Protest doesn't belong in 'hood

Toronto Sun
March 3, 2008

WOODBRIDGE -- Neighbours of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino called yesterday's protest on their street an "invasion" and "inappropriate."

"This is not right. Democracy is being abused," said Rocco Lofranco, who has lived on the street for 30 years and has seen nothing like this before.

The affable Lofranco, a president of his own international consulting firm, stood on his porch across the street from Fantino's home smiling and asking whether the protesters wanted to come inside for some food or wine.

"This is an invasion of his privacy, no question," said Lofranco, who didn't take the protest too seriously. "This is a residents' area.


"If they want to demonstrate, they should go to his office. Anywhere else but here."

Asked if he knew a protest was planned, Lofranco said he didn't have a clue but he did notice a large police presence the night before.

"I asked what are you guys (the police) doing and they said, 'Nothing.' But I suspected something was happening," Lofranco said.

He suggested the protesters go to Queen's Park and speak with Dalton McGuinty about the problems in Caledonia and that they shouldn't blame Fantino.

"He doesn't make the law, he protects the law. He puts the law in practice. He does not make the law," Lofranco said.

Another neighbour, Frank, who was out watching the commotion, said the demonstration was "quite inappropriate."

"They must feel pretty strong about coming here, but it isn't right," he said, before being told by his wife not to speak to the media.