Finley supported her constituents

Letter - The Regional

January 21, 2009

I read the papers and hear on the radio stations and view the blogs about how the Liberal MP Todd Russell and Six Nations lawyer Aaron Detlor are deeply criticizing MP Diane Finley for signing on to the Caledonia petition, accusations of her signature putting land claim negotiations in jeopardy are thrown out and attempts to figuratively flay her for doing so abound.

For those of us who have ACTUALLY been living in this purgatory for the last 3 years and counting, this signature actually means something to us. This really is the first direct and tangible thing that Diane has done for her constituents regarding this issue, people can criticize her all day long but the fact remains that MP Diane Finley is OUR community representative and OUR elected voice; as such her duty is to her CONSTITUENTS regardless of any other factor or personal opinion….

This signature is a positive and legitimate action by her for the constituents whom she serves and represents… Her signature is in keeping with her duty, her responsibility and her commitment to actively REPRESENT Haldimand Norfolk as OUR voice….

I congratulate her and completely support her in this action, and for those people in elected office who are busy throwing stink on her for signing the petition I tell them this…. She did her duty for us.  When called upon will you do yours for the people you represent or will you simply dismiss your constituents and their voice until of course you need them come election time?

We thank you Diane!!!

David Hartless