Fantino 'like a schoolyard bully'

By Jim Houston, Caledonia
The Hamilton Spectator
(Apr 18, 2007)

Re: "Fantino 'deeply disturbed' by comments, threatens to withdraw OPP from Caledonia" (April 13) and 'Fantino's fury does no good' (Editorial, April 14)

Having read The Spectator's report on OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino's e-mail, then seeing your editorial the next day, I am writing to say I could not agree with you more.

When did freedom of speech go out the window? How could the chief of police for Ontario have the audacity to threaten a councillor for expressing his opinion on any subject, let alone a subject with such sensitivity to those of us who live in Caledonia?

What arrogance.

Where does this man find the gall to then threaten Haldimand County and, like a schoolyard bully, promise to take his ball away if the game is not played on his terms?

Where is the maturity one would expect of a man in such an elevated position?

Considering the gravity of the situation in Caledonia and the tensions that do exist, one would think Fantino would have shown better judgment in making such negative comments.

I respect the fact that the rank and file officers of the OPP have had a difficult and sometimes thankless task in Caledonia, but it should also be noted that many of the citizens of Caledonia and many of the natives on the Six Nations Reserve have also had a difficult time of it over the past year.

Fantino has nothing to say about this in his e-mail, as he has nothing to say about upholding the law in Ontario.

Have we entered a new era in Ontario where the police have only their own interests at heart? From the general tone of Mr. Fantino's letter it certainly looks like we are heading that way.

God help Ontario. God help Caledonia. God help me for writing this.

Whatever happened to "To Serve and Protect?"