Rally at Queen’s Park: Say NO to Barrett’s Political Inquiry



Feb 18, 2009

The Regional


It is truly unfortunate that CANACE is forced to publicly reject Toby Barrett's proposed inquiry due to the fact that the people of Caledonia, Haldimand and Ontario have made it clear they want an Inquiry into Race-Based Policing by the OPP, and not another politically motivated Inquiry as was Ipperwash.

Mr. Barrett’s inquiry into political interference and the ownership of land has nothing to do with Mr. Hewitt’s call to examine the racial bias displayed by the Commissioner, in and out of the Courts; the illegal actions of the OPP in enforcing race-based policing policies upon the residents in Caledonia; and the true costs of OPP policing.

An inquiry that will require an investment of four years and tens of millions of dollars to examine the validity of land claims and political interference in policing by McGuinty will end up doing little if anything about law and order. The residents of Caledonia will only be given a false sense of hope, as were the residents of Ipperwash, that this Inquiry Mr. Barrett is calling for would be able to help them. While political parties fight it out to score points against each other, the people will continue to be victimized.

We understand why Mr. Barrett and the PC Party want to embarrass the Premier as McGuinty once did to Mike Harris however, the issues are too important to be playing politics with the lives and safety of the people of Caledonia.

Ordinary Canadians have been fighting for 2.5 years against Race-Based Policing – NOT Land Claims. We, at CANACE, cannot allowed this grassroots movement to force a thorough inquiry into Race Based Policing to be hijacked by any political party. We, therefore, call upon people to join us in denouncing the current wording of Mr. Barrett's inquiry and demand changes to ensure a proper inquiry is held.

We ask that people join us at 11am  on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009 at Queen's Park in Toronto to tell Mr. Barrett; the PC Party; the media and anyone else who will listen that the people do not want a political inquiry. We demand an inquiry into Race Based Policing of the OPP and their numerous illegal acts against the residents of Caledonia. If you cannot join us then please email us a letter to be handed in at Queen's Park to info@CANACE.ca.

For further information, please see Gary McHale’s February 11th column in the Regional News, ‘Please no more POLITICAL inquiries’ attached.

Gary McHale

President & Executive Director

Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

www.CANACE.ca       info@CANACE.ca