OPP & Court Set Fire to Kindling at Sharbot Lake

WED. AUG 29, 2007

Mohawk Nation News
Aug. 29, 2007. The June 29th attempt to provoke indigenous violence failed. This hasn’t stopped the existing regime of stale dated colonial buffoons from trying to set a match to kindling. The only trouble is we ain’t kindling. We’re rock solid. They have the guns and pepper spray which they use to maintain their power. We’re the ones standing on the rock of nation-to-nation relations and mutual respect. This knot on their brain gives them a distorted reflection of themselves and their delusions.

On Monday August 27th Judge Gordon Thomson ignored his duty to be impartial. How could he. He sits on the other side of the table. Acting as a puppet of Frontenac Ventures and their corporate and government backers, he forgot that there is no evidence that the Algonquins ever relinquished their land and jurisdiction. In full colonial form, he corralled the OPP to serve the short sighted greed of his masters. He issued the order to remove the Algonquins from their land. They have been protesting the incursions of Frontenac Ventures and their plot to mine uranium on their land.

Chief Randy Cota has been “reassigned” to duty as an OPP officer in Orillia. His “superiors” ordered him to stay away from and not communicate with the protest camp site and his people “for his own good”. OPP officer McPhearson said, "It wouldn't be fair to subject him to something. We have to help Randy to maneuver between both his positions”. Why?

This may be an astute move. The legality of being an OPP officer
and a chief is questionable. It’s a conflict between the two worlds. Just like Canadians no longer allow judges to be Members of Parliament.

Let’s get this straight. No traditional indigenous person would kill
another, even if they are dressed like the enemy. This confused
the British and French when they were fighting each other and
trying to get us to join their respective factions a couple of centuries ago.

With Randy we would do what President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did in 2002. The oligarchy had conducted a coup, deposed his government and instated martial law. The people put Chavez back in. He gave his CIA backed detractors amnesty and told them they are free as long as they follow the people’s law. The OPP are trying to justify what they are going to do by making plans behind our backs. They are not inviting us to talk with them about our disagreement about the status of our land and their rights on it. They are instead getting out their guns and flak jackets, polishing their pepper spray cans, and running to their judges to get stamps of approval for their illegal actions.

The Algonquins are an independent nation, that never agreed to become part of Canada. It is well established in international law that a large nation cannot take over a small nation without the fully informed consent of its people. If Canada thinks it has rights to sell to greedy carpet baggers like Frontenac Ventures, than it better get out their documentation to prove it. We all know they ain’t got nothing except their guns and bluff.

We are always open to meeting people on an equal human-to-human basis. We know that everyone has a voice. Everyone’s circumstances need to be considered.

There were quite a few settlers at the protest site yesterday. Most of them work in Ottawa. Many of them have big homes on Algonquin land. They appreciate the natural character of the land which the Algonquins wish to maintain.

We share concerns about the environment and human decency. The more they mix with us, the more they learn. No, we’re not gangsters. A group of women met with Ardoch Chief Harold Perry. From the beginning they wanted to act in solidarity and set up a tent city along the road allowance. They want the public to know that it is not just Algonquins or adolescent protestors who oppose the uranium mine. Solid Canadian citizens want a
clean healthy life too. Harold, Bob Lovelace and others agreed.

Settlers feared getting arrested. Many are becoming less afraid. They see the bigger picture that supporting us is part of supporting their democratic rights. This is the last frontier for them. They don’t have to lie down and let unprincipled corporate greed walk all over them.

Mainstream Canadians remain naïve about the scams that have become standard practice in some departments of their government. We know that the next move by the OPP and their masters or whoever pulls the strings will try to put a wedge between them and us. They want the public to think that we are the rabble rousers. They will dress up as basic red necks, Manure disturbers like skinheads, Brown Shirts and KKK. They will hire expensive spin doctors to manage the media to fool the Canadian
public and turn them against us. Anything, to avoid an honest straight forward simple nation to nation discussion.

The OPP “Major Events Liaison Team” MELT arrived. It sounds like they are trying to set up a training exercise or another Chernobyl. A major concern was whether Frontenac Ventures would bring in their own "police" or “mercenaries” if the OPP “fail” to carry out the “evacuation” of the protesters. The Algonquins reminded them they are not leaving the land of their ancestors and of their coming generations!

Frontenac is nothing but a “for-profit” paper created corporation that is being given a beating heart by phony permits and licenses from those other paper made corporations - Ontario and Canada. These man-made monsters are propped up by "government" agencies and armed forced. The judge is lying when he pretends
that Frontenac has a life and then pits this rigged organization against living breathing human beings who have been on our land since time immemorial. The judge is in fact setting up a massive gang rape of the current and future generations of our people, of our land and even of his own "Canadian" people.

These fraud has to be recognized. these fiends have to be disarmed of their arms and legs - the financial, military and judicial apparatus which are being used in an attempt to gobble us up. We just have to follow our original instructions to deal with these monstrously artificial constructs that have been concocted out of paper.

The meeting took place in the gazebo outside the gate with all present standing around in a circle and certain ones sitting in the inner circle. It was not private or secret like the meetings that we know must be going on among various colonial government agencies.

When the 2 OPP arrived to be part of a peace meeting, Inspector McPhearson was told to get rid of his gun. Nobody else came armed except with our will to deal fairly. He went in a huff and made a great show of locking his gun belt in the trunk of his car. As every mother knows, kids sometime fuss about behaving
themselves in mixed company. By the way, the front wheel of his cruiser was sticking out onto the road ready to be accidentally hit by a passerby. He not only flunked “Negotiations 101” and PVO. He did not learn how to park.

The meeting opened with a smudge, pipe smoking and talking feather. Chief Doreen, Chief Paula Sherman, Lily, Mitchell, Harold, Don, Bob, a Native woman who is a lawyer offering pro bono, OPP McPhearson and OPP Mike Forrester took part. The Algonquin warriors stood in the outer circle and spoke up whenever they had something to say.

From the beginning, McPhearson said, “We will tell you ahead of time of any actions we may take or any change in plan”. Friends and supporters worldwide, this makes it obvious that he and his managers intend to continue violating our rights by making decisions without consulting us. What he really meant was “We
reserve the right to surprise attack you any time of the day or night like we did at Six Nations, but this time we will win. You won't know what hit you and we reserve the right to change the plan at any time”. In other words, he is totally ignorant of both
international law and the support that has been given to this standard of consultation by the Supreme Court of Canada over the last 20 years.

The sheriff was to deliver the revised injunction as early as Tuesday afternoon, August 28th. OPP Mike Forrester told us, “I give you my word, when anything changes, I’ll make sure a message gets to you”. Yeah! Sure, we’ve heard seen that before. Their message is usually in the form of tear gas, pepper spray and police invasions. In OPP sneak-speak, this means, “My word means nothing. You can count on it. We intend to use you for target practice, just like we did with Dudley George”. This time they don’t want to get caught. Their game has not changed. Their still playing “cowboys and injuns” and “might makes right”

He said, “We are bound by the law but the judge gave us discretionary options”. Isn’t this a contradiction? This means, “We can do what we want. We’ll be nice if you obey our commands. Or we can blast you from here to kingdom come”.
Do they think we don’t know a threat when we see one?

He said, “We will do whatever it takes to maintain the peace
because we are peacekeepers”!! [So what’s with the guns, tasers, pepper spray and clubs to beat us with?] He kept referring to the OPP as “my "organization"! It almost sounded like “my orgasm. He is power drunk and has no understanding of
the original history of the police in his culture. They were meant to protect people from rowdies, not to become rowdies themselves. The OPP neither consults nor serves the public. They don’t understand that we are an egalitarian society where
everyone has a voice in the consensual decision making process.

They take orders from a private disreputable greedy company that is destroying the environment and manufacturing weapons and dangerous material which is strictly illegal according to international law. Why should any state protect arms
manufacturers and environmental terrorists?

He said he wants to see “a resolution that everyone can live with”. This means he wants us to live under the heel of his boot. They should get their butts out of here where it doesn’t belong.

They can stop breaking Algonquin law, Canadian law and international law. We can live with that! He told us, “We're not going to sneak in, we're not coming in masses”. This means, “We learned the lessons of Montibello. We are going to send in a few guys who will be wearing cheap sneakers, not standard issue police boots. They always say the opposite of what they are going to do. The OPP will sneak in and will come in masses.

Chief Doreen Davis hit him with questions that shook McPhearson. He admitted he hadn't read the Order that he claimed to be following. He is ready to follow his own discretion. [Can this guy read?]. “I need a lawyer to interpret it for me” [so I’ll know what I’m doing]. He got smaller and smaller as more question were pelted at him.

Chief Doreen asked him about the settlers being arrested outside of the gates. McPhearson said, “All I know is there's a big difference which side of the fence you're on”. He admitted to being biased.

Chief Doreen wanted to know if anyone inside could go out for medical appointments. He said, “I don’t know”. This is a serious concern for the people there. Many are sick from the environmental contamination by previous uranium mining and other illegal ventures.

As Chief Doreen pointed out, nothing has changed since Caledonia and Ipperwash. The colonizers haven’t learned a thing. They are bent on imposing their paradigms on us. He was speechless. For all his confusion McPhearson probably wants to be a good guy. Too bad his “Machiavellian” handlers are too
chicken to show their faces to us.

The Algonquins reminded them that Canada as the other party to the dispute cannot be the judge, jury and executioner. It violates the basic principle of nation to nation relations and the rule of law as defined and agreed too by the nations of the world. Any dispute must be done before a neutral third party that has no vested interest in the outcome.

One man tried to nail McPhearson, “How much time will you give us before you invade and attack? 20 minutes?”

McPhearson eloquently remarked, "We appreciate the unique dynamic of this situation. But there has to be some kind of end to this, some kind of resolution”. There is! Stop your lawlessness. Stop being the muscle for fictional characters like Frontenac Ventures Corporation. Is he suggesting that they are all going to
go back to where they came from? Henh! We bet they want to go back to ignoring us like they did during the theft of our land they called “settlement”.

The situation is critical. This is an international crisis. Please call Ontario Premier McGuinty's office at 416-325-1941 and Prime Minister Stephen Harper at pm@pm.gc.ca demanding they pull his cops off at the Robertsville Mine site on Algonquin territory near Sharbot Lake. Stop this before it becomes “militarized”. He ignores the Ardoch Algonquin chiefs who have repeatedly asked for a meeting.

Stay tuned for more. Contact: paulasherman@trentu.ca; chiefdoreen@aol.com; john@plentycanada.com; rcota@sympatico.ca

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