Here we go again........... or did it ever really stop?

Sept 15, 2007

Another occupation of land properly purchased, zoned and being developed, occupied by not only threat of violence but with violence which sent a long time and respected builder to hospital with serious head injuries.

This occurs not in some back country area away from any type of civilization but here in a town synonymous now with being basically the most heavily policed hamlet in the country. Per capita Caledonia has probably more police officers on duty and in a confined area than most towns and cities could even hope to achieve, and yet another occupation of private property and another brutal attack causing significant injury has occurred.

Empowerment and emboldenment are the mainstays of the thugs that have been allowed to operate unchecked, when there is no penalty for abhorrant action, no challenge to unbridled criminality then only chaos and malevolence remain.

The Province who has recently affirmed that they stand behind their land registry titles also advised that they encourage the developers effected to somehow seek their own answers to the occupation problem because the Province cannot do anything (will not do anything) to help them.

So what is the answer here?

Will those of us who are trapped in a situation we did not create, have no control over and cannot escape from, be bought out so that we can try and start with a fresh slate elsewhere? Dream on... it will never be allowed to happen.

Will all of a sudden the past animosity, ill will and violence be erased like some kind of bad dream and thus be replaced with that peacefulness and confidence which we used to have in this sleepy little bedroom community? Call me a cynic but there is no silver lining to this storm cloud we are caught in, no happy ending, no pleasant peaceful bliss to wrap oneself up in.

Does a peaceful community degenerate into vigilante style justice and throw away it's roots and strength in honourable and respectful conduct in order to respond to the base need of security and emotional response to a requirement of survival? Is it what we have grown to despise that which we now are to become???

Do we follow suit with the suggestion of some of the developers and those passing scuttlebutt around to circumvent the system that has continuously failed us by hiring our own community private security service to guard against and / or respond to private property incursions and security concerns? Can it possibly be that this community in one of the greatest countries in the world requires "mercenaries" (because that is essentially what they would be) to protect us and our interests where others will not or cannot.

Do we sink our head into the sand and concentrate on being oblivious to all the insanity that is reigning around us and pray that it lands in anyone elses yard but our own? Well it seems to be working for the government and beaurocrats but they are also sitting in Ottawa, Toronto etc and not living with it at their back door.

What is it going to cost our heart and soul before we can once again not dread having to come home to Caledonia,or fear leaving our home and loved ones within it's borders knowing that there is no security in this town.

David Hartless
Caledonia, Ontario

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" Benjamin Franklin