It's up to governments to solve

Letter - The Regional

February 4, 2009

It is obvious that the views of an outsider is seen as being a traitor. My opinions were never in defence of any criminal offense that occurred at D.C.E. My views were about the conditions of a people who have been denied basic needs. It appears that the readers are of the opinion that you are either with us or against us which is not the case.

Had the government moved quickly when the situation had occurred at the D.C.E. they could have possibly resolved the majority of the problem but they chose to use Ipperwash as an excuse not to. They have let the situation simmer to the point now where there seems to be hate between two peoples that have lived in peace for years.

Those criminals you speak of should have been prosecuted but I don't believe that decision was made by one man alone, just as the situation that occurred at Ipperwash was not decided by one man but by a government directive.

I still maintain that the government could have defused the problem at D.C.E. had they moved immediately and decisively they could have de-escalated what took place, but they lit it go to the point where it appears that hate permeates every opinion, "all of us against all of them."

As long as the people find reasons not to hold the government responsible for the ongoing problem nothing is going to change in Caledonia.

If insulting me for my view makes you feel better then that is something I will have to bear, but I still maintain it is not the people of Caledonia or the entire population of the Six Nations people who are responsible. If pressure is not put on the Federal and Provincial Governments do you actually think this problem will be resolved by the Provincial Police? It is not going to resolve itself.

I have made my view of ending the situation at D.C.E. to both the Provincial and Federal Governments but they still continue to let the problem grow. What will be the result? An outright was between two peoples.

I am through corresponding to the Regional Paper. Feel free to insult me again if you feel that is what you must do but insults and hatred are not going to solve the problem in Caledonia. Only the Federal and Provincial Governments can do that and if they don't what's next.

Dave Dunham Sr.