Boy 'War' Toys Club: Members Only

Special Report

MNN. August 1, 2007. Ardoch and Shabot Algonquins [42 miles north of Kingston Ontario Canada] continue to block Frontenac Ventures Corp. and MREL [Mining Resources Engineering Limited]. Frontenac wants to start uranium mining and MREL is blowing up bombs on unceded Algonquin Indigenous territory.

We already know MREL keeps company with the military industry's "defense" and law enforcement agencies. MREL is a member of "IABTI" [International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators) which has 85 "exclusive club" members. MREL is one of the 33 "explosive experts". They're getting together for the big "blow up" at the FPED (Force Protection Equipment Demonstration) in Virginia U.S. this month.

Hundreds of companies are demonstrating their "war toys". It's sponsored in part by TSWG(Technical Support Working Group). MREL is also part of this "gang of blow offs" who are going to explode their creations for an action hungry crowd of 10,000 pyromaniacs! Fire works were invented for fun and amusement. The Europeans turned them into weapons of war.

MREL is on CADSI's [Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries] list of hundreds of organizations known as the Canadian "merchants of death". MREL is on a short list of 6 specially licensed “bomb makers” and “bomb-blower-uppers” in Canada.

"" describes itself as "military purchasing news for defense procurement managers and contractors". Their articles swoon over bombs, fighter planes, helicopters, ships, robots, bombs and more bombs, "boooomm!" "crash!" "wham!" "bam!" "aahhh""k#%^!!!" e-e-eek!" "ow"! "ala kazam!"

Another bomb maker has appeared on the horizon. "Canada Explosives" revealed in an article on "Allen-Vanguard" of Ottawa that, "the U.S. has led the way in robots for explosives and ‘ordnance disposal’, [Do the robots dance the tango too?] That's ‘bang’ talk for killing people. [Once of these days they’ll boomerang and get it right back. Who are the real terrorists anyway?] Allen-Vanguard was selected for the Canadian Forces 5-year "mini rov" [robot] program. The order is worth CDN$3.7 million. Another is worth CDN$1.6 million." It gets cheaper when you order more!

Canada gave Allen-Vanguard and MREL permission to give everybody a "blow up job", you know, kill people. [I could go on but I digress.] It doesn't come cheap. Allen-Vanguard is also a member of both IABTI and CADSI. Its facilities are at Stoney Creek, Ontario. They are building a new research and development facility in Cork County, Ireland.

In the past Canada was a conciliator. It built its reputation on peace. Peacemaking requires courage, skill and tact. Too bad Canada’s position as a ‘peacemaker’ from the time of Lester B. Pearson has been shattered by the new macho image of Canadians gleefully slaughtering people. [in Somalia, in Afghanistan, are we next?] Does it really make it better that Canada is not as bad as the U.S.? How can anyone tell the difference between those two war monsters?

Allen-Vanguard devices are used by the military in more than 120 countries on both sides of the issue. [Gotta make money anyway they can!] They offer counter-terrorist equipment systems for defeating “conventional and unconventional terrorist devices." What's conventional about killing people? Whose convention? MREL provides them with high speed cameras to take pictures of their war devastation.

Their customers include the RCMP, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Army and Marine Corps, fire and police departments in Canada and U.S., the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, the Austrian National Response Team, the Swedish Response Team, Denmark Special Security Forces, Irish Special Security Forces, the South Korean Army, the Australian Army and the Israeli police." What are all these guys doing buying weapons if their mission is supposed to be peace?

A strange connection has been made. A very interesting obituary recently appeared in the Ontario Genealogical Society web site. It was a long tribute to Ontario Provincial Police OPP murderer "Kenneth Deane". He killed unarmed Indigenous activist Dudley George during a protest on unceded Chippewa territory at Ipperwash Park.

Deane belonged to "the exclusive ranks of the OPP's "Tactical Rescue Unit" [TRU], the special squad deployed in hostage-taking situations". Were the Indigenous at Ipperwash hostages? Are the Algonquin OPP at the Sharbot Lake protest members of TRU? Are they marksmen that can pick off somebody they don’t want around there?

Deane was "leading a highly trained, four-man team of marksmen" when he shot and killed Dudley George. Deane was one of the best marksmen in the business. He was trained to say that he "saw a weapon" even though other witnesses did not.

Deane was convicted of "criminal negligence" causing death and never went to jail. He also never made it to the Ipperwash Inquiry.

Deane was in Oka [Quebec] with the OPP during the Mohawk Crisis in 1990. The Mohawks at Kanehsatake were defending their territory. Snipers are assassins. He was brought in as a specialist. He was at Grassy Narrows when another OPP was shot dead in 1991.

Deane was forced to resign in 1997. He went to work for security at a Ontario Hydro nuclear station. His last job was Canadian sales manager for Allen-Vanguard Response Systems. [When five white vans show up out of the blue at various “disturbances”, these are private militias otherwise known as mercenaries]. “Security” is part of the Allen-Vanguard’s business. Try to tell us now that Indigenous people are not targeted!

Now hold on a minute here. This large company that deals with dangerous stuff like bombs, toxic chemicals, radiation and classified military contracts hires a guy who was convicted of criminal negligence causing death in a high profile case! This is how a police state operates, wouldn’t you say?

Deane was willing to pull the trigger on an Indigenous. Others would not do that. He was a valuable commodity for those pushing this totalitarian agenda. They need guys who will shoot Indigenous without question or remorse. We have to be very wary of police agencies that produce guys like this on a massive scale. They are trained to become an automaton, especially when their crosshairs are on an Indigenous. They are worse than street gangs because they are trained, armed, funded and protected by the establishment.

When Deane killed Dudley George he got his “badge” and was promoted to the private $ector! Kenneth Deane died in a car accident in February 2006 on Highway 401 near Prescott during a snow squall. He was getting close to testifying at the Ipperwash Inquiry. [With so much skullduggery, how can we be sure this guy is really dead? Maybe he’s been sent overseas to shoot Indigenous people somewhere else!] Two other OPP officers involved in the Dudley George shooting died in car accidents. Sgt. Margaret Eve died in a car crash on Hwy. 401 near Chatham, Ontario, and Inspector Dale Linton died in a single car accident near Smiths Falls, near Perth. This is where the Algonquins and their supporters are fighting against a proposed uranium mine and explosives business on Algonquin land.

Isn’t this suspicious! From “Jonestown” to “Exterminator”! We have just learned that Indian Affairs Minister, Jim “Jonestown” Prentice is becoming the new Minister of National Defense. Does his military experience for the job include turning Indian Affairs into a “War Department”? He also allowed the “war mongers” to use us as “guinea pigs” to try out their lethal weaponry and to test their killing machines on our lands. He is joining the “big boys” who kill people rather than save humanity. He should turn DND funds into fixing Canada’s crumbling infra structure. If not, Canada we will see more “Minneapolis” type national disasters.

The Algonquins continue to block the Robertson mine site with no resolution in sight. Support and donations are needed. [Contact: Chief Paula Sherman 705-696-2188; Bob Lovelace 613-532 2166; Harold Perry 613-479-5534; Lynn Daniluk 613-267-0539; Ormond Lee 613-267-7584; Chief Doreen Davis 613-484-8868].

Special Report to MNN
Edited by Kahentinetha Horn
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