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Sept 13, 2007

Elaine: To all of you commenting above, how would you feel if your family member lost their property in DCE or now in Stirling Woods? If your husband or father or brother was beaten unconscious and continued to be beaten even after he was unconscious? I guess as long as nothing happens to you, anything else is okay. It’s easy to philosophize and criticize when it doesn’t affect you personally.

My family and I have been living with this for over 19 months now, and it is time for this nonsense to STOP!!! I’m sick of watching this situation with DCE, and now Stirling Woods, take its toll on my family. And please don’t give me your sympathies, because unless you’re willing to stand up for what’s right, sympathies don’t matter at all.

And Mark and Gary, thank you for making us feel like we are not alone in this and that there are other Canadians who care.

NOTE: Elaine's comment was originally left for readers of another VoC article in which several readers were criticizing our efforts on behalf of Caledonians. Mark Vandermaas, Editor

Mr. Premier: 

You may not know or care but a man was attacked by natives in Caledonia today in his own house. This man may not live tonight.

 Your policy of non-action has likely now cost a life of an individual who wanted nothing but to build a new home for himself and his family.

If it wasn't time up until today for you to step in and end these senseless occupations by Six Nations natives of developments in this Province it is now.

Mr. Premier, get off your comfortable ass and deal with this situation and deal with it now.

Since Land Management and Land Titles is the responsibility of the Province I want no longer to hear your stupid comment that it is Federal responsibility.

You control deeds, land management and the OPP and it is high time that you now find the spine to deal with an issue that has been yours from the beginning.

If there was no reason to come to Caledonia so far I think we now have a situation that warrants you coming here and apologizing to the citizens of this fine town.

I expect you likely will not respond to this message because that would mean you would actually have to deal with a real issue in this Province.

Resident of Caledonia

The news of an innocent homeowner next to DCE in the Stirling subdivision in Caledonia today has brought back all the heartache of Ipperwash. The natives are staying the night. Now the OPP are patrolling the streets adjacent to this new occupied site, because residents are being threatened. The lack of support for the OPP at Ipperwash by the government and the Courts brought the two-tier justice we now have. The Ipperwash Inquiry carved it in stone. Now native warriors all over Ontario have the green light to threaten, vandalize, occupy land illegally and even attempt murder without interference. We truly live in dangerous times.

I have written the Liberal Party to tell them that blood of innocent residents caught in land claims violence is on the hands of the government for allowing the escalation of crimes and violence to continue unabated in this Province for seventeen months (if you do not include Ipperwash). Justice Linden also has blood on his hands for this recent injury of a homeowner for finding natives blameless in land disputes.

If we don’t have the Rule of Law, we have nothing. I have spent one quarter of my life fighting the injustice of violent native land occupations, and I wonder if I will live long enough to feel truly safe in this Province ever again. Perhaps if enough people are willing to tell their stories, the government will have to admit they have taken the wrong road and we will succumb to Anarchy if it is not straightened out. I fear for the future of my grandchildren. I so hoped to leave a safer, cleaner and fairer society for them to live to the best of their ability and means.

Take Care and God Bless

11:12 Daniel Nolan
The Hamilton Spectator

Up to 20 native protestors are occupying a hill near a contested development site in Caledonia tonight.

The occupation follows an altercation earlier in the day that sent a Caledonia man, 52, to hospital. Now, up to 50 area residents have gathered by the Stirling Woods subdivision. OPP, provincial officials and area councillors are also at the site.

Police have formed a line between the residents and the natives.

There are reports that native elders are trying to talk the natives down from the hill, which is located at the north-west corner of the subdivision site.

Aboriginal protesters moved onto the 90-home subdivision at about 7.30 a.m. Thursday, circling it with yellow tape and flying warrior society flags. At about 4 p.m., a sub-developer got into a confrontation with a group of occupiers and was injured. He was taken from the site by ambulance in serious condition..

Stirling Woods is on Stirling Street, a few hundred metres from the Douglas Creek Estates. Douglas Creek has been occupied for 19 months by protesters who claim it is native land.

10:45 Family has told OPP that Sam can Identify the people who attacked him if he gets to see photos. Family told the OPP they better take a stand.

9:30 Family say Sam (man injured) is seriously hurt - back of head is caved in and the family said to media they couldn't even recognize him. Sam was beaten even after being knocked unconscious and family members walked in and scared the Native Protesters off. Buck Sloat just showed up at Stirling St.

Rec Site Post: "This [man injured], which never have happened in the first place, comes at an extremely bad time just prior to the election. Tory and Mchale must be loving it. Word has it the injured man was hit with a 2x4. McGuinty, if this isn't the fire that gets you involved, nothing will. After this, how can your minister in good conscience say it's between the developers and the natives to settle? "

9:00 Following report has been posted, "He [opp officer] told me that a female cop was assaulted. Just then a friend of mine with a scanner came up and told me he had heard over the radio that a female cop was being attacked by Indians. Seems he didn't care that we in Caledonia knew what was going on and did not hide the details."

Dear Sir, [to Liberal Party] I am appalled at the apathy of the Liberal Government in regards to the safety of the innocent residents and businesses caught in the native land claims process and the illegal occupations of public and private land.

Are our deeds worth the paper they are written on?

Why do we pay land transfer tax if our properties are not secure from native occupation and interferance???

Why are the OPP not obligated to observe the Police Act and to protect citizens from the crime, vandalism, threats, and bodily harm perpetrated by native occupiers in land claims.?

Can you explain to me why ordinary , law-abiding citizens, of this Province, have been told they must fend for themselves if a native confrontation occurs on their land?

Do we not pay for protection through our property taxes for the services of the OPP?

A man was injured in a native confrontation today in Caledonia.  I personnally feel that the Liberal government is to blame,  because they have done nothing to stem the escalation of violence ongoing in this Province for over seventeen months.   Do we have one law for all or are only the aboriginals covered, and the rest of us are fair game for whatever the natives dish out up to and including attempted murder.

8:10 Residents of McCrae St. are reporting to OPP that Natives, who are travelling along the tracks as they come and go from Stirling St., are threatening them. OPP have started a car patrol of the area.

7:50 Natives have decided to stay the night - they have setup a bonfire fire

OPP are stopping all residents from entering area - of course, Native people can come and go at will.

6:10 CHCH News just reported the home owner was found unconscious - family members are claiming a group of Native Protesters attacked him. Native Protesters are claiming that no one was allowed in these homes and they were just providing security so no homes would be damaged.

You can clearly hear how outragiously arrogant the Native Protesters are who believe they have the right to tell owners they cannot be on their own property. The Idea that they believe they can patrol a development and confront people just demonstrates the absolute danger these extremists pose against the fundamental 'Rule of Law'.

*** Of Course OPP are providing the Occupiers with security ***

Six Nations protest begins near Caledonia

Spectator Wire services

CALEDONIA —  The native occupation of a housing development turned ugly Thursday afternoon when a man was injured in a confrontation with protesters.
Aboriginal protesters moved onto the 90-home Stirling Woods subdivision at about 7.30 a.m. Thursday, circling it with yellow tape and flying warrior society flags. At about 4 p.m., a man got into some kind of confrontation with a group of occupiers and was injured. He was taken from the site by ambulance. No information was available on his condition or what caused the flare-up.
As many as 40 protesters, many wearing masks, moved onto the property in the early morning. Construction workers were on site but left later in the day. It was generally peaceful, though the two sides got into at least one shouting match.
Ontario Provincial Police were on the scene in force in the event of trouble.
Stirling Woods is on Stirling Street,  a few hundred metres from the Douglas Creek Estates. Douglas Creek has been occupied for 19 months by protesters who claim it is native land.They say it was wrongly taken from them 200 years ago.
Protesters shut down the same site just a few weeks ago, prompting talks with the developer.
But the protesters say the developer didn’t agree to the terms they set out, so they returned to the site.

**** Is this Extortion just like in Brantford ****

5:24 pm - OPP are blocking all NON-NATIVES from going to Stirling Development. Once again we see the OPP operating as personal body guards for illegal occupiers. OPP doesn't stop occupiers from arriving and occupier then just stop residents and the legal owners.

5:20 pm - Report of one partially built home was set on fire and the fire department has responded and the fire is now out.

5:00 pm - Residents have reported, and now confirmed by CHCH News, that one home owner at the Development was attacked and sent to the hospital. OPP are investigating the event.

4:00 pm - For the whole day about 50 Native People have illegally occupied the Development by the burned out Stirling Bridge.

OPP claimed the occupation would be over by 12 noon - once again the OPP either outright lied to the public or demonstrated just how clueless they are about such things.