CANACE doesn't speak for me

Gary McHale and the members of Canace.

Febryary 18, 2009

The Regional

I am responding to your email regarding your planned actions of arbitrarily thwarting the efforts of Toby Barrett, Ken Hewitt and the majority of the people of our communitys.

Without malice, predudice and with due respect for your own personal opinions and personal agenda, the Regional News does not represent the support of the majority of the People of Caledonia, Haldimand or Ontario. On the other hand 10,000 signatures on the petition that supports what Ken and Toby are doing does represent the will of the people of Caledonia, Haldimand and Ontario.

Once again, you are regarding your own personal opinions as being the arbitrary truth, whereas the real truth is that you are not the arbitrary, chosen or elected spokeperson for our communitys. A recent example of arbitrary spokepersons are those self-appointed native miltant protest leaders who have surfaced within the factional Six Nations community. If you want to see yourself as being a valid and respected spokeperson for our Ontario communities, I would suggest that you should gather the support of 10,000 signatures of your own before self-appointing yourself to being counter productive to the wishes of our communities.


Dennis James.