Six Nations Update: This time it’s “Cayuga Heights

August 6, 2007

Mohawk Nation News

The City of Brantford and the County of Brant Politicians just aren't "gettin' it"! They recently stated in a local newspaper they, more or less, are going to continue to sell land that clearly belongs to us and the coming faces of our nation. They, more or less, stated a proviso to its clients to "buyer beware". Their blatant theft and destruction of our land continues.

Their message to us is clear... the true titleholders can “go to hell” 'cause they have “money to make”.
Early in the morning on Friday August 3rd, 2007, a small group of us left Kanonhstaton, [otherwise known in the past as “Douglas Creek Estates”]. We met at a local plaza. We then traveled to our land historically known as “Cayuga Heights”. It’s been renamed “Cainsville”.

We discovered that a housing development is currently underway, called "Grand Valley Trails". So far 30 homes have been sold at an average of $300, 000.00. “Brookfield Homes” is hoping to sell over 200 by the time they are done. That's over $60 million dollars!! [When the buyers find out about the phony titles will Ontario pay them off like they did the Henco Brothers who got $17 million?]
Holy crap!!! That's half of what Canada offered us for the theft of our trust funds to building the Law Society of Upper Law Society, McGill University and practically all of the infrastructure throughout Canada today!!!

This does not include the development of the health system, education system, corporations and everything else rich people are enjoying from the theft of our land and resources. Oh yeah, I forgot. Canada offered us $125 million which included “Burtch”, the “Welland Feeder Dam” (which they already have an agreement with Ontario Hydro to use without consulting the owners, us!!) and “Moulton Township” too.

Remember... that's only one housing development!!!
We gathered in front of the site on Johnson Road and Garden Avenue. It was a stone's throw from highway 403 [in so-called Ontario, Canada]. This specific area is known as the "Johnson Tract", which is over 7,000 acres of our unsold, unsurrendered traditional territory.

In case a buyer may actually want to “beware” of false deeds being provided by the illegal sellers, take the time to research land titles before investing any money. Indian Affairs has a whole file dedicated to this tract. It's registry file number is B8260-371.
We stood along the highway. One of our men was kind enough to donate a sign for the day. It simply stated, "Six Nations Land". It was the original one hung up at the gate when we reclaimed Douglas Creek Estates on February 28, 2006. Niawen to him.

Our focus has not changed since that day, We are still fighting for the land and our birth!

This area of the Johnson tract has been clear cut and the top soil removed. It’s being prepped for the 200 plus homes a Markham company called Brookfield Homes hopes to build. Are they dreaming? What are they smoking?  
The day was stiflingly hot. Still we stood. Skinheads drove by and yelled, "White Supremacy". We smiled and waved. We were ordered to 'Go Home!!'  We’ re still trying to figure that one out!!! We even had one round of “Capture the Flag”. (White Supremasists seem to love our flags!)
One man brought us water. Niawen. Many people stopped by and talked with us and read our information pamphlets. It poured rain all around us, but not on us. Creation kept us safe and dry. It was a perfect day.
CANADA has to make money from their theft of our possessions!
We, as Onkwehonweh - the real people - have our traditional responsibilities and birthrights to uphold and protect.

Thanks for your support. We continue to need it.  

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