Fantino should remember who pays his salary

By Deborah Murphy, Binbrook
The Hamilton Spectator(Apr 19, 2007)

Re: "Fantino 'deeply disturbed' by comments, threatens to withdraw OPP from Caledonia" (April 13)

Isn't it interesting that in reference to the situation in Caledonia, the first firm stand of any kind we get from OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is in reaction to actions of an "outside agitator" who isn't native.

I don't recall any type of stand at all taken against the dozens of non-resident natives who came to Caledonia from the U.S. to support the natives as they yelled "We want war."

As far as being an "outsider," Fantino's and his officers' salaries are paid by all of us taxpayers, including Gary McHale.

If McHale is planning any action it is only because our government is so busy being politically correct that they have forgotten they are supposed to be governing.

But I forgot -- unless the natives get exactly what they want, they won't accept "our" government, although they haven't yet refused to accept that same government's health-care plan, dental care plans, pension plans, social assistance plans, educational grants and so on.

Fantino should remember who pays his salary and who he is supposed to be protecting -- the people who believe in the government that hired him.