Fantino's OPP should have acted faster to save costs

Heather Cross Heeg
The Hamilton Spectator

(Nov 9, 2007)

Re: 'Fantino takes aim; says agitators play big role in $32m cost of policing Caledonia' (Column, Nov. 8)

It is pretty arrogant and nervy of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino to blame Gary McHale for the huge chunk of money spent on the policing on Caledonia during the native occupation dispute. Maybe if Fantino and his officers had done their job right the first time -- more than a year and half ago -- he wouldn't be complaining about the cost of all of this.

It is amazing to me how much money our OPP officers get paid -- for doing nothing. What an awesome career! My advice to Fantino is this: If he wants to place blame on someone, he should look himself square in the mirror.