Fantino should be terminated with cause

By Bob Brunner, Stoney Creek
The Hamilton Spectator(
Apr 18, 2007)

Re: "Fantino 'deeply disturbed' by comments, threatens to withdraw OPP from Caledonia" (April 13)

I believe that when a senior police official threatens to remove policing from an area because of comments or opinions expressed by a politician, that senior police official should be terminated with cause.

The police should never form their policies or run their operations based on whether they agree with current political opinion.

To support the OPP commissioner's position is to limit public debate and the right to free speech.

The job of the police is to maintain order and uphold the law as decided by us, the voting public, not their own political position. To suggest the police will not maintain the public peace when citizens gather to peacefully protest suggests not a democratic, free society, but rather a police state where the police decide who may gather and who may not.