We're all indoctrinated, no matter who we are

Letter - The Regional

January 7, 2009

Indoctrination in Canadian culture, but also in Islamic, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, Nazism, Americanism or Judaism or even terrorists acting in martyrism includes us all, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Pentecostal and Baptism etc.

"Mommy, why do I have to go to Church?" Because, becauseā€¦"But, I don't want to go to Sunday School today". You're going because, becauseā€¦!

Years later these same children became young men or women having jouned the church as members. But have they thought of why their belief is so strong, or why their parents' guidance has caused them to metamorph into a true and absolute faith, without any questions as to why I should believe in this or that or what physical proof is there? And I believe because I believe. This has been a form of indoctrination, used in many dialogues.

Now Six Nations Indians similarly learn from their earliest childhood that they own all of the land six miles on each side of the Grand River from source to mouth and this land was all stolen from them by the White Man's invasion.

We Indians still own all of the land in Brantford, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hagersville, Dunnville and even Caledonia and don't believe what the White Men have written down, which they call the basic proof of law. Even on our blood stamped deeds, with our thumb prints, made with blood used from our hands. The elected council is the White Man's council even though we voted for our representatives because any failure to have a democratic vote supporting our council would disallow is in receiving a hundred million dollars per year. You see, the White Man is smart only because they're all crooked.

We have all been treated with intentional harm and abuse, when none of the white race has been abused. The stories about some of them going to jail are all false or misleading, we Indians who live in a separate country but suffer from their laws and courts.

This also is indoctrination when told again and again, from before their children can comprehend to an adult age.

So without saying there is not a God, please understand in our or the Indian culture that our children all start off in life by indoctrination.

But the Indian children are also not told that their forefathers were refugees from the USA and that their now land claim was previously owned by the Neutral Indians, whose population was killed and raped by the warring Indian tribes hundreds of years ago. These Neutral Indians were the only aboriginal Indians of this area. Washington in the year 1782 instructed USA General Sullivan's command to direct hostility against the Six Nations in their home of New York State with the object of total destruction and devastation of their settlement. Capture as many prisoners of every age, ruin their crops and prevent them from planting more and lay waste of all settlements to not merely overrun, but to be destroyed. All Iroquois Indians migrated and took refuge in Upper Canada, to get away from the Americans who were killing them.

Therefore, they were acting as mercenaries in negotiating with English Canada in the payment of, in possession only, of land rights, similar but different from our forest industries timber rights of today

They agreed to bargaining in only a mercenary way, and used their best leverage in receiving the possession of lands along the Grand River and the right to build a village. The Indians in bargaining only were granted possession for food and hunting on the land and not total ownership, which required a grant in fee simple, which would have been total ownership.

This appeased the Indians until 1840 when under their complaints of possession only and a democratic vote approved by their majority in receiving 44,000 acres on which they did have total ownership within Canada in lieu of any and all land claims of possession previously granted to them.

So when in this world belonging to us all, will we advance to understand by both parties learning from the true history and documentations explaining to another culture and their beliefs and negotiate properly with transparency in the situation today, without bringing up the past injustices, misunderstandings, vindictiveness and bitterness caused by the verbatim and hearsay interpretations, that can only lead us to nowhere or doomsday.

We all have our individual ways of thinking, it's only when we believe too much one way that we or our societies enter into problems.

G. Jamie McMaster