Fantino shows lack of leadership, judgment

Mike Schierenberg
Stoney Creek
The Hamilton Spectator

(Nov 12, 2007)

Re: 'Fantino takes aim; Says agitators play big role in $32m cost of policing Caledonia' (Column, Nov. 8)

Julian Fantino tries to deflect some blame on the rising costs of policing Caledonia. He fails to mention the real reason for high policing costs in Caledonia: the native protest.

The OPP should be there to quell the disturbances of the protest, protect the community, and uphold the law. In the beginning it seemed the OPP was working for the natives since the police seemed to be invisible when the natives allegedly broke laws and blocked roads. A few acts of policing have happened since.

But to place blame and apparent anger over Gary McHale being a protester on the non-native side shows a lack of leadership and judgment in Fantino. The OPP boss should be grateful his employment is in a peaceful country. Being Canadian, we show our displeasure and disapproval by writing letters.

Some other cultures would be up in arms with civil protests. Thousands of protesters would flock the streets, shutting down everything. Just look in the international section of any newspaper. Fantino is challenged by one guy. He should count his lucky stars.