Hazel's Update from Grand River July 18, 2007

She:kon brothers, sisters, friends and allies:

In the “talks” with Canada and Ontario regarding their claims to our land [Haldimand Tract], Canada says they have a legal surrender to “Kanonhstaton” (former Douglas Creek Estates that we reclaimed in February 2006]). They have no proof of surrender even if monies were paid for that parcel of land. We asked, “Show us the benefits to the Six Nations”. At the last talks Canada admitted that without saying it.

They have documentation on the payments made on some of the Caledonia Town Lots. They have none on some of the parcels. Only “notes” in a ledger. Well, it doesn’t work that way!

How many times have we been forced to pay a bill twice if we didn’t have a receipt and the company doesn’t have a record? They won’t accept our note on our bill that it was paid. They want a “receipt”. We want a receipt for our land. We want to see where the money went that was taken from our trust fund and how it benefited the Six Nations. We already have proof on how it benefited everyone else.

The Crown brought their documents that support their position on Moulton Township (block 5) and for the Caledonia Town Lots. They didn’t give us a breakdown on how they came up with the $125 million dollar offer for four of their claims.

They told us, ‘There are several ways that Canada might arrive at a figure. One might take the land value in the 1800’s, interest compounded annually, blah blah blah. Then there are variances or discrepancies on how many acres of land was actually effected with the Welland Canal flooding, blah blah blah”. After beating around the bush, they said, “We’re not prepared to give you that”.

We asked, “So why did you offer it?” They said, “We want to protect the honor of the crown”.

When they don’t want to give information, they say, “We’re gonna be fair, rational and protect the honor of the crown. We can’t tell you how we came up with the $125 million”, because they have no idea how they got that figure. It’s like setting a trap, hoping the bait will be big enough to catch something. Sorry, there ain’t no suckers in this river of life!!!!!

They are trying to make us part of their “specific claims policy” which has nothing to do with us. They have to stick to the principals of the Two Row and the Silver Covenant Chain. Every chance they get they try to shove their Canadian policies down our throats.

Some of our people are ready to shove it right back(except into another “orifice”, if you get the drift!) Our research team is preparing to counter Canada’s claim to our land in about four weeks.

Under the “A & A” side table, four of the original houses at Kanonhstaton have been taken down and the lands around them leveled. Two more are in the process. That will leave four remaining structures.

Work continues to stop the soil erosion and return the land to its most original state. Silt is being cleaned out of the culvert. The province realizes that the problem with the water flow under the culvert was from the previous housing development on the east side of Plank Road. It has nothing to do with our stopping the development of Kanonhstaton.

Interfering with the natural order of things (like Creeks and streams) cause drainage and sediment problems. They should ask the farmer who lives across the road. He knows a thing or two!

Timmins Martell is nearly finished with Phase I of the archaeological work on the site. The final report is due at the end of July leaving a couple of weeks to respond. It will be presented to the community by the end of August.

The people will have to decide whether to continue onto Phase II or leave the land as it is. The damage was done when the topsoil was removed before we took back our land, which can’t be undone. Any historical evidence was removed when the soil was removed. We need to address the area straight back from “Silver Pines”.

“Public Awareness and Education” side table did a presentation for our relatives from the Columbia Amazon. We shared information on protecting the environment and the forests. All Onkwehonweh
can relate to this. Six Nations has the largest Carolinian Forest in all of Ontario, all of which needs to be protected.

We agreed to support one another in asserting our sovereignty over our traditional homelands. This is one way to stop the encroachment and destructive actions of the colonial government. Recently we spoke with the Chief of another Nation that is currently involved in a fight to protect their lands and environment. It was like hitting the rewind button! Threats of injunctions, police action, etc., etc.

Indian Affairs still thinks they have the right to determine who we are. These “status Indians”, “non-status” and “Bill C31’s” categories are meant to undermine our matrilineal society that determines who we are, our clans and our nations. It is part of the GENOCIDE plan to rid the world of “the Indian problem”. The “Indian problem” is “Indian Affairs”, the “Indian Act” and those “Agents” [of the colonial government]!

At a recent side table meeting Sub-Chief Leroy Hill hit ‘em good. He told Canada it was and still is guilty of 9 out of the 10 examples of “genocide” according to the United Nations’ criteria. No one is holding them accountable! Not even the UN. The Department of Justice lawyers said, “It wasn’t intentional, and so Canada is not guilty”. They didn’t accept Hitler’s lame excuses! He wasn’t guilty until he was caught! Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

All the side table talks meet regularly, except the “Consultation” one. The feds and the provinces walked out when our people stopped the development in Hagersville. They violate their own laws when they don’t consult us about development on our land.

Canada and Ontario have continually refused to stop selling our lands, issuing permits for development and do not protect the interests of their own citizens. They left us no alternative but to protect the interests of our future generations.

Any developer, banker, realtor or resident is crazy to believe the province which says it’s “business as usual along the Grand River”. The phony crown patents that were unilaterally issued in the early 1800’s aren’t worth the PAPER they’re written on.

The federal and provincial governments must CEASE this FRAUD against us and its citizens. It’s extortion – of taxes on lands that they have no legal title to. Their taxpayers have to pay millions for “negotiations” over Indigenous land being falsely claimed. They end up paying exorbitant “settlements”. The taxpayers haven’t gotten sick enough of it yet to stop it. No-one is looking out for the interests of the public, except maybe the Haudenosaunee.

Haldimand Council is demanding a seat at the negotiations. They are already represented by the Federal and Provincial negotiators! Are Mayor Marie Trainer of Caledonia and her council saying that Ron Doering, Barbara McDougal and Murray Cooligan can’t handle the job. They want “Dianne Findlay” to fix it all.

Marie, throwing a temper tantrum because you can’t develop our lands isn’t gaining our sympathy. Get your brain around 900 thousand acres of land stolen from us (not including the Nanfan or all of Turtle Island), or having billions of dollars extorted, or our trust monies embezzled, the list goes on!

Marie, when you say you’ve been held hostage for over a year, think about the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bondage our people have been in for hundreds of years. We have every intention of dealing with every city, town, township and municipality along the Grand River. If anyone wants peace, they should line up at our door to renew their leases for our lands they currently occupy. After that we might discuss future leases or development of our land. It has to fit into our “places to grow”, “green plan” and IF they are willing to adhere to the principals of PEACE & FRIENDSHIP set out in the Two Row.

Finally, the June 29th day of action. On our way home we were stopped in traffic at the corner of Highways #17 and #69. I said to my mom, “well, it’s either an accident or our people are demonstrating”. After about an hour things got moving again. For all those who were out there that day, in the pouring rain, waving flags and standing in unity and solidarity, we honked our horn in support and waved like crazy. Right On!!!!!! We experienced it from the traveler’s side. Yes, we can dish it out and we’re glad to take it.

Why is Mohawk Shawn Brant of Tyendinaga being charged and held without bail? CN Rail willingly stopped the trains that day to support our national day of action! The OPP shut down Hwy. 401 to support us. What did Shawn Brant do, and what did he get charged with??????

We want Justice for all of Creation. We stand in the Light, carry truth as our sword, and honor and protect the Law of the Land provided by Creation.

In Love, Light & Peace,

Email: thebasketcase@on.aibn.com

Summarized and posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News