Algonquins of Sharbot and Ardoch Lakes to be served Decision Mon. Aug. 13

Aug. 12, 2007. Everybody's been in Kingston Court trying to kick the Algonquins off their land to start uranium exploration and an environmental catastrophe.  Frontenac Ventures Corporation wants to sue them for $77 million and they want an injunction to stop the Algonquins from being on their land and protecting it.  At present the Algonquins and their settler supporters are occupying the Robertsville Mine on Highway 509 which is 42 miles north of Kingston Ontario Canada.  

The Ontario government has been illegally giving out permits to exploration companies on unsurrendered Algonquin lands who  refuse to come under the colonial Indian Act.  They are sovereign and independent.  Any relationship has to be nation to nation according to international law and the constitution of Canada.   Lawyer for the Ontario government, Owen Young, knows this issues so well.  He appears to have done an about turn.  in 1990 he defended the Mohawks at Kanehsatake / Oka  based on their constitutional jurisdiction, that they had not surrendered their land.  They were all acquitted of all charges.  He is now defending the Ontario government's issuing illegal permits.  

There are ongoing discussions regarding this land.  This hostile act on the part of Ontario could jeopardize ongoing talks.  The Algonquins have no intention of leaving their land or their blockade.  Any effort to serve any illegal documents is a provocation that could lead to a major crisis of integrity for Canada.  "We have major environmental concerns."

Algonquins, friends, allies, supporters, are needed to come to the aid of or to monitor the situation.   

Kahentinetha Horn   
Mohawk Nation News