Policing McHale's Caledonia rallies 'a pittance'

Garry Horsnell
The Hamilton Spectator

(Nov 15, 2007)

Re: 'Fantino takes aim; Says agitators play big role in $32m cost of policing Caledonia' (Column, Nov. 8)

This column said that OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is upset with the $500,000 plus cost of policing Gary McHale's rallies in Caledonia.

Well, whoop-dee-do.

This is a pittance compared to the total cost of $32 million for policing Caledonia because Six Nations protesters occupied the Douglas Creek Estates land.

It also pales in comparison to the total cost to Ontario taxpayers for policing, repairing a vandalized hydro transformer, cleaning up and repairing the blocked highway, compensating Caledonia homeowners, compensating businesses, paying negotiators, Ontario buying the land for about $12 million, etc., etc., etc.

The total cost caused by the native protest is probably well over $100 million and growing, while the cost to cover McHale is half a million. I think the natives win.

Besides, if McHale wasn't organizing protests, someone from Caledonia probably would and it would cost the OPP just as much.