What is wrong with seeking the truth?

Letter - The Regional

February 4, 2009

Why are we so afraid of asking our politicians, public figures, or people such as native protesters – who choose to push their own agenda at the expense of others – to be accountable for their actions? Many people have pointed the finger at who to blame, politicians have passed the political football, local people have been painted with a broad brush and what continues to foster is the very thing that everyone wants to eliminate: racism.

For the past few years I have been involved in the Caledonia dispute with the natives and their claims against our governments, and unfortunately there is no accountability of anyone involved. The saddest part of it all, is that the innocent people who choose to try and lead a normal life with their neighbors, regardless of which side they are on, keep wondering what thoughts are running through each other's heads, wondering whether there is animosity within them, wondering whether they should subject their kids to an environment that will undoubtedly impact and shape their core beliefs, good or bad. Left to wonder where lies the truth.

I choose not to regurgitate the same propaganda that has been written over and over, but rather challenge you the people, who can help by holding all parties accountable to the truth.

We are in a unique position in this country, whereby we live by the very idea of democracy. But recently we are witnessing how undemocratic our society really can be. Every conceivable option has been exercised to reach all levels of government, and quite frankly no one is listening. So I ask, what does it take?

Maybe a petition asking for an inquiry will help to bring us all to a fuller understanding. Maybe it will hold our public figures on a tighter string; maybe it will force them to no longer pass the political football. Maybe it will apply some much needed pressure on the highly paid negotiators.

What is the downside to a public inquiry? There is none, unless you are afraid of the truth.

I encourage you to take a peaceful, but powerful stand. It is time to put an end to the nonsense that continues to affect us all in Ontario and it can only happen when we all come together to support our neighboring communities.

I encourage you to exercise your democratic right and place your name on the petition that is asking this provincial government to open up an inquiry to open the window into the truths, to allow us to not just understand our political system, but to understand our friends who are the First Nations, their challenges and what they face. To bring about the truths that will better prepare us all to deal with land claims in our backyards. To empower our police forces with a more consistent appropriate application of the rule of law. Mostly, to ensure that communities are not left to collide as did Caledonia and Six Nations, and more recently Brantford.

We can all continue to look in the rear view mirror or we can be a part of a constructive and better future. For a petition please contact me at caledoniapetition1@gmail.com.

Ken Hewitt