In effect, what Mr. Fantino has decried is that if Mr. McHale, or anyone supporting him happens to stroll down Argyle Street, peacefully, with a Canadian flag and an OPP officer gets injured or worse by anyone, including a native protester, not associated with Gary McHale, Mr. McHale and the Haldimand council are responsible.

May I suggest, contrary to the many calls for Mr. Fantino’s resignation, the he not resign, but be terminated and immediately tried for obstruction of justice, treason, failing to uphold the charter and any other charges that can be laid against him.

His actions are nothing short of DISGUSTING!!!!

I wanted to withhold name due to fear of reprisal in this police state we are living in, but that would also be wrong.

Chris Robertshaw