In response to David Dunham Sr.'s rant

Letter - The Regional

January 28, 2009

What rock or cave have you been under or in?

This is about a community (Caledonia) attacked and terrorized by a bunch of thugs while Dalton and the boys looked the other way.

Six Nations didn't send the interlopers packing nor did they rein in the sympathizers. Gwen Boniface jumped ship because of fear, being in over her head and Dalton's dissatisfaction.

This was about crimes being committed by masked criminals with bats on a peaceful community while law enforcement looked the other way.

This is about Fantino rubbing shoulders with the people that committed the crimes and extolling their virtues while ignoring the law abiding taxpaying citizens that pay his wages. This is about Fantino saying he's here to keep the peace when in fact he is supposed to enforce the law.

There is no peace in Caledonia, nor will there be until the threat of violence is dealt with and land claim lawlessness is a distant memory.

In closing, Mr. Dunham, Fantino is adamant he's calling the shots, not Dalton or his government. I smell treason.

And the best you can come up with is genocide. Please!

M. Kinrade

RCN Ret'd