SN Rally @ Law Society of Upper CANADA

Posted by MNN. August 15, 2007.


has been the cry of many CANADIANS, however they are referring to the illegal imposition of their 'law' on sovereign nations, us the Six Nations Confederacy. The cry has also included equal treatment and application of the 'law' for Ongwehonweh (the real people) and Canadians.

Well, let's have it.

In CANADA all who are in 'contempt of court' or are 'violating a court order' or 'fail to acknowledge or respect the rule of law' are subject to arrest and detention and will go through the process of criminalization CANADA has laid out.

On April 20, 2006 @ Kanonhstaton (Douglas Creek Estates) CANADA, ONTARIO and the OPP set the standard for executing a 'contempt of court' injunction.

They declared it an acceptable standard of arrest for a 'contempt of court' charge to taser young children, drag women around by the hair, handcuff and assault 70 year old men, pepperspray unarmed women, men and children, beat grandmothers at a ratio of 5 to 1.

They declared it an acceptable standard of arrest to point high calibre weapons at close range at sleeping 10 month old and 2 year old babies and new mothers.

They declared it an acceptable standard of arrest to use snipers carrying all types of heavy artillery to chase down unarmed women and children in the dark.

They declared it legal and an acceptable standard to assault, threaten and terrorize unarmed, sleeping Natives of all ages.

Well, now let's talk about equal treatment under the 'law'.

Who drug Marie Trainer around by the hair for inciting violence on Native women? NOBODY.

Who is being held accountable for all levels of CANADA for not upholding section 35 of their constitution and breaking their own laws? NOBODY.

Who is being held accountable for UPPER CANADA stealing Six Nations' money from the GRAND RIVER NAVIGATION COMPANY to build the LAW SOCIETY OF UPPER CANADA? NOBODY.

One rule of law, yeah right.

The fight against discrimination against Ongwehonweh in the legal system is just beginning.
The very foundation of CANADA'S legal system is based on theft, fraud and deceit.

Theft of our land, theft of our lease money, forged documents, etc.


@ The Law Society of
Upper Canada
130 Queen Street West in Toronto.

A peaceful gathering to speak about the accepted and legislated discrimination against Natives, the true history of the Law Society of UPPER CANADA and the CANADIAN "Rule of Law".

We need your support.
skennen, niawen.
(peace, thank you)

Janie Jamieson
Six Nations